September 2014 – CLATGyan Mock General Knowledge Set

1. Where was the World Junior Chess Championship held in October 2014?

2. Which of these institutions reopened its doors to students in September 2014, with its newly built campus at Rajgir?

3. To raise awareness for what condition was the Ice Bucket Challenge designed?

4. Najat Vallud Belkacem became the first woman to be appointed as Education Minister of which country?

5. The world’s biggest and second biggest toy manufacturers are, respectively:

6. What does the P in P. Sathasivam stand for?

7. Which of the following was Sania Mirza’s doubles partner at her US Open victory?

8. Which of the following is India’s Minister for Commerce?

9. Who defeated Caroline Wozniacki to win the US Open Women’s Singles title?

10. What post does Ajit Doval hold?

11. The Reserve Bank of India revised the upper age limit for private bank MDs and CEOs from 65 to ___.

12. Where were the 2014 Asian Games held?

13. The Union Cabinet, in September 2014, cleared which three PSUs for divestment?

14. Vistara is a joint venture between

15. Wheeler Island, where missiles are tested, is located in which state?

16. Which was the first state in India to conduct a totally paperless cabinet meeting, with ministers using tablets and laptops?

17. Who was appointed to chair the Parliamentary Committee on Subordinate Legislation in the Rajya Sabha?

18. AYUSH stands for

19. Which of the following countries enacted a child marriage prohibition in September 2014?

20. Which of the following companies does not manufacture an Android One smartphone?

21. Who was appointed chairman of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited in Sept 2014?

22. Which of the following games was acquired by Microsoft for 2.5 bn USD?

23. Which of the following was elected the mayor of Pune in Sept 2014?

24. Who was named president-elect of the International Economic Association?

25. Where was the 51st World Shooting Championship held?

26. Where was the Carrom World Cup held in September 2014?

27. Where was Surinder Kohli, convicted in the Nithari killings, shifted to in September 2014?

28. Who was given a death sentence by a court in Bangladesh for his role in the 1971 liberation war in Sept 2014?

29. Who recently became Fiji’s first democratically elected leader in 8 years?

30. Where in New York did Narendra Modi deliver his pathbreaking speech to NRIs?

31. After helping eradicate polio in India, which disease has the Gates Foundation turned its attention to now?

32. Which of the following is a Scottish separatist leader?

33. Who among the following stepped down from the post of Oracle CEO?

34. Which of the following beverages were introduced in India in September 2014?

35. 28-year-old Alok Shetty of Bangalore has been named Young Leader of Tomorrow by which magazine?

36. Which of the following became the first to win 7 cr. Rupees on KBC?

37. Who recently became the President of Afghanistan?

38. Who won the Singapore GP in Formula One racing?

39. Who is the Union Minister for Rural Development?

40. Who is the Union Health Minister?

41. Who was recently named chief of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI)?

42. Which of the following banks launched a new service called ‘NRI Advantage’

43. What medal did Abhinav Bindra pick up at the 17th Asian Games?

44. Name India’s official entry into the 2015 Oscars

45. The Enforcement Directorate instituted proceedings against which of the following in September 2014, relating to the VVIP chopper scam?

46. Who became the leader of the Scottish National Party in September 2014?

47. Which of the following awards did Edward Snowden win in September 2014?

48. Which of the following cities has been selected as the SAARC’s cultural capital from April 2015?

49. Who was the first ever black Attorney-General of the US?

50. Who won the women’s cricket gold medal in the 17th Asian Games?

Make sure you’ve solved the previous ones. Click here to know more about these sets. Please thank Balaji Subramanian (Class of 2018) for preparing this quiz in the comments section below.


  1. 25 ._. this was…disappointing 😐

    Anyway 36 achin not sachin
    40 Health Minister is jagat prakash nadda, they removed Harsh because of Tobacco lobby :/ Eh

    . Thank you Balaji Subramanian btw

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