General Knowledge Compendium – May 2014



Apologies for the long hiatus. We’ve been a little too caught up with Law School, but we’re back. Kemi Gupta, from the batch of 2017, Nalsar has taken the pain to compile this compendium which shall take care of everything that happened in May 2014.

Click here to download the compendium. And do not forget to leave a comment thanking her for the same.


  1. So relieved to have this.
    For people like me who try to monitor news as thoroughly as possible, this is like a filter to shed light on the stuff we missed out. It is very meticulous and detailed.

    Thanks Kemi!!

  2. thanks aside…its kind of daunting to see the efforts you people put in……you really have to stay updated with these trivia’s after “the” CLAT as well ??

    BUT thankyou Kemi πŸ™‚

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