General Knowledge Compendium – 15A & 15B


Anjali Rawat, who’s in Rishikesh/Dehradun right now, has jotted this compendium down. It is comprehensive, however, it doesn’t cover each day as it comes. So, it’s a lil short that way. This is from Jan 10-15.

Click here to download this compendium

Rohan Muralidharan Iyer has compiled the compendium from January 16 to 18.

and Click here to download this one

Update: Sai Subhankar has brought to our notice that the list of ministers is in fact old. Here’s the official list, please refer to it for any of the names/portfolios.



  1. Hey, the link you have given for the new cabinet ministers, in the second compendiums shows s.jaipal reddy as the urban devpt minister and murli deora as the petroleum minister, etc. Isnt that the old list?!

      • I am sure i’ll flunk this year. From the initial euphoria of doing well in the December mocks.. to the “down in the barrels” syndrome now ,I’ve fallen down a loongg way. I never really studied after december, and now im not really good at anything. I really dont know what to do. Im on the verge of tears now.

        • It’s impossible for a bumble bee to fly. Scientists have clearly said it, it cannot, possibly, aerodynamically fly. Its body is too heavy and its wings too light. Yet, it flies. Why?
          Because the bumblebee is unaware of what the scientists have said.

          So Sai, be positive. You can do it πŸ™‚ (as can I :P)

  2. Ok, if anybody can help me out on this.

    The G20 summit was held in Seol during June ’10 but in Toronto during November ’10. Now, isn’t G20 an annual summit, first off? And if the question is asked, which answer should be ticked?

    • There are multiple G20 summits. Some are Finance Minister meets, some head of states, some random. There is nothing like “it should be an annual summit”

    • If u go by de history of G-20 summits u will find an answer 2 ur question ,.. Main goal of dese summits is 2 strengthened de economic growth of one’s nation.. It’s a joint effort made by the developing nd developed countries… I would be very surprised if such kinds of frivolous questions are asked in the paper.,

      • @Aymen: So which type would a simple, “Where was the G-20/17/7/etc. summit held” belong to?

        @ Virath: Bhaiyya jokwa maar rahe ho ka? NLU-D, CLAT and even the mock I gave today had similar questions. (Unless I failed to get your point).

        • @abhinav alias papu.. ok my friend let me tell u my point is simple … if u go by the information given by wikipedia u will be see that till now 5 G-20 summits have been held nd all dese summits are held on periodical basis which concludes dat the matters/issues which are taken by dese G-20 countries are not fully resolved or they adjourned de mattter 4 next summit …i’m also giving dese lst mocks i never come across such types of question … its mah own view /thought not binding on someone …
          i’m only interested in the issues taken up by dese summits and what is de role of India towards dese issues …. If such frivolous questions are asked then vots de big deal ???

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