Ahoy CLAT! – by Padmini Baruah (Rank 1 – CLAT 2011)


[Padmini Baruah, the ‘CG kid’ who made our shoulders raise high, is back with another piece! Listen to her religiously and make use of this opportunity of interacting directly with CLAT 2011’s topper. – The CG Team]

Padmini Baruah

Hello Folks.

So, it’s that time of the year. The world seems to be a big haze of newspapers (“The Hindu, man, so much better than The Times of India” as so many will tell you), mock tests (“Oh God, what’s the answer to question 121?”), supplements, articles, legal principles, and what-have-you. CLAT 2013 stands a mere four months away, and, as someone who has been through the entire process, I can fully appreciate what state of mind you all are in at the moment. Which is why the moment Asad issued his orders, I sat down on a hot Bangalore evening to type this out.

The first thing that must be understood is that there is no perfect formula to cracking any exam. Many people I know slogged the year through, but didn’t make it to any of the law schools, and at the other end of the spectrum, people who only prepared for a month at the most made it. CLAT, like all other competitive examinations, depends to quite an extent on your luck on D-Day. However, this in no way means that it does not require substantial amounts of hard work, and more importantly, smart work.

Asad asked me to share my experience of preparing for CLAT with you, and the most important bit of advice that I can give you is to enjoy every bit of the process of preparing. Instead of viewing CLAT as a cumbersome task for which you have to slog and toil and invest blood, sweat and tears in, consider it as an experience which will never repeat itself again. Figure out ways of making preparation fun, and more than half your burden will lighten.

Then again, I can never overemphasise the importance of taking productive breaks. After a few hours of serious studying, take time out to do something you really like. I myself staged a play and interned with a slum school in March, April and the first week of May, and the experience has been invaluable. No exam is big enough to make you lose out on all perspective in life entirely.

Also, time management is going to get you more returns than mindlessly slogging. While there is no magic formula, a timetable that allows you to at least touch the basic concepts of each subject every day (especially G.K.,  of course, because that keeps multiplying every single day) will work wonders. If possible, create a study group which can help in covering a broader range of the syllabus. Further, in the final two weeks, it is ideal that you take one mock test every day at the very least, to evaluate where you stand.

And finally, reward yourself at every stage. If you meet your daily target or your ideal mock test score, don’t hesitate in treating yourself in the best possible way. No exam should become all pervasive; give in your best effort, write the best paper you can, and then leave the results in His hands.

Good luck!

Padmini Baruah

P.S.: Feel free to get back to me in case you need any help, academic or otherwise.  (Use the comments’ section below)


    • The solution to both is – practice!
       Take as many timed tests as you can. And for reasoning, R.S. Aggarwal has a great book called Logical Reasoning. Go through that if you have the time.

      • Hey, Sorry to butt in. But a lot of the answers in the critical reasoning  section of R.S. Aggarwal are either wrong or not well-explained and that can be very frustrating a month before your exam. I honestly think M.K. Pandey is a much better book for last minute prep! 🙂 Have fun….

        • i went through both the books and most of the questions are same………..i think for critical reasoning past year papers are a better solution.

        • Oh, Gopika’s here too. Wonderful, wonderful.

          And like a loyal CG kid, she suggests (with good reason), MK Pandey.


        • ya right ,for critical reasoning ,the article of hindu is enough ,because they check your ability to understanding of passage,and the main theam of passage it;s just check your thinking of decision making as soon as possible . i will attempt the paper ….first gk, than legal reasoning,logical reasoning,english,maths,and last english passage. 15 minutes for gk,30minutes for legal reasoning,30minutes for logical reasoning,35minutes for english,and last 10 minutes for maths.

  1. i m preparing for clat from last yr ,,,but i have not studied seriously but i want to crack it and i can give my 100% in this last moment according to u what u think if i gives my 100% in this last moment could i will be able to get into any of top 2 national law schools………..

  2. Hey Thanks for sharing your insight(specially on a hot summer day as u say it),….there are still a few things that i dont get…some questions from the books such as r s agrawal are same in my CL compendiums ..cant decide whom to trust ..specially after all that wannabe english in CL compendiums..plz help me out here..kindda losing my faith in CL books..

    • I have kept myself abreast with current affairs throughout the year but I have concentrated more on important things like regime changes,Arab spring,latest commissions set up to monitor cases but I can’t answer questions on some state govt. schemes,some not so popular awards like hansraj memorial etc are these things important,also list some important sources for improving upon . Also there is so much in gk how to differentiate between what to study and what not to

      • There can never be a ‘not to study’ in G.K. Just cover as much as you can. And even if you do so, there will always be at least ONE question you have no clue about. 
        Keep reading up as much as you can.

      • hi guys,could any of u pleasssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tell me from where you got the list of commisions that have been set up from march 2011-12 and padmini each year there are just so many books which are published and clat asks quite a number of questions on books and their authors so how did you zero in on what to study for “books and their authors” ?

    • This is a tricky question. I’d suggest you look at the CL books to get an idea of the probable format. But don’t block out other books and other sources of information.

    • hii !! did you study for your CLAT last moment or throughout the year ? am asking since i just started :$ and idk why i cant get seriousness though am very determined to clear CLAT and get in either of the top 3 law colleges. can you recommend or suggest something ?

      • I started around July 2010. 
        Umm…seriousness has to be inculcated I guess? I really don’t know. I wasn’t so very serious myself. 🙂 I just liked the idea of Law School… i wanted to be here, and so I worked. 

    • first, the maths in CLAT is not mind blowing stuff like differential calculus. So, first get a grasp of the basic concepts. Then keep practising. I’d recommend R.S. Aggarwal’s Artihmetic for competitive exams. Great book.

  3. can you please suggest something for handling the reading section (comprehension) in time. it takes time to solve for me.

  4. Thanks padmini for your inspiration.
    I would like to know whether is it possible for someone to make it to any of the top 3 law schools if he starts to prepare NOW ??
    Do reply.

  5. How important is Mathematics in CLAT? I know everything is important in the end but then, how much importance should I give it relatively?

    GK – Reading the Compendiums and the PD Yearbook Volume 1, and the Hindu Diary of Events. Will that suffice?

      • Your G.K. plan seems absolutely fine. I’d recommend you lasso in one of your parents or siblings to quiz you on random things from your sources. Always helps. Good luck!

        • hey i seem that the list of awards is unending, the list seems to be increasing in every new issue of csr, pd and how to remember those awards do you have any specific trick for it please do guide me. the next problem is that when i come across a question in Gk that i have read earlier i fail to remember it properly like i think one of the two is definitely correct but i am facing problem in zeroing  in on to a single option……. and most importantly which order did you followed in CLAT 2011 and what was the time you allotted to each section to complete the paper????  

          • As to awards, just keep revising them every single day. There can be no way that you won’t remember. The other problem, well, I faced that too. You just need to leave some things to Lady Luck, as it is IMPOSSIBLE to remember every single thing. 

            • hey padmini you didn’t answered the important point what was the order that you followed in YOUR CLAT EXAM and how much time you allotted to EACH SECTION ??????????????? please do reply

              • i did, you need to scroll down below and read my comment. 😉
                I did G.K., then english, then legal, then logic, then maths. 
                G.K. approx 15 min, english around 35, legal around 20, logic around 35, maths around 10. Left me around 5 minutes to revise.

                • woah! how can one finish legal aptitude section of CLAT2011 paper in 20 minutes? That is not likely to be possible for anyone but the TOP ranker. Is there any trick you followed (like not reading the facts and ticking only the option that has anything similar to the principle)? or any other method that you would like to share with us?

                    • That actually shoes how brilliant you are 😉
                      It takes me around 40-45 minutes to solve legal aptitude and I end up marking all C in maths, time just runs out!
                      Is there anything I can do in the remaining 17 days to increase my speed? I am already solving a mock in every 3 days but, I am never able to finish the whole paper in time 🙁

  6. Thank you for that motivating read.
    How does one assimilate and consolidate one’s vocabulary and legal knowledge ?
    Also, For G.k. does writing help or a mere reading will suffice?

  7. according to you what is the ideal score i mock test and how much u were scoring in the mmock test 
    iam scoring abt 140 in the test hw cn i improve?????
    nd thnx fr d article really it inspires all of us

  8. Hey!
    Thank you so much! 🙂
    I just wanted to ask you how we should go about attempting the paper, as in which section should we attempt first and last etc?
    One of my teachers advised that we should start with logical reasoning, and end with gk.
    We can attempt the other 3 in any manner we want to.
    Is it a good idea?

    • ananya i think gk don’t require much time and it is very important section too so my teacher suggested to attempt gk first n then maths , legal…..as legal plays very important role in deciding rank…

  9. Hey thanks a lot for the article 🙂

    I was wondering if you could suggest ways to prepare for critical reasoning- statement assumptions, statement conclusions, etc?

  10. Mock tests always end with me struggling to finish even a decent portion of the Math section, which I leave for the end because I find it it the most time consuming. 
    Any tips for getting the Math section done quickly? 
    Thanks 🙂

  11. Padmini,thanks a million for writing that bit. Really helps.
    There’s exactly a month now,for CLAT 2012 and im not sure if i can get enough practice.
    Of course,I have worked through the year,but all that seems to have washed off,after these 3 months of preparation for the board exams. I can never finish a mock,I leave about 5-6 questions marked randomly and score about 125 on an average.

