General Knowledge Compendiums – 86 & 87


Hey, kiddos!

Here are the two compendiums that cover everything that you are expected to know for CLAT from February 2014. They have been made by Kavya Reddy (Class of 2017) and Raji Gururaj (Class of 2018), the two people who never said ‘no’ to any CG work, and have always put in their best even in the most hectic of times. They deserve to be thanked for this fine work. You know what do to. Use the comments’ section below to thank them before you even think of clicking the download link.

General Knowledge Compendium 86 – Click here to download

General Knowledge Compendium 87 – Click here to download

That apart, hope you’re doing what you are supposed to do.

See you at Justice City!


  1. Thanks a ton! these compendiums are really very helpful and way better than the ones which other coaching institutes provide.

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