The Estimated Cut-Offs for CLAT 2017 – The Real Deal


“CLAT is done and all you can do now is wait!” is what you must have heard for the past two days. However, the CLAT Committee has decided to release the questions along with the individual student’s answer key. If you still haven’t figured out what to do to view your answer key, click here.

I know most of you rushed to read this article solely for the purpose of figuring out whether you’ve made the cut to your dream law school or missed out by a minuscule .5 margin. We’ve already started receiving mails about our opinion on the cut-offs and “will I get into top 5 with xyz marks?” kind of questions. The answer to all of these is we don’t know and trust us, nobody does.

It would be best to say that CLAT 2017 was a moderately tough paper (Source: CG kids) but trying to figure out what ten thousands of people have scored on the examination written two days ago is a daunting task. We’ve earlier had posts on our Facebook group, where people attempted to tabulate the results score-wise. Yaar, itna time hai toh kuch constructive hi karlo? Or better, go watch Baahubali 2.

Also, another reason why we stress on not wasting time over cut-offs or worse, comparing previous years’ scores with this year’s is that it is pointless. With every passing year, CLAT has been an examination that has earned the reputation of being unpredictable.

Lastly, I will sign off by saying that believing in “estimated cut-offs” is like inviting trouble over. It will just lead to you getting more stressed. And if you blindly believe them and you’ve made the mark according to them, you really don’t want to be jolted if you don’t make it. If you’re on a vacation, the last thing you want is panicking over what your rank might be (speaking from experience, I almost ruined my vacation in Shimla back in 2014 because I couldn’t stop thinking about it. And guess what I have? Regrets.)

It’s upto you – The Sweet Hereafter or the Bitter Aftertaste. Yes, that’s a Riverdale reference. Go watch the season finale!

May the force (and the patience) be with you :))




  1. May I talk to my boyfriend? Not spoken for a month ( after 17th April) …he must be sad.
    And don’t u think it is better than watching bahubali 2?

  2. I find that at least 3 questions have wrong answers in the answer key (logical reasoning section). Anyone else?

  3. Thank You Zainab Di.
    I think 4 answers ( 1 in English and 3 in logical) are wrong. If this indeed is correct, I would score 5 marks more which can make a HUGE difference in where I will land. I have scored 128.5. What should I do?

  4. This year, the scores will be quite low, as compared to last year and according to the reactions of the candidates in various forum. Very few have reported scores above 150.

  5. I have started looking for other options ( as this was my second chance) after seeing the cut offs and my marks. After reading this I am having second thoughts about doing that. Thanks. =)

  6. I dropped a year, worked harder and more sincerely than I ever had, gave up all kinds of recreation, and STILL managed to screw up my paper in a way which is possibly beyond the comprehension of the human mind.
    I have no idea what I’m going to do with my life, I’ve never been more demoralized and disgusted with myself than I am right now, and with the kind of thoughts which are frequently crossing my mind, I’m becoming increasingly sure that I might need professional help.
    But what I’m NOT going to going to do is sit and speculate about what I’m going to get. Because with a score of 109, I’m sure I’m not going to get anything.
    So, silver linings….

    Anyway, congratulations to those of you who managed to get a decent score. I wish all of you a great life and a great career.

  7. I have realized today that shit happens. My marks were 128.5, was hoping for a increment of 5 marks. Instead, I lost half and now my score is 128. Probably ain’t going to make it to NLSIU/NUJS/NALSAR. Probably gonna have to drop.

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