June 2015 – CLATGyan Mock General Knowledge Set



We have the exercise for June prepared by Lovish Garg and Aakash Puttige (Both, Class of 2019). Please thank them in the comments below at the end of the exercise.

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1. What is the theme of World Environment Day-2015?

2. The Jamdani style is the renowned traditional sari of which country?

3. From which country Delhi Metro has received its first driver less train?

4. In which state, India’s first eco-friendly police station has recently been commissioned?

5. Who has recently been conferred with the ‘Asian Athletics Association President Award?’

6. Who has been appointed as India Under-19 and A teams cricket coach?

7. Which space body has won the 2015 space pioneer award for science and engineering?

8. Who is the chairman of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)?

9. Which movie has won the top honors at 16th International India Film Academy awards?

10. Which of the following two states of India have bus connectivity with Bangladesh currently?

11. Ajeya Warrior is a biannual military exercise between India and which country?

12. On which date, World Ocean Day is observed?

13. In June, 2015, World Health Organisation has declared India free of which disease?

14. In 2014, which country has emerged as world’s biggest oil producer?

15. In June, 2015, twenty six countries from which region have agreed to create The Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA)?

16. Against which Indian companies, United States has opened an investigation for alleged H1-B visa violation?

17. Which bird has been voted as United Kingdom’s first national bird?

18. On which date, World Day Against Child Labor is observed?

19. Indian artist Nek Chand Saini, who died recently, was well known for building which of the following?

20. Wess Hall, who was inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame, comes from which country?

21. An expert committee report “Drowning a valley: Destroying a civilization” is related to which dam project?

22. Which among the following pairs has won Stuttgart Open double’s title-2015?

23. Who is the Chairman of Kendriya Hindi Samiti?

24. Which city has been been selected as the new capital of Andhra Pradesh?

25. Who among the following has topped the World’s most powerful women-2015 list?

26. Name the first semi high-speed train service between Delhi and Agra which would touch speeds of up to 160 kmph?

27. Which airline has entered entered a tie-up with IRCTC which enables a train traveller whose ticket is wait-listed to cancel the train ticket and instead get on to a flight of either airline by paying some incremental fee?

28. Who is the new Law Minister of Delhi after Jitender Tomar resigned following a fake degree scandal?

29. Which telecom service provider has launched free roaming which allow all its mobile customers across the country to receive incoming calls at no cost?

30. What was the theme of World No Tobacco Day 2015?

31. Who won the NBA Finals trophy for the year 2014-15?

32. In the recently released Global Peace Index for 2015, what position did India occupy on the list?

33. The “Housing For All” scheme aims to achieve its objectives by which year?

34. Who was appointed the Director of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)?

35. Name the weather alert service launched by the Union Agriculture Ministry.

36. Which Indian awarded Japans highest civilian award ('Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star') recently?

37. Which organisation offered navigational support to the Indian Railways?

38. Which country has produced the world’s first electric passenger aircraft?

39. What did the Jharkhand Government ban the use of recently in a measure to reduce stress on the environment?

40. Who was selected for Japan's prestigious Fukuoka Prize in the Academic category?

41. Who won the 2015 F1 Austrian Grand Prix of 2015?

42. Who won the US Open (golf) championship of 2015?

43. Which individual won the Sangita Kalanidhi award for the year of 2015?

44. Which state declared June 22nd as the ‘Snake Bird Day’ to protect the species that is known as the Indian darter?

45. Which country announced plans to resume whaling in the Antarctic despite relevant institutional warnings?

46. Who was voted the best test player of the 21st century, per a poll by Cricket Australia (CA)?

47. Name the typhoon that struck the Hainan province of South China.

48. Who was appointed the Ayurveda brand ambassador of Kerela recently, a move aimed under the ‘Visit Kerela’ scheme?

49. Who was named the President of the International Cricket Council (ICC) for a one year term?

50. The country of South Korea has been ravaged by an outbreak of which disease over the past few weeks?

51. Who is the new CFO of the State Bank of India?

52. Name the first Indian to be drafted to play in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

53. The president of which of the following country dissolved the Parliament on June 26 2015 in an effort to consolidate power and push through political reforms?

54. The government of which state formed the Krishi cabinet, a cabinet committee with the function of improving agriculture and its allied activities profitable and sustainable?

55. Who was the recipient of the 28th Moortidevi Award 2014 for the work “Vyomkesh Darvesh”?

56. Name the world’s largest carbon emitter as per a report by the World Resources Institute (WRI)

57. How many members signed the Articles of Agreement for the formation (i.e. are founding members) of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)?

58. Name the place in India that has won the UN Public Service Award 2015

59. Who won the Commonwealth Chess Championship 2015?

60. Matti Makkonen, who died recently, was known as the father of ______ ?

Bonus question! 🙂 Which state has launched a program for the e-registration of property documents named Sampada?


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