May 2014 – CLATGyan Mock General Knowledge Set

1. The first time the NOTA button was introduced in the Election process, in India, was during which elections to the Lok Sabha?

2. Where was the 3rd BIMSTEC Summit held in 2014?

3. Son of a builder, having practised law for several years, moving on to Journalism and finally becoming a great novelist, he died on March 20th, 2014. Also known as King Leer in India, identify:

4. Which power had taken control of Crimea, in May 2014?  

5. Name/nickname of the new party/cabinet that has taken control of the Romanian Parliament.

6. Name the country where people were only given a Yes or No choice, during the 2014 elections, and they responded with a 100% yes

7. What were the missiles that North Korea launched in response to the three-way summit between Seoul, Tokyo and Washington?

8. Which place did Thailand lift out of emergency in the early part of 2014?

9. Who is Egypt’s interim president?

10. Farzana Islam became the first woman vice chancellor of a university of which country?

11. Who is NATO’s new Secretary-General?

12. Actress best known for her role in 1960s The Honeymooners, dies at 92. Her name?

13. Who tops Forbes’ annual top billionaires list?

14. Winner of Pritzker Prize, 2014?

15. Which Country gets the first solar powered, waterless toilet?

16. Author of 12 Years a Slave

17. 4th WHO region to be declared polio free by WHO?

18. Who won the Asia Cup 2014?

19. Who was appointed as the interim president of the BCCI in 2014?

20. Who won the 2014 Santosh cup?

21. Who won Australian Grand Prix 2014?

22. Who has been elected as president of CII (confederation of indian industry)

23. Rajesh Gopa Kumar won the GD Birla Award for scientific research for his work on?

24. Winner of Vijay Hazare Trophy 2014

25. Winner of Kolkata Open Chess Tittle

26. Winner of Malaysian Grand Prix

27. How many new planets did NASA discover, outside the solar system?

28. Richest Indian, according to Forbes list of billionaires?

29. Where were the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games held?

30. Which Indian University has occupied place among the world‘s top 100 Universities (published by London-based Times Higher Education (THE) Magazine?

31. Actor, known for his roles in ‗The Long Good Friday‘ and ‗Who Framed Roger Rabit‘ died at 71 due to pneumonia. He was nominated for Oscars in the year 1987 for hi crime drama in Mona Lisa. He was diagnosed with Parkinson‘s disease in 2012 after which he retired from his acting career.

32. Which film won the most popular film, in the 61st National Film Awards, 2014?

33. What is the real name of the Dadasaheb Phalke awardee of 2014?

34. Who is the New Prime Minister of Libya?

35. Who won the 2014 World Snooker Championship?

36. What was the controversial ingredient that Coca-Cola dropped from its sports drinks?

37. Which model of land acquisition has been declared the best in the country, by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion?

38. Who was sworn in as 47th President of Costa Rica?

39. Who gets another term as South Africa President?

40. Which Indian American has been honoured with the ‘Champions of Change” by the White House?

41. RK Dhowan becomes which chief of the Indian Navy?

42. When is "World Telecommunication and Information Society Day" observed?

43. When is International Nurses Day observed?

44. When in May does India observe Anti-Terrorism Day? The annual day marks the death anniversary of country‘s former prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi in 1991.

45. What has been ranked 3rd among the world‘s 10 weirdest museums by Time magazine?

46. What did the RBI instruct all banks to install from July 1st, for the benefit of a section of the population that is comparatively challenged to the rest?

47. Which company took over Myntra?

48. Who is the new Chief Information Commissioner (CIC)?

49. Who, for the second consecutive term, is the first person to serve as the president of Lithuania?

50. Who is the 14th Attorney General of India?

Make sure you’ve solved the previous ones. Click here to know about these sets. Please thank Jyothsna Gurumurthy (Class of 2019) for preparing this quiz in the comments section below.


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