It’s Been Unfair. But WAIT!


Alright life has been unfair to you people. But then again when has it always been a bed of roses?

From day one we expressed our reservations about all these new ‘changes’ that were to be heralded and the paradigm shift in CLAT that was promised. They might have been misplaced for all one knows.

There was ambiguity about the pattern.

Some questions had answers marked. No official confirmation was received regarding what was to happen for these questions.

And then D-Day. Results. Oh what a mess!

I know people who have still not been able to access their results. Some are getting just their state ranks and some got to know Master Ranks.

So students are further put into the dark since I might have got a rank of 18 but it depends on how many people are tied up in the ranks above mine to know my actual rank. So if there are a thousand kids tied up till Rank 17 I might have no chance at all. So after my results I spend another couple of days wondering whether my rank is ‘good’ enough.

And all this ambiguity leads to more rumour mongering. More amount of false information being spread over the bush telegraph.

So we have a little advice. Hold your horses. Wait for a couple of days more for the entire list to be clearly published by Committee. Then the picture shall be clear.

Till then there is no point in trying to find out other people’s ranks and scores. It shall just lead to more panic and spread of rumour. Let us throw our best hopes to heaven and sit tight.

It is unfair but well maybe a test of patience and how best to control your frustration and anger too is a test of how good a lawyer you shall be.

We shall try to update you with whatever we come to know.

Master rank, as far as our knowledge goes, is the rank, inclusive of all categories. General rank is the rank in the merit list of general category candidates. However all ranks are tied ones. So, WAIT.

All the very best.

We sympathise however can do nothing to alleviate your suffering.

Your very own,


“None is greater than what you can become.”





  1. I feel like I have lived a week in these past few hours! 🙂 Thanks for the advice…I hope it turns okay in the end!

  2. First the shitty paper and mess with the centers and now fucking around with the results.
    When i chose law as a career and dreamed of National Law Schools i didn’t know that these people were so fucked up that they can’t handle the load of 24000 students?
    its been four hours and 13 minutes and i still havent seen my result. When the site opens the captcha doesn’t open. When everything opens I am not able to check my result.
    Now this new paradigm shift in the ranking system.
    Why the fuck is NUJS messing around with the students? They should be sued for messing around with careers of thousands of students.

    • websites crash at times of high traffic mate..last year also result was delayed..and how is you life DESTROYED if the result gets delayed by a few hours..the entire list will be uploaded soon, so ull know where u for the paper, the length was the same for everybody…the only problem was the underlined questions..barring that, there was no major faux pas..

  3. hey , i got 69th all india master’s rank. cud u please help me by informing wich college i might get selected?i got 100 out of 200 🙁

  4. hi thanks a lot for the article:D this has been very difficult, to say the least. And someone’s actually got 175? Is that possible?
    thanks so much cg:D

  5. Any body, hailing from advocate’s family, and suffered with the CLAT 2011 (for not sticking up the syllabus given in the notification / prospectus and not being transparent in publishing results), is ready for filing PIL against NUJS? You will get lot of support. what clatgyan would suggest????

      • sure sure rahul……….. im in full support………… any strike or protest……….. anythng to make those idiots realize what they hv done…………..

            • It’s been totally with the syllabus and what’s this garb bout transparency? I really doubt that some professors in Kolkatta would conspire to randomly put a few students at an awesome rank ‘even if they are undeserving’. Rubbish!

      • Hi Vidushi thanks for your positive response. Discuss with your family members and file a PIL (a similar PIL filed by subramanya swamy on 2G scam) With a prayer to refer the investigation to CBI which will bring out an academic scam of CLAT 2011.

