June 2012 – CLATGyan Mock General Knowledge Set


1. Ministry of Statistics of India declared which state to be highest in economic growth for second consecutive year with 13.1% growth rate ?

2. 47- Nation body approved with 41 nations in favour and 3 against on United Nations Human Rights Council resolution to initiate an investigation in the mass killing of civilians in Houla on 25th May, 2012. Where is Houla located?

3. On 2nd june 2012, President Hosni Mubarak was awarded with life term imprisonment along with his former Interior Minister. Who was the former Interior Minister?

4, Which Ace England Batsman got retired from limited-overs edition of International Cricket?

5. Recent study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reveals that drastic changes in climate lead to the end of a very famous civilization. Which civilization is being discussed in the above statement?

6. Myanmar’s pro-democracy leader and a Nobel Laureate Aung Saan Suu Kyi carried out her first foreign trip to Thailand. This was her first foreign visit outside the country since 1988. In which year was she awarded with Nobel Peace Prize?

7. After a long controversy which legendary Indian cricketer was nominated for Rajya Sabha under article 80 of Indian Constitution which gives power to president to nominate 12 members belonging from the various fields like art, literature, business, sports ?

8. Which Indian got the Best Player of the Tournament in Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey tournament which held at Ipoh, Malaysia on 3rd June 2012?

9. Who did New Zealand beat in Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey tournament at Ipoh, Malaysia on 3rd june 2012?

10. Justice Madan Bhimarao Lokur, who had voided the Union government’s decision to provide 4.5 percent reservation in educational institutions and government jobs for Muslims within the existing reservation quota, took the oath as the Supreme Court judge on 4 June 2012 was the Chief Justice of which High Court?

11, What was the theme for the World Environment Day 2012 which was hosted by Federative Republic of Brazil?

12. What is the other name for the indigenously developed Cruise missile Hatf- VII, capable of carrying both nuclear and conventional warheads, launched by Pakistan on 5th June, 2012?

13, Who is the Gambian lawyer, who was awarded with ICJ International Jurist Award in 2009 and became the chief Prosecutor of International Criminal Court on 15th June 2012?

Shenzhou-9 space mission launched by China in order to conduct the first manned docking mission and set the foundation for Chinese plans to build a space station by 2020 included a woman in the three- member crew. Who is she?

15. Daniel Hillel, an Israeli scientist won the World Food Prize for the year 2012. He invented the application of :

16. Indian Coast Guard Hovercraft H-187 was commissioned by Vice Admiral MP Muralidharan, the Director General Indian Coast Guard, at Okha in Gujarat. What is Hovercraft H-187?

17. Who is the President of International Tennis Federation?

18. Who was awarded with the Wisden India Outstanding Achievement Award ?

19.  From which South Asian Country, India has allowed the Foreign Direct Investment in order to strengthen the bilateral economic relations?

20.  From which South Asian Country, India has allowed the Foreign Direct Investment in order to strengthen the bilateral economic relations?

21. Who has offered 10 billion US dollars loan to the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation       (SCO) which will be used be used to promote the development of SCO members ?

22. The Defence Secretary level talks between Pakistan and India and on Siachen were held from 11- 12 June 2012 at the Ministry of Defence. Which place did it take place in?

23. Who was the legendary Cuban Boxer, who won the Olympic gold medal in the same division for three times, died on 13th June 2012 due to heart attack at the age of 60?

24. To which country does the gazhal maestro Hassan Mehendi, who recently died,  belongs to?

25. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on 13 May 2012 launched NuSTAR on a Pegasus rocket.  The jet was launched from Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. What is the fullform of NuSTAR?

26.  Which State topped in Environmental Sustainable Index (ESI) 2011 released on 14 June 2012?

27.Maruti Suzuki India Ltd decided to get into a merger with which Company?

28. Who were the two Indians, won gold Medals in Asian Junior Wrestling Championship 2012 at Almaty, Kazakhstan on 13 June 2012?

29. The recent controversial term FLAME is related to Iran is?

30. Name the Indian American girl who won the 2012 Scripps National Spelling Bee crown.

31.  Which country celebrated Queen's 60 year reign recently?

32. Who won the Copenhagen International sand sculpture championship 2012 held in Denmark for "Save the Ocean" sand sculpture of 20-feet high?

  33.  Who won the 73rd PGA Tour Title 2012?

34. Name the Pakistan Interior Minister who was suspended for dual nationality.

35. Which country has approved world's first 'healthy cola' for being beneficial to health?      

36. Who is named as Navy chief as Admiral Nirmal Verma retires on August 31st 2012?

37.  Name the India's London bound discus thrower who bagged silver medal at the Post Pre Elite Women's event at Portland, US

38. Which planet crossed the sun on 5th June 2012 making one complete orbiter rotation?

39.  Name the Paris based company which has developed a vaccine for dengue.

40.  Name the writer who has been felicitated with an Assamese Japi.

41. Who is named as Event Ambassador for 2012 World Twenty20?

42. What is the full form FLCC?

43. Where in the world forced marriage is set to become crime?

44.  Which 2 disease has been identified as top killers around the world by UNICEF?

45. Name the former Indian American McKinsey chief and Goldman Sachs director who is convicted of insider trading.

46. Name the Ex-industry secretary who is to be appointed as National Highway Authority of India chief.

47. Name the Indian actor who is set to make hollywood debut with 'The Lord of the Rings' producer Barrie Osborne.

48. Where have scientists discovered the largest ever under-ice bloom of phytoplankton?

49. Which company exported 100 'Falcon' buses to Ghana?

50. Which global financial services firm has termed Indian economy is facing stagflation?

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