Important Conventions, Treaties & Agreements – 1


Archit “Fourteenth Rank” Bhatnagar has compiled this list of important conventions, treaties and agreements. This is very important from your Entrance examination’s point of view as there have been around 2-3 questions on these lines in almost all entrances. In the context of the recently concluded Cancun Conference in Mexico and last year’s COP-15 in Copenhagen, Denmark – the whole Climate Conference process becomes very very important.

This is the first part in a series of 2 or 3 more such compilations. Such compilations should take care of your GK in this area and you shouldn’t look for them in any other place (unless there is something new that has come up). In this regard, I’d suggest you keep an eye on the Convention on Cluster Munitions that is gaining momentum all over the world (none of the major economies have agreed to it yet).

For more, read this and this.

Click Here for viewing/downloading the compilation of Important Conventions, Treaties & Agreements.


  1. Thanx iyer……and yes i could’nt have managed this without aymen’s skill in the above mentioned arts!! haha…hats off aymen!! 🙂

  2. Neat work, Archit. Could you also incorpotrate something about the ones India has RATIFIED? Because THAT makes all the difference, as you well know 🙂

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