Exercise on Time and Work – 1

1. Aajoo and Bajoo together can do a piece of work in 30 days. Aajoo having worked alone for 16 days, Bajoo finishes the remaining work alone in 44 days. In how many days could Bajoo have finished the whole work alone?

2. Chavan can finish a work in 24 days, Raja in 9 days and Kalmadi in 12 days. Raja and Kalmadi start the work but are forced to leave after 3 days. The remaining work was done by Chavan in:

3. Rock can do a piece of work in 40 days. He works at it for 8 days and then Roll finished it in 16 days. How long will they together take to complete the work?

4. Eena and Meena can do a work in 8 days, Meena and Deeka can do the same work in 12 days. Eena, Meena and Deeka together can finish it in 6 days. Eena and Deeka together will do it in :

5. Twenty Indians can do a work in sixteen days. Sixteen Japanese can complete the same work in fifteen days. What is the ratio between the capacity of a Japanese and an Indian?

6. Shalu takes twice as much time as Munni or thrice as much time as Sheila to attract Sallu. Working together, they can do it in 2 mins. B can do the work alone in:

7. Harold and Kumar are working on an assignment. Harold takes 6 hours to type 32 pages on a computer, while Kumar takes 5 hours to type 40 pages. How much time will they take, working together on two different computers to type an assignment of 440 pages?

8. Osama does 4/5th of a work in 20 days. He then calls in Obama and they together finish the remaining work in 3 days. How long Obama alone would take to do the whole work?

9. Ted can impress a girl in 16 days and Marshall can do the same job in 12 days. With help of Barney, they did the job in 4 days only. Then, Barney alone can do the job in:

10. President, Vice-President and Secretary can do a piece of work in 20, 30 and 60 days respectively. In how many days can President do the work if he is assisted by Vice-President and Secretary on every third day?

11. Holmes is thrice as good a detective as Chacha Choudhary and therefore is able to finish a job in 60 days less than Chacha Choudhary. Working together, they can do it in:

12. If 6 Supermen and 8 Spidermen can do a piece of work in 10 mins. while 26 Supermen and 48 Spidermen can do the same in 2 mins., the time taken by 15 Supermen and 20 Spidermen in doing the same type of work will be:

13. Potter can do a certain work in the same time in which Ron and Hermoine together can do it. If Potter and Ron together could do it in 10 days and Hermoine alone in 50 days, then Ron alone could do it in:

14. Pepsi can produce one lakh cans in 8 hours, Coke can produce one lakh cans in 10 hours while RC Cola can produce one lakh cans 12 hours. All the factories start operations at 9 A.M. while machine Pepsi plant is closed at 11 A.M. and the remaining two machines complete work. Approximately at what time will the work (to print a total of one lakh cans) be finished ?

15. Hum and Tum can do a piece of work in 20 days and 12 days respectively. Hum started the work alone and then after 4 days Tum joined him till the completion of the work. How long did the work last?

16. If 34 laborers complete 40% of a work in 8 days working 9 hours a day, how many more labourers should be engaged to finish the rest of the work in 6 days working 9 hours a day?

17. A group of 35 lawyers is employed to complete a case comment in 48 days. After 33 days,5 more lawyers are employed and the work is finished 1 day earlier.If 5 more lawyers were not employed,how many moredays would it have taken beyond the expected period?

18. Munna and Circuit working separately can do a piece of work in 20 and 24 days.They work on alternate days starting with Circuit on the first day.In how many days will the work be completed?

19. 20 cows and 40 goats can be kept for 10 days for Rs.460.What would be the cost of keeping 50 cows and 30 goats for 12 days if the cost of keeping 5 goats is the same as cost of keeping  1 cow?

20. A and B complete a piece of work in 10 days.B and C in 12 days and C and A in 15 days.All the three of them started working and then B left after 4 days.C left 3 days after that and then immediately B joined A again to complete the remaining work.In how many days was the work completed?

21. Two pipes A, B fill a tank in 20 and 30 minutes.  if both pipes are opened at once, after how much time should A be closed so that the tank is filled in 15 minutes?

22. A and B each working alone can do a work in 10 and 15 days respectively.  They started the work together but B left after sometime and A finished the remaining work in 5 days.  After how may days form the start did B leave?

23. One pipe can fill a pool 1.25 times faster than a second pipe. When both pipes are opened, they fill the pool in five hours. How long would it take to fill the pool if only the slower pipe is used?

24. When the tap is running, it can fill the “Baby’s Day In” tub to overflowing in 20 minutes. An overflow drain can empty the tub in 15 minutes. Dennis the Menace, your 2-year old, was Home Alone and he has managed to turn the tap on while and the drain was closed. Just as the tub starts to overflow, you run in and discover the mess caused by your Problem Child. You grab the faucet handle, and it comes off in your hand, leaving the water running at full power. At the same time you yank the drain open. How long will it take for the tub to empty, with the faucet still on but the drain now open?  

25. Working alone, Maria can complete a task in 100 minutes; Caroline can complete the same task in two hours. They work together for 30 minutes when Kim, the new employee, joins and begins helping. They finish the task 20 minutes later. How long would it take Kim to complete the task alone?


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