Exercise on Profit and Loss – 1

1.      A fruit vendor purchased certain number of oranges at 20 for Rs.25 and sold them at 15 for Rs.20. Find his percentage profit or loss.

2.      Noel sold two cameras at Rs.600 each. He sold one at a profit of 50 % and the other at a loss of 25 %. By how much did he gain or lose in this interaction?

3.       Ishan Seth bought 3 Mathematics books for Rs. 1200. To his dismay, he was able to sell one at a loss of 10 %. At what profit should he sell the remaining two to gain an overall of 10 % in the transaction?

4.      If the Cost Price of 25 articles is equal to the Selling Price of 20 articles. What is the percentage profit or loss made by any merchant on these articles?

5.      Jaideep buys goods at a 19% discount on the marked price. If he wants to make a profit of 20% after allowing a discount of 10%, by what % should his marked price be greater than the original label price?

6.      A merchant, who marked his goods up by 50 %, subsequently offered a discount of 25 %. What is the percentage profit that the merchant makes after offering the donation?

7.      A cop rejects 0.6 % of the meters as defective. How many will he examine to reject 3 ?

8.      Two vessels contain alcohol and water in the ratio 4:5 and 1:2.Find the ratio in which both the mixtures should be mixed in order to give a mixture having alcohol and water in the ratio 2:7?

9.      If 50% of x is 5 more than 30 % of a number, then what is the number?

10.      Mr. Johns spends 40 % of his salary on consumable items and 50 % of the remaining on other necessities and house rent. If his savings at the end of the year were Rs 54000, how much per month would he have spent on necessities and rent?

11.      If the numerator of a fraction is decreased by 25% and its denominator increased by 10% , the value of the fraction becomes 25/44.What is the original fraction ?

12.      The price of sugar rose by 25 %.By how much percent a person should reduce the consumption of tea so that his expenditure does not rise. He takes 3 spoon sugar for one cup of tea before and after the price rise?

13.      If all the sides of a cube are increased by 20%, then by what percentage does its volume increase?

14.      Out of 3000 candidates who appeared for an examination, 1900 were boys. If only 32% of the boys and only 38% of the girls passed, then what is the percentage of failed candidates ?

15.      Gun powder contains 75% nitre, 10% of sulphur and the rest is charcoal by weight. If quantity of gunpowder is 24 kg, then what is the weight of charcoal?

16.      The cost of a football and a basketball is equal. The shopkeeper increases the price of a football and a basketball by 10% and 8% respectively. How much more a customer has to pay now to purchase a ball of each variety?

17.      A candidate scores an aggregate of 60% marks, scoring an average of 56% in first four papers and 68% in the rest of the papers. If the maximum marks for all the papers are equal, then how many papers were there?

18.      Sidharth’s salary was reduced by 30 % and then increased by 30 % . How much percent does he gain or lose?

19.   Honda Bhogle sells his bike to Hero Singh at a loss of 15%, Hero Singh sells it to Hamara Bajaj at a loss of 10% and Hamara Bajaj sells it to C.D. Ram at a loss of Rs. 15%. What percentage the price of the bike has been reduced from the orginal price at which Honda Bhogle has purchased it?

20.      If the number of books bought at prices ranging from Rs. 200 to Rs. 350, are sold at prices ranging from Rs. 300 to Rs. 425, then what can be the greatest possible profit?

21.      A mirror is listed at Rs. 1,200. A retailer buys it with two discounts of 20% and 10% each. The retailer incurs an additional cost of 10% of the cost of mirror on wood work for making a dressing table. At what price should he sell the dressing table to make profit of 15%?

22.      Akshay invested 40% of his money in shares, 20% of the rest in property from Dinakaran Real Estates and paid 25% of the remaining as bribe to Soumitra Bose. What percent does he has now?

23.      Ishan buys X eggs to resell them at a profit of 10% but loses 10% of the eggs. By how much should he mark up the selling price in order to retain 10% profit?

24.      Mr. Manmohan Patel lost 12.5% of his money. After spending 70% of the remainder, he has Rs. 210 left with him. How much did he have at the beginning?

25.      Channe are sold at 50 per rupee. If the vendor decides to hike the SP by 20%, then how many channe can be bought per rupee?


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