        • Ok. you can’t be serious about it mahn..! lol ! i was just kiddin ..!! having fun !! 😀 my family and I, we’ve got a lot better things to do ! [no offence]

          look, those who cracked it.. they aint cumin frm sum othr planet, are they ?? thn wot exactly is d point of bringing a scam outta it ?? 
          its just that, dose who got it, deserved it more thn we did ! 
          cheers fo thm ! ^__^

          nd to be honest, deep inside.. i’ve got no grudges against WB NUJS or the toppers !!

          about law ??

          later, if not now !

          nd m sure gonna be regular on CG this  time..!! 
          i so wanna crack CLAT in 2012 ! 😀 

          all the best to you too !! 🙂

  6. i m still not able to access my result.. site is not opening.. this wait is killing me.. oh god! can anyone help me?

  7. Well, we will have to wait a few days for the proper result. Till then, nobody is going to know anything. However, I would really like to thank CLATGyan for all the compendiums and constant guidance. No one has been as helpful as CLATGyan has been, what with the constant support and most importantly, the mock tests. 
    Whatever be my final result, I would like to thank CLATGyan from the core of my heart. 

  8. i got 151. is there any chance i make it to nls/nalsar?
    thnx CG:D And any idea about the speculation that 300 people have 150?

    • Don’t malign MP Singh, once you see the academic freedom he has brought into the college, you would appreciate it vis a vis .other colleges.

  9. Its sad to see an institution like NUJS mess up such a crucial entrance like CLAT. It seems that this year the luck factor would be more than ever. I just wish to see a nice junior batch, not filled with lucky brats.

      • Seriously, I get really pissed thinking of those lucky idiots who couldn’t pronounce Grand Prix to save their lives getting 150s ND 160s. ArrrrGh!

        • The pattern that those NUJS mooncalves set, gave a lot of space for fortune to creep in. There should be a fair level playing field where everyone’s given a chance to know a pre determined format thats sane. This is the least these people are expected to do. I am in the true sense upset over everything right now.

        • I think you’re generalizing to a large degree.
          Just saying. 

          You needed speed and accuracy to do well in this year’s CLAT. And luck, I’m sure, played just as big a role here as it must have in your boards or any other competitive exam you might have taken.

          Again, just saying.

          • The role that luck is anticipated to play in a fair exam was’nt really proportional to what it did, this time.
            The fact that those people admit their fallouts as far as time goes, doe’snt leave much to be debated over. And the issue over highlighted answers in one of the sets might be tried to done away with by imparting marks for those to all, but the time that those bunch of students saved in beating their brains out on those answered questions cannot be compensated, not to forget that time was an unavoidable essentiality this year. That wont be generalising, that is pondering over a veritable FACT that’s just adding up to unfairness here. That’s how I feel.

            • Spot on. I feel the same way. Except with a sprinkling of expletives. Ok, a lot of expletives. I want Jodhpur to hold CLAT awesomely next year. I hope they do. 

              • talking abt luck, i hav a solid example…………one of my friend was unable to even touch English section, so he just put randomly 4 b’s n 4 c’s in d omr…….n guess wat….he got 28 right answers… is it possible????

                • It’s possible due to this wonderful mathematical phenomenon called ‘probability’.
                  Maybe you should stop at feeling happy for your friend. i know i would’ve.

    • Doesn’t luck play a role in everything? In every OMR thing, you can get lucky. So i dont know why anyone’s complaining =/

  10. Guess what – i believe NUJS and the lot are looking at some nice litigation because of the way they messed up clat.  
    since there is no transparency in the way they allotted the marks for the “answered” questions. Might as well sue their pants off before they screw up every ones lives..BU WAHAHA HA
    God only knows how they have calculated the present scores and ranks. 
    Also who knows how they will conduct the counselling. ANY GUESSES SINCE THE ONLINE COUNSELLING HAS RETIRED HURT ALREADY. 
    NUJS has TRULY TRULY fallen short this time around. SAD SAD SAD.
    I hope they dont do the same while teaching their students. ???

