1. Rs. 50 Cr. paid by Anil Ambani & other directors was not a “charge” imposed by SEBI, but a consent fees to settle the investigation. Oh and nice work. Thanks – Apurv & Trishala.

    • We shall soon let you know what our preference list would be. Since we hear that there is no preference list on the form and it seems likely the WBNUJS is going for centralised counselling we shall be updating you about CG’s Ideal law school preference a little later. We will have two lists. One based only on the CLAT colleges and the other including top 20 or so law schools in the country, CLAT or not. Cheers!

  2. Nalanda University Bill is part of CA. But, does the year in which it was established fall under the definition of “may 2010 to may 2011?”

    What does CG suggest? Can we risk it since the definition of CA couldn’t get any simpler or is it another ambiguous statement?

      • Ok! was trying to make it explicit.

        date of announcement of? The Bill.

        Legal knowledge questions which are current can appear in CLAT, can’t they?

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