March 2014 – CLATGyan Mock General Knowledge Set

1. Who is the Chairman of the Tax Administration Reform Commission setup by the government of India?

2. Which state is the recently commissioned Kalisindh Power Plant located in?

3. Which nation was recently annexed by Russia?

4. Which country was rated as the World’s Top executioner by Amnesty International?

5. Which Indian software company was rated as the World’s most ethical by the Ethisphere institute?

6. What was the name of the recently discovered computer bug that exposed many major sites, like Yahoo and Google?

7. Where was the third Nuclear Security Summit held?

8. Which state recently declared all election booths in the state as no smoking zones?

9. Who was awarded the G D Birla award for scientific research this year?

10. Where was the 25th Arab summit held?

11. The World’s Largest TV was unveiled on 21 March 2014 in Texas, USA. What is its name?

12. Who won the Pritzker Architecture Prize, sponsored by the Hyatt foundation, in 2014?

13. Who was appointed as interim president of the BCCI by the Supreme Court?

14. Who was the Chief of Naval Staff who resigned recently and hence becoming the first one to do so?

15. Who won the TATA T1 Truck racing Championship recently held in Noida?

16. What is the name of the grandson of Lal Bahadur Shastri who joined the Aam Aadmi Party?

17. Which of these was not awarded the Kirti Chakra this year?

18. The RBI has recently instructed banks to discontinue using which OS owing to discontinuation of support?

19. Which Indian was behind the CGNet Swara project and received the Google Digital activism award for it?

20. Which Bollywood actor was appointed by the Election Commission of India as its national icon?

21. Which of the following nations has been temporarily suspended from the G-8?

22. Who won the 2013-14 Vijay Hazare trophy?

23. Who is the first woman director of NALCO?

24. Which team emerged victorious in the Asia Cup?

25. Who was appointed as the 22nd Governor of Kerala?

26. Who was awarded the Best Actor award at the 86th Academy Awards?

27. Which country won the ICC Under-19 World Cup 2014?

28. Which driver won the Malaysian Grand Prix?

29. Which country is the new chief of NATO from?

30. Who was awarded the 2014 edition of the Templeton Prize?

31. Who is the new President of Chile?

32. Who was appointed as the chairman of the Financial Planning Standards Board of India?

33. Who won the 2014 Santosh Trophy?

34. Which Indian author won the Windham Campbell Prize 2014?

35. Where was the third BIMTEC summit held?

36. Which Indian Badminton player was the winner of the German Open Grand Prix 2014?

37. Who authored the book, “India At Risk”?

38. The people of which of these communities were declared as OBCs by the Union Cabinet?

39. Who wrote the book called “Akbar: The Aesthete”?

40. Who won the Gandhi Peace Prize 2014?

41. Who is the new chief of ONGC?

42. Which city recently got India’s first electric bus?

43. What is the name of the new Nokia phone which has Android operating system?

44. Which country was named the World’s largest arms importer by SIPRI?

45. Which Indian language film was awarded the Audience Choice Award 2014 at the North Carolina Film Festival?

46. Kotak Mahindra Bank recently began to link bank accounts to what?

47. Who won the National Billiards Championship 2014?

48. Where was India’s first Post Office ATM inaugurated?

49.  What is the new name of Chennai’s Ennore Port?

50. Where was the Global Ayurveda Festival 2014 held?

Make sure you’ve solved the previous ones. Click here to know about these sets.


  1. Isn’t Pradyumn Kaistha a senior from my school? And CLAT-freak the virus? These options had me cracking up 😀

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