General Knowledge Compendiums 61 & 62


Kids! We’re back! And here are the two compendiums for the month of May. They’ve been prepared by Lokesh Kaza and Vishnu Sumanth, two of our new team-members from the youngest batch on campus. Download these without thanking them and you won’t receive our blessings.

We’ll have all the other compendiums by the end of this week. For now, click here and here to download.


  1. Thank you sooo sooo much..!! πŸ™‚ By the way, I have a doubt, what is the time slot from which the current affairs questions will be asked?

    • Questions in the GK section of CLAT, until last year had a time period on which the questions were based, usually one year. Although quite a lot of questions are still based on that one year time-frame, we faced funda that went up to two years back (Which year was designated as the International Year of Biodiversity?). So, nothing can be predicted but you can expect questions from April 2013-May 2014, along with static GK. This is what the CLAT website had to say about this year’s GK section:
      “As far as general knowledge is concerned, the candidates will be assessed on their general awareness including static general knowledge. Questions on current affairs will test candidate’s knowledge on current affairs.”

      So basically, everything under the sun.

  2. To survive on planet earth, one requires oxygen.
    To survive in CLAT, one cannot do without your compendiums.

    Thank you so much!

  3. Ah compendiums :’) Nostalgia.
    If I’m in Law School today, it’s mainly because of you CG.
    Thank you so much!!
    You guys are AMAZING!! πŸ˜€

  4. For General knowledge, we are supposed to read the newspapers. But you guys publish these compendiums so is it sufficient for me to just go through them and research maybe on the points mentioned in the pdf? do the compendiums cover everything?

    • Use these compendiums for a revision sort of a thing. I’ll repeat what we’ve always been saying: if there’s one thing that can make you crack CLAT, that’s the newspaper.

  5. I keep wondering why? why such philanthropy, and funnily from lawyers who are mockingly used to draw parallels with the word liars. i don’t get it, but i am grateful for it. Thank you so much, you’re hard work is duly noted and highly appreciated!

    Thanks again!Β 

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