March 2015 – CLATGyan Mock General Knowledge Set

1. Which present editor of the Panchajaya magazine has been appointed as the Chairman of the National Book Trust in March 2015?

2. Per the annual Forbes report released on the 2nd of March, which personality has retained her title of the world’s richest woman, primarily due to her stake in the retail giant Walmart?

3. Who is the newly appointed president of the BCCI, a post that he is slated to hold till 2017?

4. Which Indian American physician was selected for the prestigious Fulbright Nehru chair to India, one of the most coveted appointments in the suite of the Fulbright Scholar programs?

5. Mercer recently conducted a survey that determined the quality of living in various cities across the world. Which city was placed at the top of the list?

6. On the very same Mercer list, at the 138th position, which was the highest ranked Indian city with regards to quality of living?

7. Which taxi aggregator recently purchased its competitor Taxi For Sure, early this March in a deal that was closely scrutinised by Indian regulators?

8. Name the financial agency that is postulated by the Indian Government whose objective is to refinance micro finance institutions.

9. When is the International Women’s Day celebrated?

10. Which television house produced India’s Daughter, the documentary on the 2012 gang rape case, which was consequently censored by the Indian Government?

11. India conducted a joint military exercise, namely Surya Kiran VIII with which of its neighbours this March?

12. Name the chief of the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) who visited India recently.

13. Which organisation recently signed a MoU with the Indian Railways for an investment of 1.5 lakh crores over the next 5 years?

14. Who won the Ranji trophy this year, beating Tamil Nadu in the finals?

15. The Indian Railways recently launched a toll free helpline number. What number?

16. Who was the recipient of the prestigious Saraswati Samman for 2014, for their Kannada poem, Ramayana Mahanveshanam?

17. Which nation-state withdrew their bid to join the European Union, with the government saying that their interests were best served outside this body?

18. Which state recently launched the Bhagyashree scheme for the girl child in poor families?

19. Which country won the bid to host the AFC Asian Cup 2019?

20. Whose statue was unveiled in the British Parliament Square by Arun Jaitley?

21. Who was selected as the general secretary of the RSS for the third consecutive term?

22. Who won the Swiss Grand Prix Gold Badminton Championship by defeating Viktor Alexon of Denmark?

23. Which country settled, for a sum of $128 million, laying down claims of continued discrimination against the indigenous populations of Maoris?

24. Name the veteran fantasy author of the famous Discworld series, who passed away recently.

25. Who was the winner of the 69th Santosh Trophy?

26. Who was recently appointed the director and CEO of the credit rating agency, CRISIL?

27. According to the Trends in International Arms Transfers 2014 report, who is said to be the largest importer of weapons and military equipment?

28. Who won the Australian Grand Prix, the inaugural Grand Prix on the F1 circuit?

29. Name the banking house that launched the mobile app Chillr, which is directly linked to the bank accounts of their customers.

30. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the guest of honour for the National Day celebrations of which Country?

31. Name the China backed international financial institution, which is emerging as an alternative to the World Bank, among others?

32. Where was the third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction held?

33. Which state launched an eco-restoration project of the Kinnerasani Sanctuary?

34. Which famous Hollywood star crash landed in his plane in the Penmar Golf Course in Los Angeles, suffering non-critical injuries in the process?

35. The US president Barack Obama, by means of signing an executive order declares which nation to be a national security threat?

36. The family of Marvin Gaye won damages of $7.3 million for a copyright infringement lawsuit against which song by Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams and T.I ?

37. Name the cyclone that struck the coasts of Vanatu, Fiji and New Zeland, causing major loss of life and damage to property.

38. Who replaces Peter Chou as the CEO of HTC Corporation?

39. Indian Parliamentary Diplomacy- Speaker’s Perspective is a book written by which Indian personality?

40. Lee Kuan Kew, who passed away on the 23rd of March, was the founding father of which modern day state?

41. Which space vehicle is credited with the first to complete a Martian marathon?

42. Who was announced the successor to Jon Stewart as the host of the television program, The Daily Show?

43. In which nations general elections, did Muhammadu Buhari defeat incumbent Goodluck Johnatan to re-emerge the leader of the nation?

44. Kraft, an American food conglomerate, merged with which other food company to create a combined entity in attempts of diversification and consolidation of position?

45. Where was the first international conference on counter terrorism held?

46. With a score of 237, who made the highest score ever in a World Cup match in this years edition?

47. Who was the recipient of the Dadasaheb Phalke Award for 2014?

48. Former Morgan Stanley CEO, Ruth Porat was appointed the CFO of which technology giant?

49. Who won the Gandhi Peace Prize for 2014?

50. Who was posthumously awarded the Bharat Ratna recently?

Make sure you’ve solved the previous ones. Click here to know more about these sets. Please thank Aakash Puttige (Class of 2019) for preparing this quiz in the comments section below.


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