    Any tips for time management? What sections must i attempt first,and which ones last? Also,what would be an ideal time limit for each section?

  12. Thanks so much Padmini! Really needed some pep talk! Would you mind telling me in what order you attempted each section, and is there was any particular reason for doing so. Right now I have my own order but would be great to know a  CLAT topper’s method 🙂

  13. Thanks Miss Padmini. It was indeed inspirational. Just wanted to know whether any legal knowledge is tested in CLAT or not. I mean do they question us about any legal concepts and latin terms other than questions on Indian Constitution. Will solving NLS, B’lore papers from ’98 to ’07, CLAT papers and NLUJ papers suffice?

  14. Since many of you have asked me about the order – I did G.K. first, followed by English, then Legal reasoning, then logic, and finally maths. But there’s no ideal formula, as I keep reiterating.

    • Teachers have “warned” us not to attempt gk first, as it may kinda screw us up, and then we wouldn’t be able to do the rest of the paper that well :/

      • Honestly, do what you yourself are most comfortable with. I did G.K. first because I saw that the paper was lengthy, and it was easy to put a solid 50 marks away in 15 minutes. It’s just time management…
        But of course, you may have your own idea, and if that is what you’re comfortable with, stick to it by all means. 🙂

  15. I had three doubts:
    1) Is it Legal APTITUDE or Legal REASONING? What’s the difference?
    2) Do we need to know only Torts etc. for the above?
    3) How do we go about preparing for vocabulary?

    PS: I’m writing CLAT next year!

    • Go through this –> http://www.clatgyan.com/clat-legal-aptitude/introduction-legal-reasoning-finally/

      And there’s no vocabulary this year.

      Please send in such queries here –> www.clatgyan.com/ask-us/

  16. Thank you so much Padmini for the valuable tips 🙂
    May you please specifically tell me what were the sources of GK you stuck to?

  17. Actually I find a great difficulty in solving math problems..Iam practising them bt one should be able do it accurately and within the tima frame which Iam not able to .please help me out wid this.And what should be the minimal score that one has to get in math??

    • There is no such minimal score, but try to keep it above 10. 
      Taking timed tests is the best way to enhance speed. Good luck!

  18. hey,
    now u’v rilly inspired me to work hard for d ‘d’ day!!!! i wntd 2 ask u dat i ws solving dese online mocks and i had a very bad score 118….how much more should i work 4 cracking clat…specially logical reasoning 2 b more precise critical reasoning.

      • hey padmini   
         i am also worried… because of the same problem because my first cover was around 70 and is still 70……..and i am able to attempt only 130 question .so i decided to devote 3 hr to reading everyday….please tell me is that a good idea or you have some other idea 
        ????and if you were a cl student then you must be aware of the gk updates on SIS …as i haven’t read newspapers so i decided to do gk from there ….so tell me plz is that ok or that will be wastage of time because i have to select what to read n learn and what to leave…..

    • NUJS is, I have heard a brilliant place to study in. Some of my friends are there presently and they are having the best of times. I dont know much about SLS.

  19. thanks a lot,,,,generally we tend to forget the real essence of learning things, in this world of competition…u have reminded us to study by enjoying it …………..

  20. Hey, Padmini thanx for the relief……….just wanted to know is it of any use to practice from the past years NLSIU papers. 🙂

  21. This article was so inspiring. Especially on a bad day, like today (talk about Friday the 13th. Terrible mock result.)

    So thankyou, so much, Padmini 🙂

    You’re amazing. 🙂

  22. Hey,
    I have been trying to work hard on Current Affairs because this is the section I am lagging behind in. I was not so regular with the newspapers. In every mock I am giving, I am not able to score more than 24 in the GK section and that too, because I mark all answers as ‘b’. Please tell me how I should prepare my Current Affairs. I want atleast a 40+ at any cost. What’s the key to crack this section.

  23. thnk u so much,ur words are really silver lining for me….i just hope i m able to enjoy it coz.as its a career option it bcums really next to impossible to take it in recreational manner….but thanks a lot..hv many dreams n hv only one option dats CLAT…..jst hope i give my best….:)tnks a lot…ur words really mean a lot for every clat aspirants…:)

    • it’s not a bad yearbook, but it won’t cover all the relevant portions. 
      Read the CG-compendiums, they’re very comprehensive.

  24. thanks for your valuable advice 😀 
    I needed to ask , for law entrance exam, do we need to go into details like learning the articles (for ex. article 17 abolishes untouchability article 18 abolishes titles and like that)???? 

  25. Just how important is it to solve past years NLS, NALSAR, NUJS papers? (for one, i don’t have them in the first place 🙁 as yet)

  26. your insight was booster . i had remain consistent throughout the year in career launchers mock around 120. i am unable to score higher .its not that i am unable to complete paper .my efficiency is lagging . around 30 in legal, 17 in maths , 26 in eng 26 in logical .. arnd 22 in gk… i am trying to grasp as much current affairs as are possible but still in mocks i cudn par the barrier i find new question every time.. i am practicisng alot but still efficiency is not improving. hope if u can help.. is there any thing wrng in my way of studying?

    • I wonder if you’ve jotted down things that you repeatedly forget? 
      That always helps. In these last few weeks, I’d recommend that you focus on those sections which are giving you the most difficulty.

  27. Thank you for the brilliant article 🙂

    I was wondering-is there any use in doing 2011 GK if one is giving CLAT 2013?

    My GK is simply deplorable, I’m thinking of just reading CSR yearbook 2012 and attempting the mocks for CLAT 2012 and doing 2012 current affairs seriously. But I want to know whether it will be useful reading up GK 2011 seriously? or just focus on 2012? I’m just worried that they might, last minute , change the pattern. What do you recommend I do – do CSR and focus on 2012 or focus on both?

  28. I am appearing for the CLAT this year yet I’ve begun my preparation only a week ago. I feel intimidated by the fact that time constraint might affect the degree of my preparation. Please help me with some smart work guidelines. Please suggest some tips on Current affairs preparation.

    • It’s absolutely fine, one of my closest friends made it to NLS studying just that way.
      If you’re in an LST crash course, just make sure you ask them for enough practice material.
      For G.K. Lst supplements, and CG compendiums. More than enough.
      And keep taking mock tests as much as you can.

      • Thank you so much! I am doing my crash course at the SRI RAMs, Chennai. Help me with some smart work guidelines  to make it to NLS!

  29. Hi Padmini!! Thanks a ton 4 d bolstering article… I feel further motivated:) There is 1 confusing situation … Its like I m takng Sriram mocks along with my coaching mocks… So in d former my score went upto 148 but in coaching I m just not able to cross 120… So wht do u say? Plus on seeing big reading questions like RC n CR question I get a little perturbed…Plz advice..

    • first, big reading questions are usually easy. Attempt them first with a cool head.
      Honestly, mock performances are not always adequate reflections of what your performance in CLAT is going to be. Use mock tests to find out what specific AREAS you have problems in, and improve those. 
      Keep practising, as i say.

  30. Padmini, you got an amazing 38 on 45 in Legal Aptitude. Would LST Legal material and mocks suffice or did you do anything else? Sometimes LST questions are really ambiguous so I was wondering if I should do anything else? Previous years questions of NLS didnt help much as the pattern has changed a lot. 

  31. heyy, 
    thnx a lot for this, this ws definitely a booster for all of us, just one question, reading The Hindu is important or the other newspapers are also good? cause i get TOI n HT at my place, n am watching news of on the TV n reading the newspaper daily….

    • Personally, I’m biased towards the Hindu, and really think the TOI is a lot of yellow journalism. But I’ve never really read the HT. I’m sure it must be good. 
      Ultimately, facts are the same all over. It’s just that The Hindu presents it really well. 
      Let it be for now, but switch papers when you get to college, i recommend.

  32. hey padmini…hii …this is my 1st post…i studied all the above post …they were much informative and inspiring too……. but my case is diffrent ….m scoring 80-90 in my LST mocks….. i scored just 100 in CG 2nd mock ( sample) and just able to cross 100 2 times in all my mocks……. i studied whole year… reading TOI + PD but at this stage unable to score much in LST mocks…….

    • Nothing’s impossible, especially in an exam like clat, where so much depends on your luck. 
      Relax. You’ll be fine. just keep at it.

  33. Hey, i need serious help with time management. Have given many mock test but still at the end i have to just circle atleast 30 questions without reading. Can you please tell me how you divided your 120 mins? i will be highly grateful 🙂 

      • 20 minutes for Legal! o-m-g! that is wow!
        Can you guide me about how to go ahead with LA? i mean the speed part. i generally take around 55 mins to solve the 50 LA questions!! 🙁 
        And is the LST module enough for practice? Plz reply!     

        • See, LST is all I studied from for LA. And speed, well. after a point the principles became very familiar. so I didn;t waste much time reading the paper, to tell you the truth, because i knew what principle the question was looking for.
          keep practising, you’ll do great.

      • 20 mins to Legal shock me ! you sure abt tht?  its nearly impossible to do 50  ques in 20 mins. :\  rest i have noted, thnx 🙂

      • i try 2 complete legal in 25 min frm 3 days bt i fail to do so it takes nt less than 32 to 35 mins bt i complete maths in 10 mins 🙂

  34. But you know, honestly, as one of my best friends here told me, Rank 1 is, over and above hard work, also about luck. 🙂  I was blessedly lucky, I think.

