General Knowledge Compendiums 10 & 11


Hello. Sorry for being late. We weren’t counting the Mocks ka paisa, we’ve got a good response. But we haven’t started collecting money. You deserve an explanation and so here it is: life happened. We’ve been busy with our internships and have been caught up with a little of this and that.

So, we apologize for not putting up the compendiums in time. We’ll try our best not to repeat it.

Manasa. M. Dhar, the new GK editor has just completed her internship with Karnataka’s Lok Ayukta Justice Hegde, and she gets us this exhaustive, comprehensive, ya da ya da ya compendium.

Click here to download GK Compendium 10 (20th to 27th)

Click Here to Download GK Compendium 11 (28th to 4th of December)

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A lot is going on our side. Hope the preparation is going on well! We’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for the Hate Mail


  1. Finally ! Thanx a lot..! 🙂

    And there was a glitch in the previous compendium. You had put up the news stories of October instead of November. Remember ? Did you rectify that thing ?

  2. Premangsu, it was only for one day the rest have the same dates and stories. We’ve too much on our plate, we’ll rectify it asap.

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