That Thing Called Confidence!


Yes, yes you are all low on confidence after that horrible post. You should be too, I mean, those questions were easy!

Anyway, the point is: Everyone’s had those nightmarish phases during CLAT prep. You know, sleepless nights, overwhelming bundles of books and materials, the pressure of spending so much of your parents’ money, and the reality of your dreams of becoming rich and/or helping the world potentially coming crashing down, everyone’s seen that.2d1c586e35be96bc4db72841d02a0f7a8bac3d5bee6cb6057be179f8ab847ee5

I have too.

The point is that terrible, terrible things have happened to the world. Like the Great Depression, World War – II (puns intended). The point is that there is no point worrying. Now, my Math is horrible, but time is something all of us know. For instance, eggjamplez:

Jabbar is a dropper. He panics after reading the CLAT notification and that stupid thing about negative marking, further Asad’s posts haven’t helped him much. Jabbar has a lot of things to worry about, especially his pathetic preparation. But Jabbar has been a quizzer, his general knowledge was fairly good. Till the time he took some website’s test series, some gyan or something like that. He bombed test after test, till the time he was on the brink of desperation. Jabbar did that one thing that the website people had asked him not to do: He panicked. He started praying more than often, started spending a lot more time on Facebook, in online fora, figuring out what’s going on, he started thinking more about CLAT prep and the doom that he expected for himself, without actually working harder to avert it.

Effectively, what this boy has done is waste more time than actually utilising it. And that is the stupidest thing any potential lawyer could do. So how do you deal with this tension? This apocalyptic scenario that you see yourself in? This is how:

  • Guess? No? STOP PANICKING.
  • Sit each morning and list out things you are really, really good at: Soccer, the Tabla, beating up people, etc etc
  • Tear that list to pieces
  • Tell yourself that you need to get to NLS/NALSAR.
  • Now make yourself another list: Reasons why you think Law is ideal for you
  • Keep that list
  • Tell yourself that you are a waste of space if you’re going to waste time and not justify working harder for those things in the list
  • Another list: CLAT stuff you are good at, and CLAT stuff you are miserable at.
  • Spend an hour on the former; spend more with the latter
  • Write to us if all else fails: / the Ask Us page. And as we know – our reputation precedes us, we will ensure that you are reasonably afraid of your own shadow or you are confident enough to live to see D-Day (and after).

Okay, on a more serious note – I’ve seen worse. CLAT is nothing. A cakewalk; just that this one involves a fair dose of luck.

A note for the board-prep people: Do not make the mistake of ignoring CLAT prep completely. Stay in touch with it – read the paper early in the morning or during that boring Business Studies class, solve a few Logic problems while you are texting that person who’s prolly going to end up in some random college and who really wouldn’t value your educational goals as much; solve a few legal problems while you’re walking back from tuition – can the bhaiyya selling adulterated milk be held liable under law? Can the dudes selling beef-parota on the beaches of Madras be held liable under cow-slaughter laws or can the dudes argue a violation of their fundamental rights? You get the drift, right? But this doesn’t mean that you leave very little time for Boards – for this phase, the boards are the most important, ignore CLAT prep if it’s coming at the cost of your 12th exams.

Droppers: Leave no quarter.

Rethink your strategy; write to us, we’ll help you out with time management and necessary reviews pertaining to your preparation. Think carefully: justify each hour you spend each day, think reasonably: prioritize.



  1. a well written article as usual…it really helped me a lot…the ppl of CG really help the clat aspirants in acomplishing their dreams….:)

  2. Thanks for this.i m spending more tym doing boards preparation as of now.but i have kept the habit of reading newspapers mentioned by you.thanks for giving confidence-that applies to both-Clat as well as boards..

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