CLATGyan Test Series – 2018 (With Personal Mentors)


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CLAT 2018. It is estimated that around fifty thousand kids will compete to book their seat in any of the top Law Schools of this country. And it will take just 2 hours on the D-Day to decide the entire rank list. If you think you can make it through if you’re coached well for more than a year, you’re wrong! There is no dispute as to the fact that CLAT tests your general awareness and reasoning abilities. But, albeit all the grooming, it boils down to just two epoch-making keywords – Speed and Accuracy. The most feasible way of ameliorating these is to time yourselves and do as many CLAT-like tests as you possibly can.

So, here we are with the CLATGyan Test Series – 2018. The series gives you thirty simulated tests including fifteen sectional tests.

Why should I take the CLATGyan Tests?

For this, you should pay a visit to the Inspiration section of our website to see for yourself what the toppers have to say.

Who makes them?

Students of NALSAR University of Law who made their way through CLAT 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. (first, second, third and fourth years).

How much does it cost?

Rs. 4,999/-

When and how will I get the tests?

All the tests will be online and shall be held according to the schedule, that can be downloaded by clicking here.

Note :
i. All the mock tests will be based on the expected CLAT 2018 pattern except for sixth, ninth and twelfth ones which will be based on Symbiosis, AILET and LSAT patterns respectively.
ii. The first two mock tests are ‘free’ ones which will be uploaded on the website as per the schedule and will be available as pdf files.

Anything else apart from the mocks?

Yes, we’ll allot you a personal mentor who shall be from the First/Second/Third/Fourth year of NALSAR. The mentor will always be there to assist you with your CLAT preparation (on phone, email and facebook). You can send over your mock tests’ scores and doubts to your mentor, he/she will evaluate your performance and suggest methods of improvement.

How do I enroll?

Click the ‘Enroll Now!’ button on the top right of this page and make an online payment. There is no last date for enrollment. You can enroll anytime, even after CLAT’s over. We’ll make sure you get all the Tests you’ve missed.

How do I contact you?

Send all your queries, questions, death threats, rants, criticisms, suggestions and ideas to If it’s real urgent, ring us on +91-9948014786 (Zainab Khan).

If you know of any coaching institute which is distributing the CLATGyan mocks, either entirely or partly, please report them to us. Coaching institutes interested in using this series for your students may mail us at to obtain a license for the same.


  1. i came across this right now and its already late! today is 17 august . what should i do now? will the old tests be available for me if i join now?

    • Hello Harshitha!

      No, our focus is solely on the target year 2018. However, feel free to enroll for the mocks. The more mocks you attempt, the more confident you shall be on the day of the exam.

  2. Hi.. I have been trying to contact you guys by all possible means but there is no response. I’m very much interested in your test series but just wanted to talk to someone before getting enrolled please


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