  35. Hey Padmini!! 
    Well written piece….
    RC is bothersome but carries marks, CANT IGNORE IT.Even though I read a lot, I hate RC’s as they are very time consuming. What to do ? 
    GK/CA,Logic are manageable. Maths will be inky-pinky-ponky only.

    How to prepare for Legal in these final few days and also is it really correct to sacrifice Speed for Accuracy??  

  36. Hey there, I must say, the article served as a rather effective stress buster. I have a few queries regarding the methodologies one must adopt while approaching the CLAT. I’d be delighted if you could answer them:

    1.  For a rank in the top 10 – top 20 throughout India, how much should one approximately score in the CLAT out of 200? Any rough estimate will do 🙂 

    2.  What is the cut-off rank (again, approximate) for NLSIU or NALSAR? By the way, which university did you choose? And why?

    3.  I have the same problem with the GK section as do most of the students – current affairs – since I have not been as meticulous (keeping monthly notes :P) – I have only one alternative – to read Manorama Yearbook 2012 – or are any other guides available? Is my plan feasible? I’ve been told that only events from March 2011-March 2012 are within the scope of the test.

    4.  I have access to a large no. of mock tests – and might be able to cover 20 or more, as you have recommended – but would you suggest that I do the mocks even before completing the “syllabus” – or after completion? Furthermore, how many tests do you think would be feasible to complete per day, given I allocate around 10 days for practice and revision?

    5.  Do you still have your monthly notes for GK – if so, could you please be so kind as to upload it on Scribd or some other file sharing site? Also, could you perhaps guide me on a way to easily remember history dates?? (Since I was a student of science upto Class 12 – I never did inculcate much of an interest in History lol 🙂 )

    Once again, you have my profound thanks for your assistance – through your article as well as your personal replies. 


    • See, the score depends on your relative performance. Target around 160 to be on the safe side, depending on past trends, but then, it depends.
      Cut off for NLS this year was 63, NALSAR stopped at around 130 i think. 
      I picked NLS, and I’ll give my reasons on a non-NALSAR forum. 😉 
      Year books are great, but utiilise the wonderful compendiums that these people churn out. They’re great, i relied on them through and through.
      My monthly notes for G.K. would be completely useless, given that they’re past year current affairs. History dates are, to the best of my knowledge, never a part of the question paper. 
      Keep taking mocks simultaneously with preparation, you should do just fine.

      • Hey! Yeah I know your GK notes wouldn’t help per se. But I wanted them, not to use them directly but rather to get some insight on how to prepare notes myself. Btw… do people tend to lose marks more in the GK section though? Just curious about that 

        • Just keep jotting down stuff monthwise. notes aren’t fancy.

          That depends. I can’t really come up with statistics on that one. 😉

          • Hey! I did 3 mocks and my scores were 149, 152, 156 – I’m getting really worried 🙁 I scored better in NLU-D entrance (past 4 years) though! Any tips?? How much did YOU score in your initial mocks? Secondly, would you pick NLU-D or NLSIU? I know you’re an alumnus of NLSIU but is there anything particularly special about it? (aside the ranking and selectivity 😉 ) and yeah I like NLU-D’s infrastructure better as well – so decided to check with the expert 😉 😛 😛

            • 156 is a perfectly good score.
              NLSIU is a better college any day, thanks to the alumni network we’ve built up, the rigorous pace of work, the exposure.
              But yeah, given that NLU-D is located in the judicial capital of the country, it has that bit of advantage.
              Take your own call on this. 🙂
              But let me tell you that last year’s NLU-D topper is one of my best buddies – at NLS. 😛

              • 156 is good enough to get me into NLS I know – but I’m still messing up GK & logical reasoning – GK – I really can’t do much because I suck at random memorization since I’m from a science background – but is there anyway to improve my LR? I’m using only 2 books – Sriram Module and Prime Tutor Module on LR – is there any other “standard” textbook – and more importantly would it be worth buying and solving now?

                • I used to solve r.s. aggarwal and M.K. Pandey. Get them if you feel you aren’t getting enough practice. Those books are worth a buy. 
                  And btw, LR is the LAST section where mugging up is necessary.

                  • Cheers! I’ll buy the MK Pandey one – seems to have better reviews 🙂 I am aware of the negligible role memorizing plays in LR – but my GK is still deplorable! I tried going through the compendiums “churned out” by ClatGyan! Suffice to say, they are indubitably exemplary but I’m finding it a mammoth task to cram! I guess GK is going to be my Achille’s heel 🙁 I’m averaging just about 20-25 in GK section (not to mention, many of which are flukes 😉 ) 

                    Is there any topic in GK (e.g. like awards, appointments) specific topics which are more likely to show up ? Because if I manage just 30 in GK I’ll cross 160 – I managed 158 in my 4th mock but 160 is eluding me. And 170 – well, I’m not a pessimist, but I’m not there – nope!

  37. Thanks for your inspiring words 🙂 
    GK is a little overwhelming though, SO much has happened over the last one year. -.-

  38. Hi Didi, I am from Tezpur(assam) and started prep only from Ist April. I am relyimg only on the study material for Legal aptitude and logic section. Are these sufficient. If not,Which books for these I should prefer. Time is also short. How is ILS Law school. Advice me in detail.

    • If you’re doing LST material, supplement that with CG ones.
      I really have no idea about ILs pune, but i think it’s not a bad college.
      Books: M.K. Pandey Analytical reasoning, R.S. Aggarwal, Arithmetic for competitive exams.

  39. I would like to know which all university’s previous years’ papers you attempted for practice?
    Also, what were your other sources for mocks and tests?

  40. hi padmini 
    thanks for your supporting and encouraging words. i really want to get into the top law schools and dont have any back up plan as on now. i am not able to score much in my mocks exams. i would like to know from you how to manage this last few days effectively. i am trying my level best yet not able to score marks . how could i remember those current affairs i keep forgetting them. please answer these few queries of mine
    1. what are the main sources for solving more legal reasoning questions
    2.i have a problem with legal and gk sections please suggest some use references for cracking these two sections
    3.what is the best way to solve those 20 math problems in 10 mins
    4.studying the year books for gk  is sufficient or does it require more intense preparations
    5. i have read the earlier posts that u took just 20 mins for legal my god!!!!!!!!!!!!! i take nearly 45 – 50 mins for that please do tell me how to do that
    waiting for your reply
     aspiring law aspirant

    • Legal reasoning, mock tests are your best sources.
      G.K., read the LST supplements and the CG compendiums thoroughly, and get someone to ask you questions on them.
      20 maths problems in ten minutes needs nothing but tons of practice, and some intelligent guesswork.
      I can’t really dish out a magic formula for solving legal reasoning fast. My reading speed is reasonably fast, and I had practised similar questions, so I could handle them. Ideally, it’s ok to take around 40 minutes over legal

  41. Hi, what do i do to level scores with you, or atleast be somewhere AROUND your score in the logical reasoning section? I’ve heard a handful of people scored above 40 in Logical Reasoning last time, which seems huge to me. I attempted CLAT 2011 as a mock and scored only 32-33 in reasoning, although my coaching’s mock results have always made me believe that I ain’t that bad at reasoning. Rest is all fine, but reasoning (also RCs to an extent) would have landed me up in NUJS instead of NLSIU had i taken CLAT 11. I seriously feel that my approach towards attempting inferential reasoning (passages) is missing something very vital. I always complete my mocks in time, hence, i feel i DO have a good reading speed. But there is generally a lack of accuracy to a significant extent always. Can’t figure out why. Please help me by suggesting some ways about bringing ACCURACY to my reasonig. I would be grateful to you. 🙂

  42. How to score abnormally high in reasoning, something like 42 on 45, or 43 on 45 ? You had a huge score in reasoning section too. I mean, i don’t want a magic potion or something, but I ain’t that bad at reasoning. I am quiet good at it rather, going by my mock results. But after I attempted the reasoning section of CLAT 2011 in a recent mock, I could manage something around 31 or 32 only on 45, that too with my best potential. Since there were questions of different types, with a majority of passages, I thought it was probably a decent score. But then, a friend told me that most of the NLS selections last year had above 40 in reasoning. Later on I came to know that to an extent, he WAS right. Quiet a handful of people had scored above 40 last year. I am unable to comprehend how can I attain such flawless Accuracy now with just One month left to culmination of my efforts. I seriously feel that I am missing something very vital in my approach, in ref to logical reasoning. Any help, please? I’d be grateful 🙂

    • I guess the deal with logic is to emphasise on speed AND accuracy at them same time. Figure out the type of questions you’re making errors in, and work on those. 
      Also, the difficulty level will differ year to year. So I really can;t tell you how to score, er, ‘abnormally high’, ‘somewhere on my level’ and all of that. 🙂 It depends!

      • I still am able to manage upto 70-80 % accuracy in this section. If you say, i’ll try making speed and accuracy go hand in hand. AND ofcourse work more on passages. Thank You so much for the help 🙂

  43. Hello padmini,
    great inspirational words said. I’m writing CLAT in 2013 . I have taken science and I decided to do law only after i finished 11th , that is 2 months back. Everyone around me seems to discourage saying that arts was the best option. Sometimes, my confidence dies out. But, I am a strong aspirant. I would like to ask you about how to go about preparing for CA. To be honest, I am not a fan of the newspaper. Any sugggestions?
    Hoping a positive reply.

