Static General Knowledge – Module I


Lokesh Kaza from the class of 2018 – NALSAR made this concise and precise compilation of what one is expected to know from Static General Knowledge. It goes without saying that State General Knowledge is quite vast and one can never anticipate what CLAT might ask. But, Lokesh did quick survey of the previous years’ CLAT papers and drafted this. He’s going to send in more of such modules over the course of the next week. Do thank him using the comments’ section below. And you click here to download it.

Update: Module II has been posted here.


  1. Thanks a ton! This is direly required at this point.Β 
    I really cannot thank you enough, Sire.Β 

  2. This is very helpful. Excellent compilation, usually in GK books and modules there’s a lot of crap which you’re not sure whether to read or not. However, every bit of info contained here seems to be spot on. Thank you so much, Lokesh and thank you, CLATGyan.

  3. longest canal is grand canal not suez canal, costliest city is Singapore & biigest national park is north east Greenland national park.

  4. i met one of the small bro of nalsar hyderbad he said his big bro has prepared this his centre was cnlu patna if ur reading this thnkq both of u…………..

  5. Thank you…didn’t want to revise the whole book all over again (if even that’s possible ! ) at my own discretion with all that elimination and all …so thanks ! ..over to 2nd module……….!

  6. Thaaaaaannnnnnkkkkkssss aLOT! This is indeed the rescue material for all the CLAT aspirants! Reallly really a helpful material which actually motivates me study even more πŸ˜›

  7. Arey man this is a treat for CLAT students who are deeply lost in studies in APRIL time. This is a life saver module. Thanks a tin bro!

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