Word Power Capsule – 1


Around 5-10 marks of your CLAT paper will be related to words: their synonyms, antonyms, and spellings. This section, while requiring a lot of practice, is relatively easy to crack. One of the main advantages of this section is that it can be done quickly, leaving you with ample time to ponder over legal reasoning and other problems. So, here’s a few questions that’ll help you with your preparation for the CLAT:

Choose the correct synonym:

1. Juxtaposition

a. Proximity b. Dissociation c. Division d. Direction

2. Melancholy

a. Happy b. Content c. Dejected d. Bile

3. Magnificent

a. Humungous b. Majestic c. Modest d. Pretentious

4. Generous

a. Barren b. Munificent c. Kind d. Meagre

5. Intelligent

a. Intellectual b. Stupid c. Intelligible d. Perspicacious

1 2 3 4 5
a c b b d

Choose the correct antonym:

1. Lachrymose

a. Mournful b. Joyous c. Plentiful d. Content

2. Penchant

a. Predilection b. Dislike c. Attachment d. Proclivity

3. Ironical

a. Sarcastic b. Misanthropic c. Derisive d. Earnest

4. Unscrupulous

a. Principled b. Dishonest c. Deceitful d. Tidy

5. Arrogant

a. Proud b. Bold c. Unassuming d. Imperious

1 2 3 4 5
b b d a c

Apart from these, this issue’s word root is A/AN, meaning “not” or “without”.


1. Abyss: without bottom
It means a bottomless pit, though figuratively it can also mean anything that is apparently bottomless. e.g. an abyss of despair

2. Achromatic: without color ( chromos is the root for color)

3. Apolitical: not political

4. Asexual: without sex
e.g. asexual reproduction, as in amoeba

5. Anachronism: not placed correctly in time (chronos : time)
Imagine Julius Caesar arriving at the Capitol in an Audi A6!

6. Anaerobic: without air
as in anaerobic respiration

7. Analgesic: no pain-refers to a painkiller (algia:pain)

8. Anarchy: no government

9. Anhydrous: without water

10. Anonymous: without name
e.g.an anonymous hate mail


  1. @ Ankush… No there isn’t going to be any vocab in CLAT 2011 (as our reliable sources tell us). However, in CLAT 2010, there was only 5 marks of vocab(if I remember well) … In 2011, The vocab part will be substituted by Grammar or more RC Passages.

  2. Types of questions
    Thesaurus (synonym)
    a) Book of synonyms
    b) Argument
    c) Hermit
    d) Lie

    Faction (Antonym)
    a) Band
    b) fraction
    c) whole
    d) fraction

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