    • First, relax about the stream already. 🙂
      I think around 50% of my batch consists of Science students, 40% of commerce students, and only 10% (including me) is Arts.
      Since you have time, you can take it easy for now, actually. Focus on your school curriculum, which will get exponentially more difficult. 
      And please do inculcate a newspaper habit; it can’t be substituted by anything. Get a good daily (The Hindu, I firmly stand by) and start reading. 
      Rest apart, start coaching from next year, I’d recommend.
      Good luck!

  44. okkk. regarding legal aptitude…. What was ur strategy. I mean the way you solved problems. I mean principle first or facts and also, did you take any of Sriram tests or CG tests.

    • I took two CG tests and two Sriram tests…mostly it was LST stuff. The way you solve problems is apply the principle to the fact situation, and the answer is almost always quite obvious after that.

  45. hey …padmini …see i have exact 25 days left for clat ie if i devote 15 hrs a day then at th most 375 hours ….i seriously need ur help in gk section …plz telme the exact books for current affairs.is monthly book of pratiyogita darpan  alryt….please reply as soon as possible…if possible plz mail on my email id ….thnkx…

    • Wow, fifteen hours a day! I don’t think I’ve ever studied that much in my entire life. 🙂 good going.
      Ok, the PD is quite good, then read the CG compendiums. They are singularly comprehensive. Good luck. 

      • actually earlier my form ws not considered due to some reason n then vallah on 15th april they cold me up n cleard my form ….ARE 1 MORE THNG SHOULD I GO DEEPER INTO MONTHLY PRATIYOGITA DARPANS OR JUST A OVERLOOK WILL DO .

        • But on a serious note, you’re studying too much. Take breaks in between, let the grey matter rest. 
          Ideally you should be reading in depth, but to clear CLAT, just remembering facts will do.
          Another thing. once you’re in Law School, you’ll realise that they want well balanced people who can think. 🙂
          So relax.

          • nd during those precious mins i crashed ,…gave too much tym to legal reasoning…gk ws excellent got 47 bang on ….but ultimately 35 qstns left unanswrd….. whole hardwork went into vain ….may be th case wud hav been diffrnt if jodhpur wud hav allowed me 3 months ago …bt that tym they told me tht i am ovraged….i fought wth my dad for doing BALLB , although just gave my final yr b.com exams …now hav to compromise wth 3 yr llb at faculty f law , DU … but now th nxt target is IAS-2013 … thnx fr ur lil tips … one tip frm my syd …. lyf is lyk a stopwatch …th tym z running …set ur targets n achieve them asap…. ths z wat i hv learnt during my 17-19 hrs f sittings… god bless u … thoda jyada paka diya …bt frustration z all ovr my head …n then u seem to be a gr8 listener so feeling a bit relaxd aftr sharing it wth u … it was a pleasure toking wth u …. tc !!!

  46. I have a question(even though at this moment, it hardly matters)…
    Were you a dropper,padmini?
    N yea, hw many ppl in ur batch r droppers? 

  47. hey i want to know hw to comlete paper in 200 minutes hw mch time for each section i required and wat i have 2 do for getting full accuracy in reasoning thanxx 

    • that depends on the paper. Entirely. 
      I did G.K. first, then english because english is one of my stronger points and i knew leaving that section till the end would be a silly thing to do. Then i did legal because it carries extra weightage. Then logic because I could solve it fast. Then maths because it was the easiest section.

  48. hey, 
    firstly congrats and thank you for such an insight into CLAT.
    What i really wanted to know is that if it possible for you to give a section wise breakup of your clat marks because that would help everyone on this forum to understand where they stand and it would be much easier for us to work on those segments where we lagging. Also it would give us a comprehensive benchmark to compare our performance (and hopefully tell us if we have reached the required level in any segment).
    I have to say this that its an incredible opportunity to talk to a topper.
    Thank you so much.

  49. hey padmini i want to ask that u might be knowing the level of mocks that 1 gets @LST…i score on an average of 100-105 but if my luck doesn’t work i get to 98 or 99…securing these much of marks in mocks…can i think of a decent law school…?? i’m a bit confused and nervous also…what do you say?? can i hope for something at least??

    • As I keep reiterating, mock scores don’t reflect what your performance in CLAT will be like. 
      But try at hit at least 130 if possible.

      As to your law school. That will depend on CLAT-day and CLAT day alone.

  50. hey,i just wanted to ask what is preferable?
    marking the answers on the omr sheet directly or first marking it on the paper and then omr? 

  51. Clearly, doing as many mocks will be key, LST isn’t going to give me 20 mocks, i think there are maximum 5 to 6 mocks left that they give, so where do you think i can get more mocks? CG has a test series but i haven’t heard back from them yet.

  52. Hey Padmini, I think some answers in M.K.Pandey are wrong and even a teacher at LST agrees. There are hardly 2 weeks left and I’m scared to death cause i really want to perfect CR as much as possible but now I’m scared if I’ll get confused and forget whatever method I know! 🙁
    What to do? Should I continue using it? Did u find some answers to be wrong or debatable? Strong and weak arguments for example.

    • Also, for syllogism, did you use the venn diagram or the Proposition method (AEIO one) and was there any particular reason for doing so? 🙂

  53. Hey Padmini! Thanks 4 ur advice:)1 more thing… Firstly I m able 2 solve d whole paper except 35 questions which r 15 of legal and all 20 questions of Maths in the stipulated time. I m really worried bout this aspect cos if I increase my speed of legal the accuracy decreases . Secondly in legal there is always a clos call between 2 options… So plz advise

      • Among the two options, there’s always one which is more detailed. USUALLy, that’s the accurate one. But don’t hold this as a thumb rule.
        Speed can only come if you increase the speed at which you read the questions. Just keep practising, you’ll get there. 

  54. Feeling Charged Up all again! Thanks a lot Padmini Baruah and Congratulations for AIR-1. 😛
    For Gk i guess i have done enough ( PD,Hindu,Competition in Focus and around 20 more different supplements). But still in the LST mock tests am not able to score outstandingly. Around 30 is what i score on an average. Trying loads and loads to expand the ambit of my GK. Lets see what happens on may 13th. Keeping fingers crossed! Hope to be your Junior at NLSIU. Acha tell me, I am not so quick with maths, so should I keep the maths section for last?

    • 30 is pretty decent for an LST mock test. 🙂
      I kept maths for the end because I could calculate fast, and it was 20 marks guaranteed. 
      but if you’re not quick, keep it for the end only. Attempt as many questions as you can, and don’tt bother finishing detailed calculation. make rough estimates. 

        • Yogic Meditation everyday at 4.34 a.m.
          Just block out distractions when you’re studying.. shut off the TV, close the doors and windows, make your room very silent. 

          • 4.34 am( was it random? 😛 )
            I’ve tried this meditation thingy…..but..you knw. 😛
            Well, Thanks a tonne for all that guidance. Thanks to the CG team for their commendable efforts. This post has really been helpful( i’ll be reaching a 130 mark in the recent LST mock. :P). Wish us luck for CLAT 2012. 🙂

  55. hello Padmini, 
    Just wanted to know, How much should we rely on lst rankings? I know that it depends on your clat day but just to judge where we stand as of now…!!!

    And yaa Did you practice LSAT questions for logic.? While Practicing, my accuracy rate is 17-18 out say 25 questions in logic as well as reading passages.. Is that good according to CLAT standard or should i practice more???

  56. its nearly 15 days lft..
    nd i knw nthn about g.k.
    plz..can u suggest me any book or magazine or anythng i can prepare frm..
    plz reply….!!!!

  57. Thanx padmini for such motivation at this so crucial time as only a fortnight is left before we face clat 2012.
    Actually i wanted to ask you is is possible for somebody as me who has started  a month before and and pretty control over legal and mathematics section to crack clat 2012. what scares me at this moment is that people has been preparing for this exam round the clock and with every page of the calender so is that possible just by preparing on oneself with just a book and some other stuff to crack clat. and please suggest me with tips and strategy for the moment with the different sections. also help me with with the mock test papers and where to get them from.

    • Don’t think of everyone else at this stage. Won’t help.
      Do your own thing. Tips, I’ve given more than enough in all the comments. Just go through, if you have anything else, ask. 
      Mock tests, ask these CG guys. They’ll send you some.

  58. I would like to thank Padmini on behalf of all of us for answering almost every query . Thanks a ton, Padmini 🙂 . Seriously, we have pestered you enough and you have never snubbed at anyone. I salute this quality of altruism. 😀

    • I totally agree! You’ve answered EVERY single query, no matter how silly or irrelevant it might have seemed! Thank you so very much! 😀
      And thanks especially to CG for providing such a wonderful platform to interact with Padmini! All coaching centers go all out trying to lure students into enrolling in their institute by saying the CLAT topper took their mocks or  used their materials, but never even once think that they should maybe give us a chance to interact with the topper and get invaluable advice. Thanks so much guys! 😀

  59. right now my scores in my LST mock tests are about 100-110.I feel my main problem is that i panic a lot and so the Logical and Maths sections get screwed up. What do I do?

    • relax and put on calm soothing music while solving the mocks. 
      You’re panicking because you’re scared of not performing. just, forgive the cliche, be in the moment and focus on solving.

