The Bitch is Back!


Hello, CLAT aspirants! I’ve written maybe one article so far but I received a lot of positive feedback for my unfettered bitchiness. And so, I’m back to dish out what you need most right now- a little condescension.

It’s December already and most of you are pulling your hair out trying to finish studying before those ghastly pre-board exams in January. Let me add some pressure and remind you that if you are truly serious about getting into law school, you have to be preparing for CLAT even now. You cannot ignore CLAT prep procrastination-ftw_o_1844071simply because you have a pre-board coming up a month from now. Do that and you will cry come May.

Now, my first instinct, quite honestly, was to laugh sadistically at your misery and feel more joy thinking about the arduous days you will soon face. But then again, nostalgia kicked in and I started reminiscing about the torture I faced. So here I am, typing away to save your arse when I’m supposed to be doing a laborious Manupatra search.

First, what I’d recommend, being so old and wise now, is to keep doing whatever it is that you do to prepare for the General Knowledge section. This means that you have to, I repeat, you have to read the newspaper from front to back every single day. Second, English is English and Math is Math, whether for your boards or for the CLAT. So do them well. Third, do the trivia in the newspaper like those jumbled words etc. It keeps your mind agile for the Logic section. Having done this, you’ll be ready to dedicate a greater part of your time to the Legal Aptitude section in April.

So, all I can say is, keep studying and have happy holidays!

Manasi Gandhi,
Class of 2015,
NALSAR University of Law.


  1. Thanks Manasi! The bitchiness helped me to snap out of running around like a headless chicken. You’re right, we all need that bit of condescension handed out to us now.

    • Don’t get me started. I had to do this insane Manu search and felt like dishing out some shit to idiots who don’t even realize that they actually have it easy right now. 

  2. Manasi,
    The students also need to be told that English has a particular standard, which must be adhered to. In many cases, the standard of English required for respective Boards (eg CBSE, HSC) falls far short of the one demanded in CLAT.

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