  11. My score-73
    A.P General (women)-54
    A.P OBC-13
    A.P OBC(Women)-6th….Any chance to get a seat? 🙁

  12. WBNUJS peole hav messed up our lives….so much of chaos n confusion about the rankings..!! i hav got 114 n AIMR 55…still uncertain about my admission.. 🙁

  13. Certainly its unfair,  i don’t know how they have checked the answers, I mean how cud i get 24 in gk…….i cnt belive it, the day clatgyan came up with the ans of gk section…. i matched my most remembered answers n i got above 30 right answers …… i was sure i will get 35+…..but how 24, i don’t know . I m sure dere must b any prblm in cheking answers……wat shud i do???? dis is ruining my career…plz reply

    • The same thing happened to me in NLU Delhi.Phoned them, but they said there was no remedy.Things look bleak for you.Obviously, you might decide to sue their asses off,but I doubt it will help.Did you shade the bubbles light?

      • To address this problem, I am mooting the for an ” Urgent Need for Reforms to enhance Transparency into the whole exam system. Please file RTI to Convenor of Exams , asking for copy of ur OMR. If they reject this, file an appeal to Chief Information Commissioner, NDelhi . Although, long process , but somewhere we have to raise our voice for making available on website after declaration of result the mirror images of OMR with answer key , so tht all students can check the veracity if evaluation process, WHICH is always prone to human error .

      • yes i m dam sure abt d bubbling…….. its impossible, dat i will get d answers wrong………i m definitely 25-30 marks short of my merit……dey hav ruined my career

      • File RTI Application to WNNUJS and ask fr Answer key and the copy of ur ORS. If they reject your application file Appeal with CIC in Delhi

  14. CLAT examination team has handled the declaration of results in a most inefficient way . They have coined new CATEGORY ” MASTER RANK” to leave the applicants with avoidable confusion. This was made much worse bec’s of inept handling of IT Software for dissemination of result despite knowing clearly the volume of traffic. Best solution should have been , if they would have put results on all Institutes/ Schools Website to divide the whole traffic, instead of putting just on clat exams website.
    Other most important issue , which I want to raise thru this platform is that , the Students/ aspirants ( being stakeholders) should demand more Transparency into the whole Clat examination system in the future by demanding for ” uploading of Answers Key along with mirror image of OMR Sheet of all applicants, after one/two days of declaration of results so as to enable the applicants to judge the correctness of their Answers . This system has been adopted First time in IIT JEE 2011 from this year and has been appreciated by all stakeholders ( Students/ Parents / Teachers).
    This Best Practice of IIT JEE , if adopted by the CLAT Exam Coordination Team from next year , will definitely enhance the ” trust” of stakeholders into the CLAT EXAMINATION System , Which , at PRESENT LACKS OF ANY TRANSPARENCY & ACCOUNTABILITY.
    I will request CLATGYAN team to take up this issue in a big way on their website and let’s start ” Anna Hazare” type movement to build up public( stakeholders ) pressure on CLAT TEAM to bring in REFORM the System for enhancing Transparency & accountability .
    If other examination bodies like Joint Admission Board (JAB) of IIT JEE , Punjab University , UP TECH , ISAT to mention few , can adopt best practices , then question comes , Why CLAT examination team can ignore these for making it best .?

      • Very well said. I still think their asses should be sued though. Just in case. To make sure they get the goddamned point, considering they didn’t take the mess made with the question paper seriously enough to prevent a mess with the publication of the results. Misinterpretation of facts, causing depression and mental agony, etc. are good grounds to sue. I bet there are a lot more. And I also suspect foul play.
         So, err, RTI anyone?
         I like the hunger strike idea too. But let’s do something different now, shall we? Take the legal route and make them pay the PIL way. Whichever is easy and quicker. 
        Heh. Now hunger strike is starting to sound like a better idea.

        • You want to make a difference and get across a point that will alter the faulty system? We need loads of all three then: people, time, patience. 