  60. Thank You….Padmini Di for refilling all the aspirants {2012} with your message
    i hv been a student of lst……….and presently i am scoring somewhere around 110……..
    though i have put in a lot of labour in maths it seems to be  futile effort as i do not get more than 5 in the mock tests………
    critical reasoning is another area where i find myself to be stuck between 2 options……..plz advice……….

    also could you help me as to how i should divide the 2 hours to score well……….

    aspiring to become your junior 
    Shatakshi Shekhar 🙂

    • the division of time thing is entirely your own call to take; i’ve already mentioned above about my own way of doing it. 🙂
      Maths just needs basic practice. Focus on doing that, it’ll all be fine.

  61. dear padmini di,
    thanks a lot for your wonderful advice. i was a science maths faculty student. however after giving boards i realized that eng. is not sth. that i ever wanted to pursue in life…. however till that time i had already filled  the eng. enterance exam forms of a few reputed colleges…after the boards  i also realized that clat is where my real love lies…. bt now i dont think i wud b able to crack clat in such a small time with hundreds of others ahead of me… everything in life seems to b at stake… kindly help me out so that i can give my best shot in clat ….thanx!!!!

    • It’s good that you’ve discovered what you want to do at least. With the amount of time you have, start taking mocks right away. Figure out your weak areas, and work on those. Don’t worry, you’ll be great.

  62. and hey also congratulations to u and my heartiest wishes for AIR-1 rank!!!!!!!!!! u r an ideal for every NLU aspirant !!!!!!!!!!may u get similar success in life ALWAYS!!!!!!! 

  63. hey padmini   
     i am also worried… because of the same problem because my first cover was around 70 and is 91 till now…..and i am able to attempt only 150 question .so i decided to devote 3 hr to reading everyday….please tell me is that a good idea or you have some other idea 
    ????and if you were a cl student then you must be aware of the gk updates on SIS …as i haven’t read newspapers so i decided to do gk from there ….so tell me plz is that ok or that will be wastage of time because i have to select what to read n learn and what to leave…..

  64. Hey, can u suggest some ways to provide fillip for legal reasoning and english section…also supplement for legal and tips to do reading comprehension.I have been reading the hindu for a while but is not getting accuracy….lst modules r almost defunct for legal rasoning…

    • Practice directly from papers. I understand your problem with LST. I used to find them inadequate for LA too. 
      Get the CG test series, I’d suggest. usually have good questions. 
      Reading comprehension, try to understand what’s being asked and then focus on finding the answer fast. just keep practicing as much as you can. 

  65. hey padmini 
    u really inspiration for me its been a year since i wanted my name to be der in air 1st rank holder  nd get into nls bangalore…hope i do nd meet u soon…nyways i needed a help i want to enroll for cg’s test series i mailed them but i got no respone plzz help me wid it as a dun have much days left(just hardly 2 weeks) i really need them…nd i did postal course from sriram nd their mocks nd nw trying to get cg’s do u think ders nything else i should be doing???

    • Nope, your quantum of mocks is  fine. Keep buzzing CG till they send you the mocks. I’m sure it’ll be a postal snag or something of the sort. 

  66. Padmini didi,
    You really are an inspiration for the student fraternity.You teach everyone to chase their passions and come out with flying colours.May the almighty shower heaps of blessings on you.


  67. I have one whole year left, if I’m aiming for NLUIS or NALSAR, how many hours  do you recommend I study per day?
    All scenarios considered??

    • Hours? 
      Well, that’s a question I’m probably not the best person to answer, because for CLAT i just used to study an hour a day for the year, and then 4 hours in the last two months.

      Depends on how regular you’ve been through the year. If very regular, then don’t study too much.
      if not, then study enough to cover all the subjects every day. Don’t look at quantity, focus on the quality of studying a bit.

      • I’ m a  science with computers student and live outside India, so I don’t really know how much or what to study.
        I’m currently in  LST beacon (postal course)…..
        So, I rely heavily on CG.

        Thank you, for all your help and your time. Despite your exhausting schedule, you have taken the  time and effort to ensure that no one is without an answer.

  68. Hey! I’m scoring 120 at an average in my mocks. My weakest areas are maths and GK. I’m totally confused since CLAT is just two weeks away and I’m not pushing myself up the ladder. I know that the race is tough and if I don’t run, I’ll be thrown under the bus. So please help me with my LAST MINUTE PREPARATION! 
    My approximate scores in the various sections are as follows:
    English- 25/40
    GK- 15/50
    Maths- 10/20
    Logical reasoning- 35/40
    Legal reasoning- 35/50
    P. S. I believe that I’m not panicking!!!

    • Okay, so you need to focus on maths and G.K. big time.
      In G.K. pull out all stops. Do every single supplement very very thoroughly, and make sure you know the facts inside out. 
      Don’t panic, it won’t help. Keep taking as many mocks as possible.

  69. Okay, so you need to focus on maths and G.K. big time.
    In G.K. pull out all stops. Do every single supplement very very thoroughly, and make sure you know the facts inside out. 
    Don’t panic, it won’t help. Keep taking as many mocks as possible.

  70. Padmini! I just wanted to know what it means to have scored 92+ percentile score in Online mocks that I’ve taken so far! 🙂 It would be great if you could give me a fair idea as to whether I can make it to NALSAR! 🙂

      • See, the college you get into depends on your relative performance.
        If the topper gets 125, you may be the topper.
        But say, everyone gets 160, you wouldn’t know….
        Try being in the top 5 percentile that way…

  71. hey i know v dunno each othr but nw we are at a forum where unknown ppl act like close frends…luk i wannet ur opinion as to , i m least prepared and i dunno wot m gonna do…its day after tomorrow …is der anythn u wud say to make my situation a little better…?? 😮
    n bdw my second option is mass comm…so plzz reply
    n yah my name is lishaka gulati
    forgot to mention dat earlier…!!

  72. Are there any hot girls in your college…n is donation accepted in your college…???
    plz reply fast as it’s the question of my future….your help will be highly appreciated…thnx.

    • I’m sorry. I refuse to participate in objectifying any of the women in my class.
      I suggest you learn how to perceive women in general before you make it to law school first.
      Also, NLS is an institution that prides itself on upholding merit. So, no, donations are thankfully not accepted. Stay out.

  73. inspired CLATGyaners a lot padmini. thanks for that.

    i just finished my first year of intermediate and im attempting clat tommorrow. will a score of 125 lead me to any of the lawschools? please reply fast……..!!!!!!

  74. hey padmini di,
    i m preparing for clat 2013…..
    will u plz refer me a perfect book for improving my legal section………
    waiting for ur reply

    • Ok, I was a humanities student, so I had Eco, history, Pol Sci, English and Maths. 
      but these things don’t really matter all that much. more than half my batch comprises of science students

  75. hey! first of all congo for the top spot! i m in class 11 (commerce) i just want to ask 2 ques.!
    first: Is CL good for CLAT prep!?? i have just joined it for 2 year classroom program!
    second: did you also join SRIRAM Law Academy? i m planning to join that too (online mocks).
    if yes! is it good?
    w8ing fr ur reply! 🙂

  76. Padmini didi,
    Frontline or Outlook ? Which one do you consider the best ?
    Also,did you refer the LSAT official guide?


  77. Thanks! 🙂
    Yeah! I totally agree with you! Self study is THE best study! But I had to join CL for the guidance and to get a fair idea of the kind of competition that i will be facing! As for SRIRAM; i have already registered! But never mind, you never know what good it might do (Knowledge never goes waste)!
    P.S : I may bother you for further help! (just in case) :p

      • I am flattered!! 😀
        Thanks, actually that’s the plan!
        But then, everyone is preparing so hard….
        And as you said,” It all depends on our LUCK on the D-Day!!”
        Though, I would love to be your Junior in NLSIU!

          • Yeah! I guess you are right!
            Remember. Toppers are also humans! 😉
            (Oh! i forgot whom i was talking to :p)
            Truly speaking, it’s our own hard work and ideas that actually help in the end!
            But, i must say your guidance has been really helpful 🙂

  78. Ma’m,
    What kind of co-curricular activities do they undertake at law schools apart from mooting?Also,what is their frequency?

    • Ma’am? Really?
      Okay, apart from moots.
      You have debates, quizzes,  theatre, music, dance, art, sports.
      Also negotiations, client counselling if you’re looking at academic stuff.
      You can also volunteer with legal services clinic.
      practically everything under the sun is done here.

      • padminiji today the only dream i see is 2 be ur junior in 2013 in first year this year i got an opportunity to study in lucknow’s nlu bt i rejected the offer n wud try next year 2 make it to NLSIU BANGALORE please say GOD BLESS ME

  79. Hi Padmini. My score in CLAT 2012 is 100. And I’m very sure I will not make it anywhere. This was my second attempt. Do you think a third attempt is worth it? I have already completed my 1st year at a local law college.

