Be Careful What You Wish For


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All of us spend our time wishing – “I wish I had 98%”, “I wish I could get into NLS”, “I wish I had a perfect body” and the list of our wishes is endless!

We wish for things that we really want in our lives. The reason we need to be careful with what we wish for is because a lot of us have been tricked. We think that the things that we wish for come at a snap of finger. We don’t understand that by wishing for something means that a lot has to happen to make that wish come true. Success requires sacrifice and our wishes are going to require a lot of sacrifices. We can no longer do the things that we love to do as the longer we do them, the less happy we are. We now have to work out of our comfort zone, push ourselves to new limits and it doesn’t stop there.

What we’re doing is a scary thing but we have to understand what we are doing and saying to the universe before we make that wish. The wish won’t mean a think if you do not put in the efforts to achieve that wish.

When the clock strikes 11:11, some people wish for their dreams to come true while others work for it! Be real with yourself and work towards fulfilling your wish. No path of success is easy and if it is easy or you cheat to get through it, then it is not fulfilling. So, if you are reading this and there is something that you really want in your life, don’t wish for it, work for it because the only person stopping you from achieving that wish is you.

P.S. I wish to get into NLS next year and have already started working towards fulfilling that wish. 🙂


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