April 2013 – General Knowledge Compendium


Two more days. Let’s say 48 hours, rather. Alright, I won’t pull any non-sense now. Hold on for another two days and you’ll have at least two weeks of peace to do anything that you’ve wanted to do in the last few months. For now, simply download this compendium here which covers the happenings of April 2013.

And make sure you solve these GK mock sets. If you already have, do them again anyway aiming for 50/50 this time.




  1. hey,
    Ur G.K stuffs are awsome 🙂
    I think you guys should create ClatGyan App for smartphones ::)
    Believe me .. it would really ease our jobs rather than visiting the site now and then…and moreover you’ve already got much followers, so not to worry about the number of downloads… 🙂

    Thanks 😀

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