  80. Hii Padmini…Glad to hear so much from u..2 more ques for u please! For current affairs, which one do u prefer?? Competition Success Review OR Pratiyogita Darpan?? And one more thing! According to u, how many hours do we need to devote for the preparation?? Waiting for the reply…

  81. di i am a science student who prepared hard for iit-jee for last 2 years(11$ 12 std) but was not able to crack it, and in aieee too its just 24000 ,(through which i can get some nits and gud private colleges), but i am not fully satisfied. And few days before i met gnlu and nlu patiala students and after knowing their experiences at nlu, i just searched regarding clat and i m thnkng to prepare for it……………………………..i just want 2 know from u that whether getting gud rank in clat is very difficult or its not as hard as getting into iits……………….plz di reply soon :i hv to take  my decision in upcoming 3-4 days only…….. thanks(anticipatory)

    • Okay…so, CLAT is not as hard as JEE, but it does require regular work…I feel you shouldn’t make it a fall back option. Only if you’re prepared to STUDY law, go for it!

    • LST, Manorama yearbook, Arithmetic for Competitive exams and Logical reasoning by R.S. Agarwal, and Analytical Reasoning by M.K. Pandey

  82. padminiji i find helpless 2 make it 2 ur college , for a average above student like me always in a range of 70’s . please say GOD BLESS U vishu , this wud be the biggest motivation from ur side fro n till my entire life . i brought 82% in 12 this year i m doing 1st year from a local college bt next year i wud try out my best 2 become ur junior. Di plz bless me. meet u soon in moot courts next year. if there is any way for u 2 bless me plz do it for ur bro di.

      • padminiji plz tell that if somebody attains law degree outside govt.institutes then is it possible 2 get a gud package bcoz if a lawyer z sourceless then it is futile of fighting a case. As u r done wid educational period wat wud be ur way of earning money i mean being sourceful or trying a pull the truth out in courts. If u hve anythng aside thz then plz tell me

  83. padmini di it wud be very kind of you if you help me out a bit in this CLAT stuff..i am doing corrospondence course from sriramlawacademy..but i’m not very sure regarding the effect.i have also enrolled for sriram mock tests but i’m not very sure whether it would help coz i saw LST as the top choice of toppers in many of the interviews held with them.could you plz help and sugest me sumthng..????

    • I personally wasn’t very happy with Sriram mocks…I’d say go for LST. They’re quite good. But it’s only my opinion of course.

  84. n I really need ur advice on dis – m an engrn 1st yr student n m preparin for law 2013 n dis is my 1st n last chnc as I missed or CLAT 2012 due d d clash f engrn entrances wid d law ones so as I m managing both things side by side I denote 3 to 4 hrs/day at d most for law preprtn so juz wanted to ask it it sufficient much to get a gud score ? please I really need ur help on dis 1 

    • Everyone has their own pattern of figuring things out.
      I’d suggest you take a few mocks, and then see where you stand, and then prepare accordingly.

  85. Hello Padmini di,
                                       I am currently at LST doing LST PLUS.I was wondering whether I should sit for the crash program or study from home during that very precious last month.What did you do?  

  86. hello padmini di . Its really good that you are actively replying to our queries 🙂 it’d be great if you could help me . my problem is though i took up science and even joined a coaching for it, i find law more interesting and want to clear clat-2013 . can you give any advice for clat prep. along with 12 cbse ?

    • I’ve already mentioned that in previous comments i guesS?
      Analytical Reasoning, M.K. Pandey, Mathematics for competitive exams, R.S. Aggarwal. Pretty much covers it. REst, read newspapers and coaching class material

      • thanku so much di..:)……..can u plsss tell how it feels after entering into the top law university…..and hows the life of NLU?………..

  87. Hello padmini, honestly you’ve inspired me. Im basically a science student, but recently ive had this intense drive to give my shot at clat. What books for current affairs, static GK, legal knowledge and legal aptitude and for logical reasoning did you prepare from? Ive currently enrolled myself with Sriram’s correspondance course. Are their mocks and tests effective? Could you suggest anything?
    Hoping for an honest opinion 🙂
    Regards Madhavi.

  88. hello di..I am preparing for clat 2013 and wanted to ask you if my preparations are alright.
    first for current affairs i m doin CG compendiums,PD,TOI and my coaching supplements
    for reasoning mk pandey,rs aggarwaal and arihant
    i have not yet started legal reasoning practice but will take it up december….and english and maths are not a great concern for me…
    i want to score a 35 out of 40 in logic is the prepAration  suffice for my score…..and in gk 40+ 
    do i need to add more or it will do…and i know its somewhat silly…but how many hours hours should i study to get RANK 1…hope to see your mesmerizing smile at NlSIU “live ” and be a junior….plzz reply

  89. Hi! Currently im in inter 1yr CEC. one thing that worries me is how is the maths for clat exam. Bcoz i din take maths in inter and another thing is that should i take coaching 4m 2nd yr. Plz reply m really woried abt maths. Plz give few suggestions

  90. Hi Padmini Didi! I’m Hriday , a inter Iyr Student currently doing CEC. Can u explain me howz the math for CLAT . Is it A high level math coz i’m really worried abt math . ANother thing is wether i should start taking coaching in I yr or II yr and what is the minimum marks to get admission in reputed colleges like NALSAR n others in DELHI , PUNE , Bihar etc.

    • no maths is really easy. Minimum marks depends on how well the rest of your competitors have performed. Coach from 2nd year onward only I’d suggest

  91. can anyone tell me any website which has free mock test papers for clat of any book which has lots and lots of  question papers for clat prepration???

  92. Hey!
    I just finished reading all the comments. Phew***
    The journey of yours, from Padmini to Padmini di, ji and ma’am 😛
    I won’t ask for advice, heaps of that here.  Hows college? Life? Mooting?
    Can I have your email id or something. You wouldn’t disclose the reasons of choosing Banglore over Hyderabad on a NALSAR driven site I assume…  😉
    See you in 2013.

    P.S : Cute picture 😀

  93. Hi Padmini! 😀

    thanks for that piece of information!

    All i want to know is, how do I go about CLAT prep during my exams..Precisely pre-boards!!?

  94. i dont want to join a clat coaching because i dont get enough time which i could spend on those coaching. Kindly tell me how to prepare for clat without any coaching, i have also purchased a book for clat entrance , will that be enough ..??

    Kindly clear my queries .
    Thank You.

  95. Salutations.
    CLAT 2013 will be my second attempt and I intend to clear it this time.
    Maths pesters me a lot. As I started preparing for the 2012 exam a month before,I didn’t really cared about maths. Now I’m rather worried. How much time I should give for maths?

    • Legal maxims.
      Hmm. There are certain basic ones that you’d find while preparing for torts or contracts. Like Res Ipsa Loquitor, or Caveat Emptor.
      I think LST has a list of those in its material. Try and check?

  96. hiiiii padmini!

    plz tell me some strategy for nlu delhi paper ,specially for legal knowledge and tell me how i can improve my vocabularey and what is importance of reading newspaper how it can help in our prepration and plz tell me also how deal with such questions like 4 friend sitting in a row they like different coloure red green blue and white ,they have different car……give me some trick and tips regarding these type of question as i always face diffculty while solving these question……….thanku

    • Never wrote NLU-D, I’m afraid. CLAT was the only thing I attempted.
      Those particular questions you’re talking about:
      1. Create columns
      2. SEparate out the bits of information. The numbers, the colours, etc.
      3. Then try and see what the question is looking for.
      Write it down and take your time.

  97. Hello Padmini,

    I am a student studying software engineering (1st year) in one of the top 15 engineering colleges in the country. It’s something which I never really wanted to do but somehow family pressure and my own desire to have an easy way out in life prompted me to take this up. Even though I never really liked science, I still stuck to it because of the fact that I used to get the marks. Weirdly I didn’t even have computers in class 11 and 12. Yet I took software, thinking that it was the thing tailor made for me. 4 months in, I really am not able to adjust to the course and the fact that my career and in the process, my life will be connected to this field all through. So the point really had come for me to take a decision and do something else. Law right now somehow is looking to be that thing which I want to do. The reason being that my GK was always a strong point in my life ( won quite a few inter-school quizzes in the past) and also because of the fact that I really like debating. Ambition is to become someone relevant in society. Now my family thinks, I will have the same problem again because law too happens to be a subject which I haven’t ever studied and haven’t been exposed to. Do you think preparing for law would be a good idea for someone like me? Is there any way in whch I will be able to find out whether law suits me or not? Haven’t started yet. Also I will be losing a year which would be highly painful. The CLAT is next may. So I have around 7 months. Is that enough time to prepare?

    Thank you so much!

    • Bit too big a message ( probably the largest yet posted in this forum) ,  but it happens to be to be for the CLAT topper! So I couldn’t resist.

      • How do you make a like icon on this site?
        Same story for me. Just that I didn’t go to any engg. college and decided upon what I wanted in time. There is nothing like wasting, if you believe in what you want, its just investing.
        Apologies to reply, but it was SO tempting! Good-luck with whatever you decide to do Sarbojit. 🙂

        -Another kid like you.

      • There is nothing like wasting, if you want something and believe in it, there is just investing.
        Couldn’t resist writing this… 🙂
        All the best with whatever you plan Sarbojit.

