CLATGyan Impleads in CLAT Writ


In a shocking turn of events, the CLATGyan administration passed a late night resolution last night resolving to “ensure that justice is met to people betrayed by the CLAT Committee”, furthering this cause,, which is a non-registered filed for a petition to implead itself in the upcoming CLAT case posted for hearing tomorrow.

Mohammad Asadulla Shareef, Founder, CG, when asked for comments replied on phone “I am not counselling you for Symbi anymore, I am sorry if your name isn’t there” before hanging up, however, after we followed up with a text, he called us up and apologized. He said “Yes, it is true we are going forward with this very important decision, keeping in mind the fact that most of the compendiums turned out to be useless for the students, this could be treated as a face-saving exercise, and in line with our pro-student image”. However, in an effort to encourage transparency, we also contacted Sandipan De, who was kind enough to send us an instant email reply with 7 .pdf attachments detailing his ideology, opinions on various issues and a collection of pictures to choose from, said “I have been informed of the Council’s decision to go forward. As a foot soldier of the Justice-for-CLAT students and parents for justice movement, I have no option but to welcome it with my two open arms.” He went on to add that he would have preferred that the kids and their parents “drank something, smoked a choti and ย chilled”.

Further explanation was sought from the non-interning employees at, however, most refused to give a statement saying that they had no authority to do so. Others forwarded us to the “Ask Us” section on the website, saying that the fastest replies would come from there. A few first year (now second year) employees refused to reply because “Asad bhaiyya has given us work, we can’t talk till we are done”.

We attempted to get a reaction from a close friend of the CG family, Gaurav Sutta, who in his own classic style said “So I’ve heard that they have joined the movement of retards as well, such a sad state”.

What CG seeks to demand through the petition is still unknown, but it is said that it probably might just be an attempt at gaining popularity, which it is said to have lost following the sprouting up of other similar websites, to this Anjali Dawat, a CG mentor and Council-member sent us a paper on Law & Ethics (which runs into 230 pages) as a reply. A dedicated team is still “cracking the code”.

Finally we sought the opinion of a certain Aymen Mohammed on phone, who replied on text saying “No balance, what is ‘implead’?”, attempts at calling him up failed.

It remains to be seen whether there will be success in the Delhi High Court Case. When a certain CG student who goes with the facebook name “Prabhat AAG LAGA DUNGA JODHPUR KO” was asked about the news, he replied saying “This is just a pubcity isstnt by dem, ol dey did ws mke fun of hw v typ n nw dat der stdnts r nt givin dem credit, dey r mkin it sund lyk dey care. ol dey r, r a sarcstic grup of moronzzzzzzzzzzz”. When asked what sort of questions were Static, he replied saying “That question on Luekaemia, that wz static, dey r syin it ws der in d peprs, bt evry1 knws it wsnt”

Kanak Kumar, a CG friend sent us unprintable material which tended to insinuate at the sanity of the students in question. He, however, wished them all the best in their endeavours or something to that effect.

Faking News, if you didn’t figure it out yet. ๐Ÿ˜›


    • yup! It definitely is run a bunch of funny bones.I guess v all need to lighten up nd do d best v can with whatever v get.

  1. This yr clat betrayed i got just 129 marks and got through RMLNLU Lucknow while i was expecting going to top5 just because of their flawed answers. I want u to kindly go trough the paper tell me exact no. of wrong questions and answers. I am filling a writ against Clat in ngPunjab and Haryana High Court.I am sanguine that u wil take cudgels with me and fight the filthy system.

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