March 2012 – CLATGyan Mock General Knowledge Set

1. The new National Institute of Mountaineering and Adventure Sports will be set up in which of the following North Eastern States

2.A domestic Air Port named “Swami Vivekananda” is in which of the following state

3. Mamoni Scheme, launched to reduce maternal mortality rate was introduced in

4. On March, 10, 2012 which Indian bank decided to open hundred single branches

5. Shigmostav, a festival celebrated in Goa is a festival of

6. The second financial hub in India, after the Bandra – Kurla complex in Mumbai is being developed in

7. Which of the following countries contributed to the largest number of migrants in to another country

8. Which country’s Airlines will resume its air services to Mogadishu, Somalia after two decades of civil war

9.  the context of agriculture, “2012” is declared as the year of

10. Which of the following State’s High Court squashed the appointment of Shankar Bidari as the state DGP

11. Hinduja Energy formed a joint venture for the operation and maintenance of power projects with

12. Astronomers in ---- discovered an ancient planetary system which belonged to 13 billion years ago

13. Scientists discovered a Human gene named __________ which can turn flu in to a killer

14. The following university conferred a doctorate degree on Russian President Medvedev

15. European union called upon the following country to dismantle its nuclear weapons programme

16. Who is top maoist leader who was absolved terror law charges

17. World Bank in March, 2012 approved 109 Million Dollars grant for

18. Sharoof  Khan is appointed as a Brand Ambassador

18. Sharoof  Khan is appointed as a Brand Ambassador

20. The number of people leaving below poverty line (bpl) came down to 80,000 in

21. Who took over as the President of International Chamber of Commerce India

22.   “No apology” is a book written by

23. The status of “Solar City” was given to

24. Termit Massif and Tin Toumma are the deserts declared by

25. The following bank opened 1001 ultra small branches across India

26. The following state’s literacy rate reached an all new high touching 80% mark

27. The following company adopted five girls schools in Bihar for computer training under digital literacy programme

28. Supreme court in a three judge bench comprising Justices Dalveer Bandari, Deepak Verma and Dattu gave the ruling that

29. India Billionaires’ wealth is more than fiscal deficit comprising of how many members

30.  In the Marriage Law (Amendment) Bill, 2010 which was approved by Union Cabinet the waiting period before moving a motion for annulling marriage is

31. The following country banned three religious and charity organizations which were already banned by the UN

32. Which of the following country is planning to send a man to the moon by 2030

33. According to a report released by inter parliamentary union, the participation of women in politics, India stands at

34. Which country has severed all its ties with United Nations Human Rights Council

35. According to the wealth report 2012 India after surpassing China becomes the world’s largest economy by

36. Who won the prestigious Abel Prize 2012

37. When is International Labour Day is celebrated every year

38. Who is the world’s richest Indian

38. Which of the following country has recently test fired HATF-II missile

39. The prestigious Templeton Prize for the year 2012 has been conferred on

41. The winner of Malaysian Grand Prix 2012

42. Which of the following tennis player won the Dubai Open ATP title for the fifth time

43,  The world wide initiative by _________ promotes people throughout the world  to switch off lights for an hour (Global Earth Hour)

44. Who was the first winner of Dada Saheb Phalke Award (1969) India’s highest cinema award

45. Which among the following cars is the fastest car of the World as confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records

46. Where will the coming G-20 summit be held

46. Where will the coming G-20 summit be held

48.T he world’s largest weapons exporter and importer respectively are

48.T he world’s largest weapons exporter and importer respectively are

50. The best actor award in the 59th National Film Awards in 2011 was won

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