International Organisations – Head Quarters and Chiefs


Here is a table of International Organisations, their head quarters and chiefs. Around 1-2 questions from this list will surely figure out in the paper. All the previous CLAT Question Papers have had at least 2 questions from this list.

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When we received this document from Manasa, her mail also carried this gem:

ok i was bored..didnt know what to dont judge me..this is NOT how i spend my ideal holiday.

Say whatever you like Manasa, you love CG. Thank her for the hard work, people. And please, do look at the footnotes, they are important. And if they ask you to google it, GOOGLE IT!!


  1. @Abhay – Asian Development Bank: Head Quarters – Philippines; President: Haruhiko Kuroda (Japan). Know more about ADB here–

    The Deputy Secretary of the UN is Asha-Rose Migiro from Tanzania. Ok, here’s some info about this post. It was created by kofi Annan in 1997. It was created in order to manage Secretariat operations and to ensure coherence of activities and programmes. Louise Frechette (Canada) was the first Dy-Secy Gen of the UN.

    @ Ananda- I was in ILS for a year. See it’s a very reputed college, and well known for its mooting achievements, but studying in a National law School has its own merit. And after one year of studying in ILS, I can see how it is different from NALSAR. I wouldn’t say it’s not worth staying back in ILS, but writing CLAT again is definitely not a bad option.

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