Sentence Corrections Exercise – 1


Here is an Exercise on Sentence Corrections with 25 questions. Select the answers and click “Next”. Time yourself for 8 minutes. (one shouldn’t take more than that to answer these questions). Answers will be displayed after the completion of the quiz. Go ahead… All the best!

1. (a)The girl,/(b)accompanied by her mother/ (c)and aunt,/ (d)were at the studio/(e) No error

2. (a)Megha, Bhavana and I/ (b)am going to the party/ (c)at Pooja’s house/ (d)tonight/(e) No error

3. (a) All commerce students/(b)should learn data processing,/(c)accounting,/(d)and how to program computers/(e)No error

4. (a)Some of you/(b)will have to bring/(c)their own laptops/(d) tomorrow evening./(e) No error

5. (a)It ought to be her,/(b)to whom you tell/(c)your secrets,/ (d) not me./(e) No error.

6. (a) Caffeine,/ (b)the stimulant in coffee, /(c)have been called  "the most widely used /(d)psychoactive substance on Earth ."/ (e) No Error.

7. (a) When the author's life of literature and exile reached its unscheduled terminus/(b) that anonymous February morning, /(c)he was close at completing/ (d)the controversial book we'd all been waiting for. / (e) No error.

8. (a)The principles for /(b)grant of injunction in case of continuing nuisance/(c) have been restated by the /(d)Court of  Appeal./(e)No Error.

9. (a)On the diary of Lena Salvador, /(b)found in the overnight suitcase in the locked chest in Crispin's bedroom,/ (c)there is an entry, written in the universal penmanship of an Assumption girl, /(d)dated December 25th, 1941./(e)No Error.

10. (a)The man looked through the window/ (b)as if there is something of great interest on the other side./(c) In actuality the other side/ (d)was just a barren piece of land./(e)No Error.

11. (a)During the Japanese-sponsored Second Phillippine Republic,/ (b)Junior's career thrived/ , (c)through the ubiquity of random acts of violence/ (d)made him nervous./(e)No Error.

12. (a)An appeaser/(b) is one who feeds/ (c)a crocodile, /(d)hoping it will eat him last./ (e)No Error.

13. (a)Eighty-one is the square of 9 and the fourth power of 3/. (b)Like all powers of three, /(c)81 is a perfect totient number./ (d)It are a heptagonal number and a centered octagonal number./(e)No Error.

14. (a) You're only hear for a short visit./ (b)Don't hurry, don't worry./ (c)And be sure to smell/(d) the flowers along the way./ (e)No Error.

15. (a)The owner of the bakery was extremely upset/ (b)when he realized that one of his employees/(c) is being unfaithful and leaking the secret recipes/ (d)of the goods to an external source./(e)No Error.

16. (a)Every spring in rural Vermont/ (b)the sound of sap dripping/ (c)into galvanized metal bucks signal/ (d) the beginning of the traditional season for gathering maple syrup./ (e) No Error.

17. (a) The investors who/ (b) sold stocks just before the stock market crashed in 1929 were/ (c) either wise or/ (d) exceptional lucky./ (e) No Error

18. (a) Lyn Margulis’s theory that/ (b) evolution is a process involving interdependency rather than competition among organisms/ (c) differs dramatically from/ (e) most biologists./ (e) No Error.

19. (a) During Nineteenth Century, Greek mythology acquired renewed significance/ (b)when both poets and painters/ (c)turned to the ancient myths/ (d)for subject matter./ (e) No Error.

20. (a) The cost of safely disposing of the toxic chemicals/ (b)is approximately/ (c)five times what the company paid/ (d)to purchase it./ (e)No Error.

21. (a)The Empire States Building, The Sears Tower and the Canadian National Tower – each of these structures/ (b)was the/ (c)tallest in the world at the time/ (d)they were built./ (e)No Error.

22. (a) The light emitted by high-intensity-discharge headlights are/ (b) very effective in activating the reflective paints of road markers, /(c) thereby making driving / (d) at night safer.

23.(a)According to last week’s survey, most voters were disappointed by/ (b)legislators’ inability/ (c)working/ (d)together on key issues. /(e) No Error.

24. (a)When Marie Curie shared the 1903 Nobel Prize for Physics/ (b) with two other scientists – her husband Pierre Curie and Henry Becquerel/ (c) – she had been the first woman/ (d) to win the prize./ (e)No Error.

25. (a)The Museum is submitting proposals/ (b)to several foundations/ (c)in the hope/ (d)to gain funds to build a tropical butterfly conservatory./ (e)No Error.


  1. Thanks for this 🙂

    I have doubts in questions 18 and 22. In both cases, the answer is given to be E. Can someone please explain why it is the answer?

    • if u observe question no.22  v are talkin abt d light and nt d headlights hence v r sppsd 2 use is and nt are in part (a)of the sentence..:)..hope dis resolves ur confusion:) 

  2. Also, in question 21 what’s the error in part D ? in Part A ‘the’ of Sears tower begins with Capital T hence I marked it as an error.

  3. Isn’t there an error in part (c) of the 7th question? Shouldn’t it be ‘Close TO completing…’ and not close AT completing? Also, I din’t understand why there is an error in part (d) of the last question.

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