Exercise on Time and Distance – 2

1. A car travels from NALSAR to NLS at a constant speed. If its speed were to be increased by 10kmph it would have taken 1 hour lesser. If speed its speed were to be further increased by 10kmph it would have taken further 45 minutes lesser. Find the distance between the two universities?

2. Dipu walks around a circular field at the rate of 1round per hour while Hooda runs around it at rate of 6rounds per hour. They start in the same direction from the same point at 7:30 am. When shall they first cross each other?

3. Vishal steals a car at 2:30pm and drives away in it at 60kmph. The theft is discovered at 3:00pm and, Utkarsh, the owner sets off in another car at 75kmph. When will he overtake Vishal?

4. Two guns were fired from the same place at an interval of 10mins and 30secs. Paaras who is travelling on a train, hears the second shot 10mins after the first. Find the speed of the train in kmph. (assume speed of sound as 330mts/sec).

5. Two trains start from Kolkata and Bombay respectively. They travel towards each other at rate of 40 and 50kmph respectively. By the time they meet the first train has travelled 100km more than the second. The distance between Kolkata and Bombay is.

6. Jaideep takes 5hrs 45mins to walk to Shamirpet and cycle back. He would have gained 2 hrs by cycling both ways. The time he would take to walk both ways is:

7. Abhigyan and Shridhar take part in 100 m race. Abhigyan runs at 5 kmph. Abhigyan gives Shridhar a start of 8 m and still beats him by 8 seconds. The speed of Shridhar is:

8. In a 500 m race, the ratio of the speeds of two contestants Veer and Lulu is 3:4. Veer has a start of 140 m. Then, Veer wins by:

9. In 100 m race, Aashind covers the distance in 36 seconds and Jhatak in 45 seconds. In this race Aashind beats Jhatak by:

10. In a 200 metres race A beats B by 35 m or 7 seconds. A's time over the course is:

11. At his usual rowing rate Vag can travel 12 miles downstream in a certain river in 6 hrs less than it takes him to travel the same distance upstream. But if he could double his usual rowing rate for his 24 mile round trip, the downstream 12 miles would then take only 1hr less than the upstream 12 miles. What is the speed of the current in miles per hour?

12. Two trains one from Hyderabad to Bangalore and the other from Bangalore to Hyderabad, start simultaneously. After they meet, the trains reach their destinations after 9hrs and 16hrs respectively. The ratio of their speeds is:

13.  A boat takes 19 hrs for travelling downstream from point A to B and coming back to a point C which is midway between A and B. If the of the stream is 4kmph and the speed of the boat in still water is 14 kmph what is the distance between A and B?

14. Two trains running in opposite directions cross a man standing on the platform in 27 secs and 17 secs respectively and they cross each other in 23secs. The ratio of their speeds is:

15. Two stations A and B are 110 km apart on a straight line. One train starts from A at 7am and travels towards B at 20kmph. The other train starts from B at 8am and travels towards A at 25kmph. At what time will they meet?

16. Points A and B are 400 km apart on a straight line. Two cars start from A and B respectively towards each other at speeds of 40kmph and 60kmph respectively. A bird sitting on the car at B starts flying towards the other car at 80kmph. As soon as it reaches the other car it turns back and starts flying back with the same speed. The process continues till the cars meet. How much distance did the bird cover?

17. A person has to cover a distance of 6km in 45mins. If he covers one half of the distance in two thirds of the total time, to cover the remaining distance in the remaining time his speed in kmph would be:

18. Bose and Aatmin start writing an essay of 535 lines each. Dipankar starts with the first line writing at 100 lines per hour. Aatmin starts writing from the end writing at 50 lines per hour. At what line will they meet?

19. Baliga starts from BH4 towards the NALSAR GATE at a speed of 30kmph and after every 12 min increase his speed by 5kmph.If the distance between BH4 and NALSAR GATE is 52 km, then how much time does he take to cover the distance?

20. A train running at a certain speed crosses a stationary engine in 20 secs. To find out the speed of the train which of the following information is necessary?

  • The train crosses a tree in 13 secs.
  • The train crosses a platform of 250mts in 27secs
  • The train crosses another train running in the same direction in 32secs.
Which of these information is necessary to find the speed of the train?

22. Which of these information is necessary to find the speed of the train?
  1. The boat covers 24 kms in 6hrs moving upstream.
  2. The boat covers 24kms in 3hrs moving downstream.
  3. The ratio between the speed of the boat and the stream is 3:1

23. How much time will the train A take to cross train B running in opposite direction? Which of the following information is necessary?
  1. Train A crosses a pole in 6secs.
  2. Ratio of the speeds of the train A and B is 3:2
  3. Length of the two trains together is 500 mts.

24. Two trains are running on parallel lines in the same direction at speeds of 46 and 36kmph respectively. The faster train passes the slower train in 36 secs. The length of each train is:                

25. A and B ran a race of 480 m. In the first heat, A gives B a head start of 48 m and beats him by 1/10th of a minute. In the second heat, A gives B a head start of 144 m and is beaten by 1/30th of a minute. What is B's speed in m/s?


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