      • okay, first, there is no way I know of which will tell you whether law is the perfect career for you. I have been here for two years and I still can’t answer for myself!
        No one is exposed to law before law school so your parents should not stress out about that. 
        Debating and G.K. being your strong points is commendable, but law school isn’t exactly that way. You need to have a lot of patience in this place more than anything else. 
        7 months is more than enough time. So figure it out and get going.
        Goood luck

  98. Hey Padmini Di,  
                                       The article was simply awesome 🙂 btw, i am now in class XI and have started following CG recently..so can u please tell me which book u had followed for speed reading ?? and how much time did it take to master the art of speed reading ??  and what do u think the required reading speed should be for scoring well in clat ?? thanks a lot for helping clat aspirants like us 🙂 

    • I didn’t learn speed reading from a book. I just read fast, because I’ve been reading since a very young age. 
      I suggest read a lot of things and time yourself.

  99. hiiiii padmini!

    plz tell me some strategy for nlu delhi paper ,specially for legal knowledge and tell me how i can improve my vocabularey and what is importance of reading newspaper how it can help in our prepration and plz tell me also how deal with such questions like 4 friend sitting in a row they like different coloure red green blue and white ,they have different car……give me some trick and tips regarding these type of question as i always face diffculty while solving these question……….thanku


  100. hey Di.
                I am studying in class 12th right now and pre boards are just on head. will you suggest me how to prepare for CLAT  in last 2 months?

    • Almost every third person in my college has prepared in the last 2 months. Not a big deal. Just keep practising and solving as many papers as you can and really WORK on learning the G.K. bits.

  101. Thanks a lot padmini…u took away weights from my stressed out part..Well, I am going to appear for clat in 2014.Can you please tell me How do I manage my time?I am in11th and I’ve opted commerce so that science doesn’t trouble me and i prepare for clat being relatively less tensed about the physics and chemistry cumbersome numericals.But when i practice questions of legal reasoning or comprehension, most of the time i score just 50% and that depresses me.Please tell me what to do?

    • Relax already. You’re starting waaaay early and perhaps at this stage what you first need to figure out is whether you want to do law at all in the first place.
      If so, then read papers, and keep practising samples. It’s ok. My first ever mock test, I scored some 100/200 and my rank in it was some 500 or something. Relax!

  102. Hi Padmini,

    Can u please clear on the non verbal analogy tedious questions. which follows different patterns and hard to solve out in a short while.

    Please give some tric to solve it lesser time.


  103. I have started my preparations from this year’s october and 6 months are left for Clat.I am working hard.Do u think I can do well or I have started my preparations late????

  104. ashish kumar said on Friday, November 2, 2012, 23:25

    hiiiii padmini!

    plz tell me some strategy for nlu delhi paper ,specially for legal knowledge and tell me how i can improve my vocabularey and what is importance of reading newspaper how it can help in our prepration and plz tell me also how deal with such questions like 4 friend sitting in a row they like different coloure red green blue and white ,they have different car……give me some trick and tips regarding these type of question as i always face diffculty while solving these question……….thanku


  105. thank you for this very interesting post!
    i will be giving CLAT 13 and i am very tensed since i have barely started. also i am not very confident about GK…but the tips are useful if i can really put into use….
    how do i manage between my boards and CLAT? i am weak in GK and maths. also my reading is not very fast….please reply, i need help!

    • i think I’ve answered all that earlier but ok.
      1. Read the compendiums that this wonderful site has. I did, and it helped.!
      2. Study for boards for now I’d say, but keep reading the papers.
      3. Maths, set aside around an hour everyday and practice practice practice
      4. Reading, well. Practice. TIme yourself.

  106. hi Padmini, great article i hope I can top the CLAT  like you did  I have a few  questions
    1.How do you suggest I should study for logical reasoning and legal reasoning(as in which books to refer)
    2.i tend to bomb exams like these, any ideas on time management, both before and during the exam
    3.Are ICSE books enough for the maths section?
    4.apart from pratiogita darpan and TOI, should I refer to some other magazines/newspapers.
    5. could you please give your study patterns and methods.
    thank you

  107. Hey. I’m currently in 11th. I have decided to take it easy this year but I want to inculcate in myself the habit of reading newspapers. My biggest problem is that I’m more than lazy and newspapers seem super boring. So i just wanted to know if you started reading newspapers after you decided to go for CLAT or you were a regular reader.
    I love reading novels, anything i can get my hands on from Jane Austen to Sophie Kinsella but as the CL people told me i’m not an active reader i.e i just skip difficult words. So how did you strengthen your vocabulary? Thank you. 🙂

    • Just read and relate and discuss the news. the news is an ever changing, mutating alive thing. It’s fun to see how it evolves 
      Vocab, well. Stop skipping the difficult words for one, I’d say. Just keep reading and making intelligent guesses

  108. hii..i’m in 11th currently and i am totally confused about what to do and how much to do for gk and current affairs..?? and is it essential to go through current affairs right from now ??

  109. Hi, 
         Sarvapratham hum aapse yeh punchenge ki kripa kerke humein yeh bataye ki Rashtriya Vidhi Vishwavidhyalaya, Bangalore mein kaise Pahunche. Aur bataiye aapki Padhai kaisi chal rahi hai??? Aur haan aap humse kab milengi???
    RaGhUvEeR MeEnA

  110. Hi di!
    I want to ask how did u use to remember the news from newspapers and gk websites apart from magazines??I face lot of difficulty while remembering so many things from newspapers.How will I remember the news from newspapers?? Did u use to read the newspapers or wrote the the points from newspapers and then memorized??Please help!

  111. Hi
    I took clat 2012 ,scored 122 and landed in nirma , and left it after a week without any substantial reason. And now that i have to go through the same pain again am just wondering how big a fool i am !
    i really need to know if this was a mistake, not that i can do anything about it and also it i totally out of scope but it’l make me feel better 🙂

    • Not in my year. No clue about your pattern. Usually they restrict themselves to reasoning, but to be on the safe side, know stuff like fundamental rights and emergency.

  112. hii,padmini ! 1st of all congrats for the grand success!! 🙂 i am in 11th now in ravenshaw.. i also have a aim 2 crack clat and make my career in law! but d only problem is that i wasn’t so much concerned about preparing for clat from d beginning of d year!! and i haven’t joined any coaching institutes..and nxt year it will be very difficult 2 cope up both at a tym preparing for clat as well as boards!! so plz suggest some advise,so that i can prepare well for clat one year in hand!! thnx!!

  113. @subhi
    i’m no one to butt in..but i could nt resist replying i dunn know why….see if  u  do d same nd be not so sincere in your preparations den u will surely be commiting a BLUNDER..!!
    but u cn make it d otherway by making ur drop out a grand  accomplishment…ponder upon it..its who we make a success or failure…destiny is just a defence of failures..!!
    good luck…:-)

  114. hey padmini..
    i wud lik to qote ur lines over here…
    “The first thing that must be understood is that there is no perfect formula to cracking any exam. Many people I know slogged the year through, but didn’t make it to any of the law schools, and at the other end of the spectrum, people who only prepared for a month at the most made it. CLAT, like all other competitive examinations, depends to quite an extent on your luck on D-Day. However, this in no way means that it does not require substantial amounts of hard work, and more importantly, smart work.”
    DER DEFINITELY IS A FORMULA TO CRACK AN EXAM IRONICALLY DER IS A FORMULA TO TOP ANY EXAM….d people whom u know slogged through years were definitely nt sincere in their efforts….!!
    nd nothin depends on d “D day” it depends how we perceive things….if ur efforts r sincere nd u have moulded ur efforts rather smartly nd intelligently…Believe me guys U CN TOP ANY EXAM…clat is just an epitome of it….WE MAKE OUR OWN DESTINY REMEMBER DIS WORK TO UR BEST…SUCCESS WILL KISS UR FEETS..!!

  115. hey!!!…am litreally in shock after seeing ur marks in clat exams..i hav enrolled in lst span and getting around 100-105,but i badly want to get into clat ..and am preety bad in my english section especially the dictionary maening ones ..its very tough for me ,how do i go about cracking it n could you tell me how did u prepare for these questions….??

    • I had a reading habit. The more you read, the easier it gets with words I’ve realised.
      Try and make those words part of daily use? That way the meanings stay intact.

  116. hey padmini,im in 11th now…i took the science stream..but my main aim is to crack clat..
    the problem is that i do not understand how to crack the gk section of clat…can u pls help me out?!?!?!?!?

    • hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
      me abhi 12th ke exam ki tayari kar raha hu mene clat ki is saal self study ki he lekin me last 3 month se 12 me laga hu ab mere pass keval 1 month he to kya me usme acchi tayari karke select ho sakta hu. mujhe preparation ki kuch tips do plz…….

    • I gave NLS, NALSAR, NUJS.
      Convenience of location made me choose Bangalore first. That, and the fact that it was reputedly the ‘best’ etc.

  117. Hello. I started reading the newspapers since april but from december , I had a half yearly exam and two pre boards and since I am from the science stream, I couldn’t read the newspapers. Could you please tell me how to make up for it???

  118. Hi padmihi please tell how to prepare the vocab section coz every1 tells Norman Lewis and i don’t think .ki usse clat me substantially aata hai , and which sources of gk did u refer to prepare for CLAT

    • Er, forgive me, but what’s Norman Lewis?
      I just used to read a lot. Try and go through Hindu editorials, half the world’s complex vocab is utilised there in itself.

  119. i started my preprations now, can i do it to the NLU , as i hv to go for both static GK n current affairs can u drop some more light on the prepration of this topic pls…and how to opt section bcz u know its 120 mins only and 200 questions , lengthy ones too pls suggest.

    n NLU Delhi contains question of legal section how to handle,suggest.

