FIRST ON CLATGYAN: National Law University Orissa (NLUO) NOT to join CLAT


The National Law University of Orissa, Cuttack has decided to continue to conduct its own test as it has been doing so far.

The university, under the able leadership of Vice-Chancellor Prof. Faizan Mustafa is two years old but has already seen an amazing rise in its reputation and profile. Keeping this in mind, the University’s Executive Council Decided to go with its previous decision of taking its own test.

“No CLAT. Our executive council decided to go alone as our test is better”, said the prominent VC, in a private conversation with CG.”

It spells good news for students who’d have wanted a “back-up” plan and even the University as it’d only admit students of a certain standard. CG’s editorial view tends to lean heavily in the same direction.

It is also the University’s pursuit to prepare an entrance test that tests aptitude as against memory, however, “We want to change the pattern but students want CLAT like paper otherwise they will have to prepare differently”

NLU-O, in its nascent stage has carved a niche for itself, and hence, ClatGyan would encourage all Law School aspirants to attempt the test as well, as the quality of the paper tends to be perhaps the best amongst all mainstream law school entrances, and also because the NLU-O offers a new paradigm for students interested in “doing” law rather than “studying it”.

With express permission from Faizan Mustafa, for ClatGyan
Aymen Mohammed
Editor, CG


  1. No doubt NLU O entrance exams are at par… cannot be compared at all.. to any other law school entrance exams… NLU O has set an example how entrance exams should be held.

  2. Tushar, I doubt if Delhi will join CLAT. Jhansi took admission on the basis of CLAT rankings. Nothing can be said as of now. We will let you know as soon as we find out.

  3. i hope that news u gave is absolutely correct as u hv also discussed it with vc of nluo
    plz tell abt blueprint of paper …is it going to be same as clat or a bit different………..

    thanks for this news……….

  4. thanks guys for timely clearing the picture w.r.t NLUO & CLAT{more precisely letting us know asap]

    @the guy who asked about NLU-D & it’s possible merger with CLAT–>
    one of my friends had posted a letter to NLU-D,& in their reply they have stated that NLU-D conducts a seperate exam & is not a part of CLAT,,,,,,,so though,,,there’s no official announcement as of yet,there is a good reason to believe that it will also stay single…

  5. @deven—i’ll anytime pay those 2000 bucks extra,,,,,,,but the security that two exams give,it just can’t be beaten,,,,,because at the end of the day,,,everything is not hinging on only one exam….

  6. @ deven—–it’s not about the bucks u end up paying,,but the sense of security two exams bring,,,,,i dunno about others,,but feel good that my hopes are not hinging on one single exam

  7. Good job, ClatGyan!

    Firstly, there is no National Law School/Univ. in Jhansi. There can be only one NLS in a state. UP has already RMLNLU, Lucknow.

    Secondly, NLU Cuttack is too young to be part of CLAT so it has to conduct its own exam. As per my knowledge and past experiences, a NLS becomes part of CLAT only after few years, say a minimum 3 years of its establishment.

    NLU Cuttack is bound to become a part of CLAT from 2011 or 2012 in the light of the 2008 Varun Bhagat v. Union of India judgement which started CLAT otherwise it would be guilty of contempt of court and even a PIL can be filed against them.

    This is detrimental for the NLU system and for the CLAT brand if some NLS is insisting on conducting its own exam. This is like one of the newly set up IIT at Patna says it ‘ll not participate in IIT-JEE and conduct its own exam.

    NLU Orissa, Delhi & Ranchi must become part of CLAT as early as possible.

    Rather, CLAT committee must resolve to include every NLU set up by a separate Act of State Legislature as a part of CLAT from the very first year to give strength to the NLU brand and to the CLAT as flagship law entrance exam of the country.

