Mathematics Exercise – Mixed Bag

A 1.5m long boy, looks up at the top of a pole standing on the center of a circle of radius 3.5m. the boy stands on the cicumference of the circle with his head inclined at angle of 450 when looking at the top of the pole. What is the area of the triangle formed by lines joinng the boy’s head with the top and bottom of the pole.

A 185m long train starts crossing a 325 m long platform, the tip of the train raches the other end of the platform in 25 seconds what is the speed of the train in km/hr.

A man starts by going 8.4km upstream, stays there for one and a half hours and then comes down and finally rows 5.1km. His upstream speed is 7km/hr and down stream speed is 10km/hr. How long did the complete tour last.

What is the probability of drawing an ace together with getting a prime number on the throw of a die and heads on a coin.

In a grid there are 4 rows and 4 columns now the rows and collumns are to be filled with numbers from 4 to 19 in such a manner that the sum of the numbers in each row and each column is the same. What is that sum going to be?

What is the angle made between the hour and minute hand of the clock at 4:36 pm

Two cars are moving antiparallel to each other, they are both approaching a particular crossroad, at the same distance of 500m from both the cars. The first car is moving at a speed of 90km/hr and the second one is moving at a speed of 54km/hr. when will the two cars collide?

In a trapezium ABCD the parallel sides AB and CD measure 4cm and 6cm respectively, there are two perpendiculars CE and DF measuring 3cm each. What will be the sum of the areas of the triangles AEC and BFD?

A pizza (radius 14cm) is divided into seven parts, of which 3 are of one size and 4 are of a different size. The sizes are in the ratio of 5:7 respctively. What is the are of one of the bigger pieces?

A telephone company charges progressively , charges beng 0.6 paise per second for the first 30 seconds , 0.7 paise for the next 30 seconds and after that a uniform 0.9 paise per scond. How much will you be charged for talking 4minutes and 15 seconds?


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