          • Tomorrow, I will give email addresses of all CLAT examination Board , let’s file our suggestions by email . This much at least , we can all do . We should mobilise our all friends and request them to send the suggestions to all members of CLAT Board . Let’s start — we all can make difference.

        • there are a 100 grounds to sue. i still feel the paper might just be held again. after all these catastrophic changes and series of events…that seems evident…and if not evident at least worth expecting.

          • What catastrophic changes and series of events are you talking about? Are you going to sue them on the ground that the question paper you got was not of a type you expected?. This is not the board exam where they want everyone to pass. Its a competitive exam and they had probably wanted students who could deal with the stress of a lengthy paper. As a law aspirant, you should be aware of the circumstances under which you can file a suit . In this case, your emotion is coming in the way of logic and reason.

  15. Why this list when nothing can be done with this list. No decisions can be taken from this information accept increase the stress level in the students and high BP for parents. Looks like the institutes one man ship to be bigger and better then last years convener Bhopal has only mucked up the process. They could have as well followed the same process as it was done by Bhopal. Our academicians/ academic administrators seem to be doing R&D with student’s future. They better think before trying new things if they are capable to do and it’s consequences 

  16. hey my mark is 136 and master rank 33 all india women rank 28. can i get in the best three or where do i really stand??

  17. i dont get this… the GK marks are like wayyy below what i expected. i scored 112 and master rank 57, but i just got 22 in gk…and i had checked all my answers and my total was coming up to around 34 in gk… that too just with the questions i knew for certain. i dunno what mess they have created here, but it stinks.

    • sme here even i hav got  114! n i hav heard v cn get maybe gandhinagar, lucknow or patiala! dnt knw hw much its true bt..they r pretty decent choices too!

  18. @ Ishan: Same happened with me. I can swear on my name, had it been just and right, i’d have got 42 and not the silly 30 i scored.

      • exactly. even i am confident after counting each and every answe, that i’ll minimum get a 34. and a shortage of 12 marks could change the world here! RTI? right to information doesn’t guarantee you to see every document. otherwise everyone would file to see their IAS papers and before that their school papers in boards!

  19. My suggestions to all affected students is as follows:
    As per latest judgement of SC ( few months ago) in the matter of UPSC , SC has allowed the students to see their Answer copy/ies . Same way CIC has also directed same.
    In view of the above said rulings , the affected students should file RTI immediately asking for Question Booklet with Answer Key and copy of OMR . To cut down Postal delays , they should request for soft copies of aforesaid documents by email .

    File RTI application along with Rs 10 / IPO to
    Dr Surajit C Mukhophyay
    Registrar , WBNUJS,
    Dr Ambedkar Bhawan, 12, LB Block, Sector , Salt Lake City
    Kolkata – 700098.

    • Brother your sentiments are very much accepted and appreciated. BUT there’s nothing much left for US.
      There are people who’ve  scored some shit good marks and are there at the top,with no such accusations. They just won’t  relinquish what they have got. It’s a sheer mis-management on the part of  CLAT authorities. First a sick paper then some utter non-sense while calculating marks. 

      IF you still  think there is something left, Or  you can still grab those seats. TRY.

      • i know d nujs will make sum silly xcuses n back off from dis issue…… d point is dat dey hav played wid aspirations, hopes, talents n d most important carrier……y dey hav done dis…..dey have shattered my dreams……if dey hav correctly checked my omr sheet, dere is no point of getting so much low marks….i m depressd

  20. My sister’s score-107
    All india General(Women)-57
    Andhra Pradesh General-31
    Andhra Pradesh General (Women)-20
    Andhra Pradesh OBC-1
    Andhra Pradesh OBC (Women)-1…….Any chance to get a seat any NLU??pal plz help me out 

  21. Hello Asad. I gave CLAT this year and scored 82 with a four digit rank. I want to do CLAT again and I don’t know how to prepare? I am confused about how to start and want some help from you. Can you please help me?

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