Council of Ministers & GK Compendium – 8


Do you know about the new UN Woman’s Body that has been formed? Michelle Bachelet, first woman President of Chile is also the chair of this new Organization. When a country that fares worse in the Gender Empowerment Index gets in, and a relatively better-performing country stays out, you must know that there is eternal hypocrisy in World Politics. The executive board of UN Women was elected. And guess who lost? Iran. Not surprising. And who got in? Saudi Arabia. This is the same country that doesn’t let its women drive, participate in the show-elections (though it has a good education system for its women, and a satisfactory women workforce – good by SA’s standards of course). Read more about the Organization, here.

Manasa has compiled this table of Council of Ministers and their corresponding responsibilities. Don’t mug them up. Just use it as and when you need to refer to a certain post and confirm. (Eg., you are reading about the coal and mines draft bill, and you need to know the Mines wala Minister – look up.) PS: Agatha Sangma, 28 (at time of appointment), is the youngest Minister in the present cabinet.

Manasa has also compiled the General Knowledge Compendium – 8 for you. Happy reading! By now, you should be thorough with the way in which you should “do” the compendiums. If you have any doubts/issues – use the “Ask Us” page.

Also, I stumbled across this, during my internship research thingy. It is an amazing one-stop-for-all website for everything related to the country, all of it being authentic information. This is also the first government owned website that is completely disabled friendly (and well-designed too, otherwise the government websites are aesthetically pathetic).

Click here to download the General Knowledge Compendium – 8
Click here to download the list of Council of Ministers and their Portfolios


  1. bhaiya……….. i want list of important committee ,,, provide me soon ……………… or do onething tell me site…………. reply soon

  2. Correction:

    After Communications and IT minister, A Raja resigned from his post, HRD minister, Kapil Sibal has been given additional charge of this ministry.

    After Prithviraj Chavan took over as the CM of Maharashtra, Kapil Sibal took charge of the Ministries of Science and Technology, and Earth Sciences, and Minister of State for Planning and Parliamentary Affairs, V Narayanaswamy took charge of the Ministry of Personnal, Public Grievances and Pensions.

    • The site u mentioned [] says that Shri Pawan K Bansal is in charge of Minister of Parliamentary Affairs & Minister of Science and Technology & and Minister of Earth Sciences.

  3. There is a problem I think.
    The articles in November 5th are actually the news articles that appeared in the paper from OCTOBER 1-5th.

  4. Hey…. A.Raja is no longer the communications minister … He has been replaced by Kapil Sibal …. Correct it ya ….

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