8 Things to do After CLAT


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Like most of you reading this post, I took CLAT a couple of days ago and I’ve been constantly trying to unwind and make the next one month as fun-filled, yet productive as I possibly can. To know more on how you can achieve what I’m trying to, read along 🙂

#1 Get Some Sleep (DUH!)

This one seems pretty obvious but after a competitive examination like CLAT, all you should be feeling like doing is getting out of the house and living life to the fullest. There is nothing wrong in feeling that way; it’s just that you need to make sure you’re well rested. That’s all. I have had the “8hr sleep mantra” since forever (even when I was CLATing, yes)

#2 Pursue your Hobbies

Whether it’s singing, writing, reading, playing an instrument or even pottery, pursue it! You aren’t going to get free time like this for a long time. Those who procrastinate and leave it for the law school vacations will soon realise what it means to have an internship (Courtesy to this piece of information is to be given to my friends at law schools.)

#3 Read about Law

To those who decided to embark on law as a career just three months before CLAT and didn’t find time to actually read about the field (because preparation was taking up all their time), the time is now, folks! Read about law, ask people who are already in this glorious field.

#4 Take a Non-Law Course

Are you a passionate writer but couldn’t find time for that workshop that took place in college last month? No problem! The internet is a vast beautiful space where you can chance upon similar workshops and attend them!

#5 Go on a Trip

I don’t want to scare you, but this might be the last time you’ll get to go for a long holiday with your family. Like I have mentioned earlier, internships and other extracurricular activities like mooting take up much of your time once you’re in law school. Make use of the time you have at hand.

#6 Stop thinking about CLAT 2016

Seriously? Six days into your vacation and your situation has already become tense? Don’t worry about the college you would be allotted and about the possibility of not making it. Only time will tell! Keep calm and wait for 23rd may.

#7 Give away your study material to a helpless junior

Remember where you were last year? Your juniors are now in that very position. They need armour to fight the war. Give it to them with a smile, unless you’re considering CLAT 2017.

#8 Be Happy

If this means binge-watching the entire Friends series for the third time (case in point, me), reading 20 books in 10 days, checking things off your bucket-list before you’re off to law school, then, so be it. Do whatever it takes to make you happy.

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