General Knowledge Compendium – 16th March to 23rd March 2016


Hello folks!

We hope that you’ve been forced to be pushed into working on the current affairs front with us publishing our compendiums and being up-to-date with them. All thanks to Siddharth Aiyanna (Class of 2020) for making the compendium for the third week of March. Please thank him in the comments below before downloading the compendium from here.

Do check out the CLATGyan Test Series 2016 which have 13 mock tests and the allotment of a personal mentor (subject to availability). The first two tests are free and you should go solve them as soon as possible here and here.

Team CLATGyan.


  1. Can you guys make a list of important international conferences that took place this year? It would be really helpful to us. Also, kudos to siddharth 🙂

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