Some Unanswered Questions..


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Life around you looks like a carefully spun web of lies, lies that chip away at your soul…one piece at a time. All those clever orchestrations to put out a side of you that isn’t really you. A portrait that is painted more about the painter than the sitter and as you go on dabbing fresh paint the actual you repeatedly disappears and keeps on disappearing until there’s nothing left but the portrait and hence the lie becomes the truth.

Why does life feel like a long dark tunnel where you are running yet you do not know the reason why you are running? Maybe for the proverbial light at the end. Like the strongest of winds, time flows – minutes to hours, hours to days, days to years. We live on, yet we don’t know the reason for that.

Why get up every morning…which lottery decides who gets to live and who doesn’t? Earning, eating, spending everything seems so futile. Why do we not see the bigger picture?

We sit, we wonder yet we go back to our lives, seeking answers for questions that have haunted us forever and will continue to do so over the rest of our lives.

Musing, we have no other option but to accept the days we get, make a life, start a family and leave a mark when the time comes to leave this place. Is there peace in death, I wonder…but shove that thought away…

There seems to be no logical way to end this. How do you compile a set of questions you don’t have an answer for?

So you simply live with it and go ahead with your lives, finding solace in the inner peace this moment brings to you and maybe vow to find answers to those questions as tomorrow comes…


Nidhi Gupta


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