General Knowledge Compendiums – 71, 72, 73 & 74


Hi folks!

Here are the four compendiums that cover everything that you are expected to know from the month of October, 2013. And remember the good manners that we preach? You aren’t downloading any of these unless you thank Kemi Gupta, Kavya Reddy, Ramya Tenneti & Veera Mahuli (all from NALSAR’s class of 2017) for sparing their time in spite of their busy internships. You know how that’s done, right? Using the ‘comments’ section below!

1st October to 8th October – Click here to download 
9th October to 16th October – Click here to download 
17th October to 24th October – Click here to download 
25th October to 31st October – Click here to download 

Do well!


  1. These are really indispensable.You people know what we want,more than ourselves.Am not going to thank here.I will express my gratitude in person,cracking CLAT-Twenty Fourteen- very soon 🙂 !

  2. Hope the mocks too were free.It would be really better.You all are going to make big money,give us also a chance.Do not have that penny to pay the fees,please make it free.

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