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Thought you should do Law. Or are you one of those who’ve decided to “take a drop”? Either way, CG’s GK is back in action. It just got better – with the Nalsar Batch of 2016 joining in to help y’all. So, how does this work? Very simple. We give you the best material to compliment your work, and maybe, in the process, make it enjoyable too.

You must understand this very clearly: Studying for GK is as much a study of concepts as it is going to be a test of your memory. You must remember that you will never ever know everything that will be asked in the paper, but you can make easy connections, take educated guesses – and all of that can only happen if you give enough time to General Knowledge everyday. 

Since you’re one of the brainy ones – to start so early – here are the things you can do before you actually “start” studying:

  1. Reading the newspaper daily. When we say daily, we mean daily. Times of India is NOT a newspaper. At least not a newspaper you can use for your Law School Test prep.
  2. Revising. You might have done the basics of your History, Geography, Economics and Civics in your 10th grade. Time to redo them. Important things to remember are: locations, names of places and people, dates, events and their “other” names, clear concepts and their applications (GDP and how it is applied, for example), etc
  3. Revising again. Imagine you have studied some 30 pages of your Economics book. Revise everything before you sleep.
  4. Make notes. Even if you aren’t going to refer to them, write them down. Writing it down makes you remember, and you can always refer to the notes when you forget something.
  5. Stay updated: follow issues closely, know the names involved, the sub-issues involved, the new developments – and everything else. If you don’t know something about an issue, Google it or write to us at clatgyan@gmail.com, it shall be explained.
  6. You can’t afford to be bored. It’ll cost you marks. And also, GK is something that will stay with you in Law School, where your opinions count, where Law is not everything, where knowledge of stuff other than Law counts for almost everything.
  7. For Current Affairs this is the order that you should follow: Daily Newspapeper, Weekly CG Compendiums and Monthly, a good Current Affairs Magazine – Pratiyogita Darpan is highly recommended.
  8. Devise new methods of learning. Make funny stories out of names, discuss issues with a group, make questions for each week and quiz yourself at the end of it.
  9. The key to cracking GK is that you can’t afford to be lax about it. You can’t “keep it on hold”, stay engaged.
  10. This list is getting repetitive, please refer to the following articles for detailed guidance on GK: Click hereherehere and here

Naina Jindal and Niyati Sharma have prepared this Monthly Compendium for you’ll. This takes care of everything for the month of June. Click here to download the compendium.

All that stuff about going miles before sleeping? Yeah, that. It’s true.

All the best.


(Phriend, Philosophar and Guide :D)


  1. shall i give nlu assam exam but my ultimate goal is nlsiu.
    i want to give next year clat exam .
    is nlu assam will help me in clat 12

    • juz go for clat… nlu assam iznt so gud as compard to those which come under clat examinatn,give clat..n try to get any one of da universities listd in it…gud luk

  2. regarding the 2nd pt. no static gk for clat right so should we waste our time on it?.ps im a science student. so i hardly get time.

  3. TOI …not  a newspaper…very true….!!….n i m a science student….hardly anytym 2 prepare for clat !!…bt still working hard

    • look, being a science student is not really an excuse. once you come to a Law School, you realise like 70% of us are. So don’t use that as an excuse. It’s very very much possible.
      Put your mind to it and you can build a plane.

  4. Thankx guys….. its realy grt to find u all back !!!!….hope to see more n more CG Compendiums ..!!!!…n All The Best to all the CLAT-2012 aspirants…….


  5. If TOI is nt a newzpaper den wat is it?? And which newspaper do u recommend?? vry glad dat u all r back in action

  6. Annddd, with the new CLAT, is back the new KANAK KUMAR! With an added dash of masala, sarkaasam and hyuumar, Kanak, the  new, single and most eligible bachelor in town, is byaackk!.

    Peace \/

  7. i seriously appreciate wat u ppl r doing…………i have commerce stream nd i devote my time to my CLAT prep…………way to go………..pls keep me updated n geared……………….GRACIAS!!

  8. I lives in Allahabad,i can get ‘The Hindu’ only of yesterday…….
    plz suggest any other newsp…or I will have to buy The Hindu………..

  9. I am in Inter 1sy year Ap board now.. completed it waiting for the results.. expecting above.. 89 or 90%… will i have to start courses for clat now?.. as soon as possible?.. or is there time?

    • You do have time, if you’re planning to start right away. Go through all the articles on CG. Especially this one –> http://www.clatgyan.com/clat-general-knowledge/gk-month/

      Do let us know if you need any specific help, here –> www.clatgyan.com/ask-us/

      Good Luck! 🙂

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