December 2016 – CLATGyan General Knowledge Mock Set


The GK set for December, 2016. Keep a check on the answers you get wrong, and most importantly, revise!

  1. The Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas had started the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana scheme to increase the usage of ____ for cooking.

2. Where is the world'd longest high speed railway line situated?

3. Which of the following committees recommended the setting up of Financial Data Management Centre (FDMC)?

4. Good governance day marks the birth date of?

5. Post demonetisation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a new Unified Payments Interface (UPI) Mobile App called ____.

6. The ____ Committee recently submitted its report on promoting digital payments and digital economy.

7. World Bhojpuri Conference 2016 was conducted in ____.

8. Exclusive Economic Zone is an area up to ___ nautical miles from the coast.

9. _____ has been appointed as the new Prime Minister of Romania.

10. The Union Cabinet cleared an Ordinance which penalizes anyone who holds the old demonetized notes after 31st March 2017. Under what provision of the COnstitution are Ordinances promulgated?

11. ____ will be the next Lieutenant Governor of Delhi.

12. _____ was appointed as the Life Honorary Members of the Indian Olympic Association.

13. Which of the following Cabinet Committees are not chaired by the Prime Minister?

14. How many Cabinet Committees are there in all?

15. The Agni-5 missile is the first in this series to be _____.

16. India has placed an order of M-777 artillery guns from ____.

17. Ken and Betwa are tributaries of which river?

18. Where is the Panna Tiger Reserve located?

19. India’s first 2G (second generation) Ethanol Bio-refinery is being set up in ___.

20. ____ is one of the oldest and the largest books on performing arts, and is also referred to as the ‘fifth veda’.

21. China launched ____ satellite to monitor global carbon emissions.

22. Which state has planned to set up a Caterpillar Train corridor?

23. Who heads the National Board for Wildlife?

24. The Ministry of Health in collaboration with ____ is creating a National Death Registry.

25. Cricket Australia has named ____ the ODI Captain of the Year 2016.

26. National Games of 2022 will be held in ____.

27. Governors of States are appointed by the ____ on the advice of the Council of Ministers.

28. ___ is the highest literary honour given out in India.

29. Who was awarded the Jnanpith award this year?

30. Who is currently serving as the Governor of the RBI?

31. What is the name of the virtual reality-based customer service platform launched by PND MetLife?

32. Scientists from the National Institute of Oceanography have discovered that a huge dead zone exists in the ____. This area is reported to contain little or no oxygen and is estimated to be around 60000 sq. km.

33. Which Court has banned the unauthorised functioning of Sharia courts?

34. Which Special Forces unit is said to be performing for the first time in the Republic Day parade in India?

35. Name the author of Aaj Bhi Khare Hain Talab who recently passed away.

36. _____ was conferred the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy after being adjudged the ICC Test Cricketer of the Year.

37. Who is currently serving as the Union Minister of Power?

38. _____, a long range nuclear-capable subsonic cruise missile was test-fired from Integrated Missile Test Range in Balasore, Odisha. It has a strike range of 700 km to 1000 km.

39. National Mathematics Day is observed on 22nd December every year to celebrate the birth anniversary of ____.

40. Hong-Kong has decided to withdraw its visa-free facility for which nationals from 23rd January 2017?

41. Pratikar-1 is the first-ever joint-military exercise between China and?

42. Which country has India surpassed to become the 6th largest economy of the world?

43. Which is the third country in the world to launch its own satellite to monitor greenhouse gases?

44. The government announced the appointment of Lieutenant General ___ as the new Indian Army Chief.

45. NASA’s ___ rover has detected boron for the first time on the surface of Mars.

46. India and ____ signed a civil nuclear cooperation agreement for the peaceful use of atomic energy.

47. The world’s oldest person to venture into space and first American to orbit the Earth, ___ passed away at the age of 95.

48. Who recently took over as the CEO of Coca-Cola?

49. ___ has surpassed Russia, France, Japan and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s fourth largest defence spender.

50. ____ has been announced as the UNICEF Global Goodwill Ambassador to promote child rights at the UNICEF 70th anniversary event.


  1. Q49 seems to be wrong. According to SIRPI for 2016, India was the 5th largest military spender behind USA, China, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

  2. @Anon
    You’re right. But this quiz is based on the data of December 2016. Your input is quite recent. Though in the exam, if asked, the answer will be 5th largest behind US, China, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

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