Ambassadors of God


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‘’Papa, everyone has to die one day but isn’t uncertain death is something crescent to the sunshine of harsh reality?’’ I asked my father with opaque eyes that were full of qualms after pointing to the headline that stated “(X) no. of deaths in (place). Y (terrorist organization) claims their hand behind this attack of terror.”

“It is still obscure and timid to discern the dubious mentality of their want against civilians and against other powers in world.’’ My father’s answer was enough to gift me with a topic to ponder on.

I started thinking from the beginning of the very first era and pondered further into the unseen, imaginary and fictional scene where the screen was showing the best image of humanity. Our very first ancestors (the Early Man) made their efforts towards humanity as they were trying to develop themselves with the best possible mores. To continue their prodigy, they updated the inventions and discoveries. With every update, we were introduced to the pros and cons. We overlooked the initial side effects of those updates, the consequences of which affect us even today, the Battle of Draconian Nemesis. Whenever anything happed on this sphere we live on, the earth, society suffered, a lot. It saw every possible worse situation that could occur in this world at every stage of time. Every time the villain was different but their actus reus was same, which always lead to the collapse of humanity at every corner of this world.

I can very well derive right from the Mughal period that the thing that is happening in the present-day world and that has been happening over the years is just the same. Intrusion into religion has always been the epicenter of communal disaster but isn’t that merely something that is acting as a cover over the main thing? ‘Religion’ is the only thing that could lead one to commit a wrong against another if anything goes against the former person’s religion. It has always been a curse to the society. ‘You should rule over here, you’re the real ambassador of God!’ Doesn’t it sound like aggrandizing to someone whose mind is incapable of understanding the truth from beginning till today? Ruling is the core point of all the intolerance which is happening in this whole world but the ambassadors couldn’t take the risk of telling the main reason of their bellicose. However, their saying that they fight for their religion or rather, I should say, that they exasperate themselves to fight for their religion, is the complete failure and venality of verity.

Religion and its stimulus has always been accepted by the civilians and it is all correct too; but impetuous and creating the agitation from religion is something unacceptable, and everyone will ask the vandals for the answer every time. The vandals ink these questions directly to their religion saying that it is deride and abhor of their religion and this always cheers the sentiments of revolt of the followers.

Timid repeal to the moreover real fact is inevitable. It is nervy and mushy to see the death of innocent children of God at the hands of so-called ‘ambassadors of God’.


  1. You are trying too hard. The use of words in many places is wrong and seems inconsistent.
    However, the content is nice and worth thinking of.
    Try to simplify your usage next time. All the luck.
    Good Job! 

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