General Knowledge Set – 2


1. Who is the first Indian footballer to score 50 international goals?

2. Who was appointed CEO of Apple after Steve Jobs?

3. What is the name of the India's first indigenously created aircraft carrier?

4. Shah Rukh Khan, who owns Kolkata Knight Riders, also owns which country's team in the Caribbean Premier League?

5. Which country is Magnus Carlsen from?

6. Who is the first person to score a double century in any Cricket World Cup?

7.  Which is the driest place on Earth?

8. Which war was fought between Hidayat Muhi ud-Din Sa'adu'llah Khan and Mir Ahmad Ali Khan?

9. Which war is also known as Operation Vijay?

10. Which location was the United 93 flight supposedly headed to?

11. The First World War was caused due to the assassination of which ruler?

12. Whose last lines were: "Isn't it true that we weren't cowards at Sedan?"

13. When did the Pearl Harbour incident occur?

14. In which city was the National Flag hoisted first?

15. When did Jana Gana Mana become the National Anthem of India?

16. Who was the last Viceroy of India?

17. Who wrote 'The Life Divine'?

18. Which Empire referred to itself as the Gurkani?

19. In which present day country did Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's plane crash?

20. When was the Treaty of Bassein signed between the British East India Company and Baji Rao II, the Maratha peshwa of Poona after the Battle of Poona?

21. Who was known as the 'Plato of Jat people'?

22. Which kingdom's name originated from Ayodhya?

23. Who was the first Nawab of Bengal?

24. Where was Winston Churchill born?

25. In which year was Nathuram Godse sentenced to death?

This static general knowledge set has been prepared by Ribhu Mukherjee (Class of 2019). Do thank him in the comments below.

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