May 2013 – CLATGyan Mock General Knowledge Set

1. “Fida-e-Lucknow – Tales of the city and its people” authored by Ms. Parveen Talha, former Member UPSC was released by?

2. The department of telecom (DoT) levied a 650 crore rupees penalty on this company after concluding that it created a huge loss to the exchequer after using the call routing system?

A book titled “Understanding Bhagath Singh”, released by Prof. Randhir Singh was written by

India signed an extradition treaty with which country on 30th May 2013?

5. What is the name of the program launched by Women and Child Development Minister to improving child development and nutritional outcomes for children?

6. Which day was celebrated on 11 May 2013?

7. Who honored with the Whitley award, also known as Green Oscar in London on 2 May 2013 by Princess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth?

8. Who got the National Florence Nightingale Award 2013 from Andhra Pradesh?

9. Who is the Indian-American girl won America’s Top Young Scientist Award for inventing a super-capacitor device that could potentially charge a cellphone in less than 20 seconds?

10. Who conferred with the 47th Jnanpith Award for the Year 2011?

11. Who won the FWA(Football Writers’ Association) player of the Year Award ?

12. Who won the World Snooker Championship title?

13. Who won the Spanish Grand Prix Title in Barcelona?

14. Who won the Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles Rome Masters Tennis Tournament title on 19 May 2013?

15. Who got the place in Forbes Philanthropy List on 30 May 2013 from India(first place)?

16. What is the name of the second Inshore Patrol Vessel built by the Hindustan Shipyard Ltd for the Coast Guard?

17. Who is the new president of Asian Football Confederation?

18. Who is the new Director General of WTO?

19. Who is the 4-years old boy elected as a Mayor of the town Dorset of Minnesota town in America?

20. Who is the Islamic scholar, author and activit died in Mumbai on 14 May 2013?

21. Who is the first woman included in a FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist List?

22. Which country was ranked the World's Happiest Developed Nation?

23. World Asthma Day was observed across the world with the theme ________.

24. World Press Freedom Day is celebrated across the world with the theme ____.

25. Who became the first woman to receive the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize?

26. Who won the 2013 Man Booker International Prize?

27. The 17th Session of the India-Iran Joint Commission was held in

28. Which Became the First US State to Legalise Online Casino?

29. Which state became the first southern US state to abolish the death penalty?

20. India unveiled its indigenously developed Rotavirus Vaccine named

31. The President of India presented the Asom Ratna Award

32. Who was appointed as governor of Arunachal Pradesh?

33. Who won England Player of the Year Award?

34. India and which country signed MoUs that concern Urban Planning and Development in 2013?

35. India gets an observer status in the

36. Who is the current President of Myanmar

37. Which language has been recognized as a Classical language by the Union Cabinet?

38. Hamid Karzai the President of Afghanistan was conferred an Honorary Doctorate by

39. Which The French film won the prestigious Palme d‟Or at 66th the Cannes film festival.

40. Who is the chairman of the NCPCR (National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights).

41. UNESCO has declared the following island as the World Biosphere Reserve in May, 2013?

42. Who has become the first woman from Saudi Arabia to climb the world’s highest mountain?

43. The Committee looking into U.S. giant Walmart’s lobbying activities to enter India is headed by?

44. Who is the newly appointed CEO of Uninor?

45. A North Korean court sentenced a US citizen named to 15 years of hard labour. His name?

46. Who is The United Nations, Arab League envoy on Syria?

47. Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is in trouble after a court in the northern city of Milan upheld a conviction for

48. Who is the the oldest conqueror of Mount Everest

49. World Turtle Day is celebrated on?

50. World Museum Day is celebrated on?

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