    • G.K. just needs time and slogging. Sit with compendiums and slog through, you’ll be fine.
      NLU-Delhi? No clue. Never wrote it, like I keep saying.

  120. Hello mam
    I am studying in class 11th my real ambition is to become a lawyer nd for that m trying i want yor suggestion that how can i prepare for the GK section
    Please revert me back soon

    • Start with the newspapers right from the beginning of 12th. We didn’t have static in my year, but I’ve been told that Yearbooks are a good option

  121. hello padmani i would like you to answer the following

    1)exactly how many months per the clat exam DID YOU START PREPARING??
    2)APART from the material u mentioned should i also refer to tata mcgrew and lexis- nexis
    3)im currently a fyjc student IN THE nm college and would like to know that if started clat preparation from today would i be behind of my competitors of the 2014 clat exam or not??
    4) from ur experience which course of LST is best crash course correspondence or LST PLUS
    5)did u start studying for clat from 11th or 12th

      • 1. started in July 2010
        2. I have no clue. I didn’t myself. Solve it if you think it’s useful.
        3. Lots of people drop a year in college, it’s only as big a deal as you make of it.
        4. I did the one year LST course, that helps
        5. 12th.

        Hope it helps, and my spelling is Padmini not Padmani! 😛

  122. i have taken admission for graduation to save my year but due to assignments test and semester exam i got distracted from preparation n nw m getting tensed about my preparation plz plz guide me as ths in the last chance for me

  123. i m in confusion about what is important and and what is not in static g.k…..and suggest me about…that how to increase…my speed in doing….questions on logical reasoning……please..help me….

    • With static one can never actually be sure. Just prepare what you have in your hand well.
      Speed? Practice. Practice. And then practice some more.

  124. dear padmini mam,
    i have read and made notes of the the hindu from august onwards. also i have the read and made notes of the PD’s from april onwards( june PD onwards as Pd issue covers events that happened 2 months ago).

    i am studying in a law college right now, so still doing the newspaper is a pain as i need to finish eng and logic. should i continue reading and making notes of the hindu. i plan on doing a monthly magazine of feb, march and april. will that be okay as the paper and notes take too much time and with static coming, thats the only thing i dont have.

    PS when did u stop reading the paper and making notes.

    • Not Ma’am! Please.

      Okay, for G.K., the compendiums are pretty good if making notes is being a pain. Just read them well. Kudos CLATGyan for those!

  125. hi padmini,
    how did you approach comprehension because reading a standard passage is taking up a lot of my time and when i am attempting the questions i am unable to retain everything hence i need to refer back to the passage again,this eats up my time.any suggestions?

  126. padmini mam….

    pls suggest sumthing so dat v can save our over utilised times in understanding a good and standard passage in english section….

  127. Hello. I am from Nagaon, Assam. Could you please tell me whether lst ghy is good for the 1 month crash course or should i look for some other lst centre? My board exams end on 22nd and i have to make a quick decision. Thnx for helping!

    • Hey,
      Guwahati is the best you’ll get. Personally, not that great, but the material is good. Perhaps it’s improved now, but I have no clue.

  128. Hey, I just wanted to know, if I take PEBA in pre uni, am I still eligible to take the exam? I know that CLAT has 20 marks for Math, but is it enough if I just go to a coaching center?

    • Yeah, I think so. Contact the conducting university for these kinda details?
      It’s enough, and more. Study a lot more on your own, I’d recommend.

  129. Hey padmini I got a doubt in logical reasoning I hope u can answer it
    It’s like this -there are several methods to solve logical reasoning one is the AEIO AND THE other one is through laws of proposition
    In case. Of RS agarwals logical reasoning book it is
    Given that if the two premises are particular (that is usage of quantified some)
    Then conclusion cannot follow .this is a law .
    But today I was solving a logical reasoning question which was like this
    “some wagons are cars and some cars are cabs”
    The given conclusions were some wagons are cabs and some cabs are wagons
    The answer was that both follows but I don’t know how as according to Rs agarwal if both premises are particular then conclusion cannot follow.help confused

  130. I specially want to know about…that wt u did in the last month before the CLAT…..and gimme some tips on how to solve legal reasoning which is based on analytical skill…like wt we can say about the question which is based on 2 principles……help me….and definitely..i m not promisin’ u…i m doin’ commitment right now….that i ‘ll be in nlsiu this year….this my bet…have fun:-)…..i m making my night hell for nlsiu…right now….

  131. Hi pad mini. I don’t think you recognise me. I met you a couple of times in ghy. I’ll be appearing for clat this year and since I had given my boards this year I didn’t devote much time for my preparation for clat. Ie been preparing for one month. What I wanted to ask you was:
    1. I am extremely scared for the current affairs section. I’m doing a bit of lexis nexis, manorama, and gk compendiums and I had taken a mock test yesterday for the first time I didn’t score well at all. I’m very scared and I don’t even have much time left.

    2. I’ve focused a lot on legal reasoning than legal aptitude. and I forget the important articles of the constitution. I’m getting panic attacks now. I really need your advice. Thank you.

  132. Nice article. My boards got over just on the 12th of April and now it seems there is little time and energy left in me to devote to clat. Also, the whole year, maximum efforts went to the boards. What should I do? Please suggest. And also did u take a year off or topped clat the same year you gave your boards?

  133. padmini di , i want ti appear for clat 2015.so, do you think it is necessary for me to prepare for gk now itself? or is it enough if i start seriously preparing for gk from march 2014 to may 2015? pls reply…

      • Varna,
        What i feel is its too early to start the prep for G.K itself today!
        Chill out kiddo… Its gonna be pounding hard in 12th…Relax a little… If you feel and can put time for studying CLAT, prepare static G.K. now, like history or geography… that would be of immense help as there is no end to G.K.!

  134. Hi padmini,
    Well I m gonna give clat 2014. I at the first instance am unable 2 write wat I wanna ask u ..bt I feel there is a chaos out here…..evryday b4 I sleep I promise myself that frm the next day I m gonna give it a fresh start …bt I am unable 2 do so…. I took a mock 2 days ago and got a 134. I jst feel pathetic at tyms….so could u plss help me out ????

    • My dear, you have a LOT of time. So stop panicking!
      Just take time out, and you’ll be fine. My first mock, I got 119 or something. Why so worried? You’ll do good. You need a positive attitude more than any help academically. It’ll all fall into place. Hang in there.

  135. hi,
    i need your advice on:

    1.how to prepare english for clat and which books to refer?
    2. how to prepare static g.k and which books to refer to?

  136. Hey!does joining a coaching centres really help?I am sceptical about joining one,but I dont want to leave any stone unturned for my preparation for CLAT 2014.

  137. i;m so confused already! how am i supposed to give my time to both boards and CLAT?? I feel like i won’t be able to prepare properly in the last 2 months if i concentrate on boards right now :'(

    • Really, focus on Boards for now. Just make sure you’re reading the newspapers everyday. That’s going to help for sure.

      Chill. Lots of time after boards.

  138. An inspiring read. I will appear in May 2014, and I think I can make it along-with doing good in my Boards.
    However, I guess one just can’t ever be completely prepared for such an exam. I sure hope to see you Bangalore, if, or when, I get there. 🙂

  139. I am currently in a law school in Bangalore (which is not a NLU) but the experience here is not that great… I want to get into GNLU for various reasons…. and I have applied for CLAT …But i have just made up my mind for this examination and i haven’t prepared anything…..I don’t know from where to start ??? Do suggest me from where to start and how I can make it up to GNLU

  140. Rigktnow i am pursuing Bsc.. i have just written my 1st year paper….I haven’t filled the form this year due to some reason ..
    so should i fill it next year..?? or should i focus on bsc only…??
    please rply….

  141. I would like to ask you the sequence in which you used to attempt your papers? DO you suggest legal in the beginning or at the end?

  142. Hey Padmini! The next year I am going to start my preparations for CLAT and after two years I am going to give my exam. We can take legal as a subject for school as an optional(10+2) so do you recommend me to take legal studies or mathematics? General knowledge n current affairs are my weak point too. I don’t know how should I improve my g.k. Because newspapers can only provide me  with current affairs.  For reasoning I can go with R.S. Agarwal as you said and  i will read whatever i get for English n comprehension but what with the g.k. Stuffs because answering previous year questions was really tough and i hardly know anything about that 🙁  what do you say?

    • hie padmini! just wanted to ask you… if you could give any valuable tips for people who have dropped an year after class 12th for CLAT preparation … 
      ps… because of my dad’s job i am here in shillong…. despite the fact that i belong to delhi…  there is no coaching institute here…. i joined an institute for a month and they gave me one on one coaching for logical reasoning and legal apttitude(everyday for a month) … i will be going to delhi again for coaching two months before the exam… rest i am on my own … please give me some tips based on my situation! … 

  143. Hi! I’m considering attempting  CLAT after my board exams end (24th March). However, I won’t have much time left, considering that CLAT is in the month of May. How many hours in a day should I devote to the syllabus to make it? 
    P. S I’m intrigued by Intellectual Property Rights. Is NALSAR University of Law the best school for this specialisation? 

  144. Hey mam! 
    I’m in 11th standard and looking forward to crack the clat with a percentile of 95+. Please can you suggest me how can i go for it and work on my vocabs. I’m really afraid of the english part. 

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