The CLATGyan Compendiums……are back!



This post is very significant. It’s the first post that I write for the third season at CG’s GK section.

It is even more significant for you, assuming you are one of the many who have “decided to do Law”, because this post marks your initiation into the world of GK preparation – a little luck, whole lotta reading and many more miracles – I can only hope that working with you all this season would be as much fun as it was working with the last two batches.

Speaking of past batches, Varun Baliga and Ravi Shankar (NALSAR-2016) together compiled this compendium for the month of March 2012.

Lakshana Cv (NLUJ-2016) sent us this huge compendium for the month of April 2012. With the sort of hard work and effort that she’s put in for this compilation, you can be sure that the compendium is quite exhaustive.

Finally, Vishal Tripathi, one of the first kids we had on CG and a second year student at GNLU, compiled for us this, concise and comprehensive compendium for May 2012.

CG specifically thanks Lakshana and Vishal who sent in such quality work in record time, without any glitches, and on a very short notice. Both of them belong to the first batch of CG students and have been of great help to us, besides the obvious fact their CG batch was the one that actually made the whole process of CLAT prep so much fun.

We also welcome Varun as the new Co-Editor at CGK. We can only pray for a more punctual and less sarcastic start this season (though, we can make no promises)

Hope you have fun reading. 😛


Also the traditional, routine stuff: It is rude to download anything without thanking people. Do thank all the three for their time and effort.


  1. Thank you so much Varun, Ravi, Lakshana and Vishal for your great help! CG has really come as a blessing for all the CLAT aspirants! Indeed, immensely grateful o you! 🙂

  2. thankyou all nlu students who have prepared these compendiums 🙂 and thanks cg stdnts for uploading it 🙂

  3. Thanks a lot to CG for making CLAT preps so so so much fun.u guys are the greatest gift GOD can give to a CLAT aspirant. Again,thanks a lot- Lakshana, Vishal, Varun n Ravi.

  4. Thankzzz a ton for this !! 🙂 It`s gonna be really helpful i am sure though i too make it a point to prepare such notes in my diary everyday but it`s just not possible :/

  5. Thanku Clatgyan for this wonderful compendium
    You guys just help a lot
    Thanku and I am eagerly waiting for the June compendium 🙂

  6. HEY! Kudos to all your guys at CG, you’ll are doing a brilliant job especially with GK compendiums, they are probably the best for late comers like me 🙂 

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