December 2014 – CLATGyan Mock General Knowledge Set

1) Which movie won the Best Motion Picture award at the 72nd Golden Globe Awards presented in California?

2) 25th December was celebrated by the Union Government as

3) The most recent resolution adopted by the UN to control the international arms trade is the

4) Which of the following is false about Bharat Ratna recipient Madan Mohan Malaviya?

5) Who is the newly appointed directorate general of the CRPF?

6) Which country witnessed a successful conduction of municipal election after a period of 60 years?

7) Who won the International Tennis Association singles title?

8) The character of Elphias Doge from Harry Potter recently passed away

9) Who was the Yash Chopra Memorial Award presented to?

10) The Union Government constituted a high-level committee to address concerns of data sharing by various government agencies called NATGRID. What does it stand for?

11) The first recipient of back-to-back Oscars passed away recently. Who?

12) Mahendra Singh Dhoni announced retirement from?

13) A noted journalist, a recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay Award, a member of the Kargil Review Committee and a part of the fact finding mission after the Gujarat riots passed away recently.

14) Who is the newly appointed ambassador of the Cricket World Cup 2015?

15) Which space mission was declared as the most important scientific Breakthrough of the Year 2014 by Science journal?

16) Which scheme was launched for the conservation of heritage characters of 12 cities over the country?

17) Newly elected president of FICCI?

18) Which two countries resumed diplomatic relations after a hostile period of nearly 50 years?

19) _________ was made Honorary Citizen of Busan, Korea on 18 December 2014 for his efforts to enhance friendship and cooperation between India and Republic of Korea.

20) Who was awarded the Queen’s Gold Medal for poetry for 2014?

21) Which of the following are one of the main accused in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack case?

22) Which Indian-American was appointed as judge in the Federal Court of Columbia?

23) Which two countries’ vision statement is signified by the term “Druzbha-Dosti”?

24) Hariom Singh won gold in the 58th National Shooting Championships in which event?

25) When is Minorities Rights Day celebrated in India?

26) When is National Mathematics Day observed to commemorate the birthday of Srinivasa Ramanujan?

27) Which country is the most recent Associate Member of CERN?

28) Who have been designated as peace symbols by the US Senate?

29) Paul McGinley won the Sports Personality Coach of the year award. Where is he from?

30) What are the Tashi-Nungshi pair famous for?

31) MIGA is the political risk insurance and credit enhancement arm of the World Bank Group._____ became the 181st member of Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA).

32) Which Marathi film was nominated for an Oscar award in the Best Picture category?

33) The Confucius Peace prize was established in 2009 as an eastern alternative to the Nobel Peace Prize following the proposal of Chinese businessman Lui Zhiqin. Which world leader was awarded the prize in 2014?

34) Who was named the European Tour Golfer of the Year?

35) When is Vijay Diwas and Victory Day celebrated in India and Bangladesh respectively to commemorate the 1971 liberation?

36) Which militant outfit was responsible for the attack on the Army-run school in Peshawar, Pakistan?

37) Operation Zarb-e-azab and Operation Khyber-I have been undertaken in Pakistan to further which of the following?

38) Who is the recipient of the Miss Universal Peace and Humanity pageant at Beirut, Lebanon?

39) AR Rahman has been nominated for an Oscar in the Musical Score category. Which among these is not a part of the nominations?

40) What is the name of the Rio 2016 Olympics Games’ mascot?

41) What is the name of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games’ mascot?

42) Who won the men’s Hockey Championship Trophy 2014?

43) Who is the recently appointed Director of the Intelligence Bureau (IB)?

44) The International Criminal Court upgraded the status of which country to Observer State?

45) Who did Vishwanathan Anand defeat to win his maiden London Classic Chess title?

46) The first Indian-American to be appointed the 19th Surgeon General of America?

47) Laurent Lamothe resigned from Prime Ministership following anti-government protests. He was the PM of which country?

48) Where was the World Diamond Conference held?

49) Who is the newly appointed Prime Minister of Mauritius?

50) Who was crowned Miss World 2014?

Make sure you’ve solved the previous ones. Click here to know more about these sets. Please thank Vidushi Sanghadia (Class of 2019) for preparing this quiz in the comments section below.


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