August 2013 – CLATGyan Mock General Knowledge Set

1. Name India’s first military communication satellite put into space from Kourou space port in South America.

2. India overtook which country to become the third largest internet user?

3. The 7 member Tax Reform Administration Commission (TRAC) set up by the government will be headed by whom?

4. Who was sworn in as the President of Zimbabwe in August, 2013?

5. With a forest cover of 47.3% of its total geographic area, more than double the national average of 21%, which Indian state was declared the Greenest state?

6. Who was the last Spaniard, before Rafael Nadal in August 2013, to have won the ATP Cincinnati Masters title 11 years ago?

7. Who won the men’s singles title in the Rogers Cup, 2013?

8. Who won the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award for the year 2013?

9. Who won the Presidential election of Mali in 2013?

10. Who won the women’s Rogers Cup, 2013?

11. Who was sworn in as the President of Iran in 2013?

12. Who won the men’s singles title at the World Badminton Championship?

13. Who won the women’s singles title at the World Badminton Championship?

14. When was the International Youth Day observed?

15. Who is India’s youngest Grand Master (who is also the second youngest GM ever in the world) who also won the Politiken Cup chess title this year?

16. Who was appointed as the Governor of RBI?

17. Who became the first woman to lead a Navaratna Public Sector Unit by becoming the head of HPCL?

18. Which country named one of its streets after Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of India’s 67th Independence day?

19. Who was appointed as Indian Foreign Secretary?

20. Name India’s first ever indigenously designed and built aircraft carrier?

21. Which player won her first Western and Southern Open Tennis Title?

22. Which Baltic nation has been given permission by the European Union for adopting Euro as its currency?

23. Who has been appointed as the new chief of the National Investigation Agency (NIA)?

24. In which state is the nation’s first cyber forensic laboratory set up?

25. Who won the men’s 100 metre sprint title at the IAAF World Athletic Championship held in Moscow?

26. Who is the winner of the 100 metres women’s race in the World Athletic Championships?

27. Which Indian became the first woman to win a medal at the World Badminton Championship?

28. Name the Indian snooker player who clinched the gold medal in the World Games, beating China's Liang Wenbo, 3-0, in the final?

29. World’s first talking robot was successfully sent into space on 4 August 2013 by which country?

30. Name the India's first indigenous nuclear submarine which became active on 10 August 2013?

31. Who took oath to the office of US ambassador to United Nations on 2 August 2013?

32. Which of these is the recipient of the US Presidential Medal of Freedom, 2013?

33. Who won the Gold medal at the IWF World masters weightlifting Championship held in Turin, Italy?

34. Who was appointed as the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to Japan?

35. Who among these got the Arjuna Award for the year 2013?

36. By defeating which one of these teams did India win a historic bronze at the Junior Women Hockey World Cup in August 2013?

37. What is the name of the world’s first talking robot sent into space?

38. Which one of the following will become the first e-court of the country, where petitions filed via e-mails will be entertained?

39. How many Gold medals were won by India at the Archery World Cup, 2013

40. Recently (August, 2013), which of the following nations has unveiled “Izumo’’, the largest warship after World War II?

41. Who swimmer became the first woman to win 6 gold medals at a world championship?

42. As per the IMS Health Physician and Chemist survey, which of the following states has the highest doctor density?

43. The US International Trade Commission impose a ban on importing and selling which of these mobiles in the US market due to patent infringement issues?

44. American daily newspaper, “The Washington post” was purchased by Jeff Bezos, the CEO of __?

45. Mount Rokatenda Volcano which erupted recently, is located in which of the following countries?

46. The government had appointed V.K. Shunglu Committee to probe into which of the following?

47. India’s largest blast furnace ‘Durga’ has started operating at which of the following steel plants ?

48. In August 2013, which of the following states got approval from the RBI to launch Islamic Banking?

49. Who among the following has been appointed as the next ambassador and permanent representative of of India to the UN Conference on Disarmament?

50. Who is the author of the book ‘My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Action’?

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  1. Hi..thanks a lot for this quiz! Really appreciate it. I have a doubt though. I’m sure Ashwani Kumar is the special envoy to Japan but the test is showing Pawan Kumar bhansal as the right answer…thanks again though.

  2. thnq so much,,,,without it i wont able to compete and i wont abke be tht eligible for CLAT or any other entrance exams

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