    • Sir, This is wrong info on part of you There is no mandatory requirement for the NLUs to join the CLAT. Clat was made for the convenience of the students after the said judgement. It was initiated by the Min of HRD and the other NLUs followed it. But, its not anything near to mandatory and so question of Contempt does not arise. And there are no rules as to join the Clat for any of the NLUs. The new NLUs are themselves not prefering to join Clat, for the decreasing standards in the question paper. Another reason for not joining the Clat may be that the new NLUs do not want to be ranked below the lowest ranked NLUs(last 3-4 of the 11) of Clat at 12th, 13th, etc, as Clat says that ranking is to be on the basis of formation of the NLU.

  8. i see no point why it should be mandatory for nluo or nlsd to join clat because dey hv set great standards even widout joining clat the standard of question is way above clat…so its better for students dat nluo n nlsd not to join clat.

  9. my dear friend NLUO is not bound to become a part of CLAT what so ever the case its totally depend upon the discretion of the VC, and any how the standard of NLUO entrance exam is far better than CLAT.

  10. there is no rule of this sort that a NLU has to be a min. of 3 years old to become part of CLAT. NLUO is going for separate test totally out of its own interest…!

  11. Concentrate on CLAT and NLUD, NLUO too is a back up option like Symbi or ILS.
    This might sound a bit cryptic but it is not in YOUR hands — which university chooses which entrance. So just focus on your preparations. You will have to appear for whatever form of entrance test these NLUs come up with.
    NLUO is a great place surely but your target should be NALSAR/NLSIU/NUJS.

  12. Sourav – Do you want me to put up screenshots of the chat that I’d with sir? I’ve spoken to him twice over phone and confirmed it.

  13. Oh..ok….I might have visited d wrng site den..:) No problem..I must be wrong…n Sandipan: good inspiring words n thnks fr bringing me on d track again ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Uh. Honestly the form costs bother me a little too. If you’re going to give 5 entrances lets say.. You’ve spent 12,000~ now of course it’s all an investment, but somehow not justified. Why am I being made to shell 2500 bucks out for a 1.5 hour exam? 500, understandable. 1000, okay. But above that.. Really? At least the exams providing entrance to a single college should have charged lesser.

    Not that my dad will object, but I just feel it for him. You know.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. ‘ Sandipan Ed. said on Wednesday, December 15, 2010, 10:27

    Concentrate on CLAT and NLUD, NLUO too is a back up option like Symbi or ILS ‘

    I pity all those who think NLUO is a backup option like Symbi. What NLUO has achieved in a couple of years, rest o the ‘Back-up’ institutions (Not taking any names) haven’t been able to do it till now.

    • Overhype. I have deep respect for NLU-O as an institution, however, it is yet to have a batch that has passed out – or even win a moot (the latter being a reasonable yardstick). Till then, NLU-O must remain s the last option. It doesn’t mean that it is a bad place to study – but that it is yet to have a name like ILS or GLC for that matter.

  16. I really don’t feel like getting into a slug fest over law schools tiers below mine. But to all aspirants our advice would be keeping NLUO below ILS SYMBI GLC et. al. NLUO has proved nothing yet. We shall be releasing our rank list soon.

  17. That means you really do not have any knowledge, either about law, or about law schools. In its second year, it has won the Best Memorial Award in the second All India Corporate Law Moot Competition held at National Law University, Delhi. Also, it participated in the All India Anti- Trust Moot Court Competition and came up as the 5th Best Team

    Something good in two years, right?

    Which the so-called ‘Colleges above NLUO’ never did in a couple of years, and I see the university going way up in the next five years. I have seen Symbi and the likes. Anyone WANTING to study their can get an admission, with an easy entrance examination and easier course schedule. I can see no reason why you should be biased and misguiding a large number of people following this site. I pity the ignorance. But yes, its your opinion, and it would not be stopping thousands of students from taking the entrance tests.

    • Digvijay we understand your passionate defense of your own alma mater. We are entitled to our personal opinions, right? Also saying “you really do not have any knowledge, either about law, or about law schools” doesn’t send out the right message to CLAT aspirants. If you see our posts we have showered plaudits on NLU Orissa. We have great respect and nothing but sincere praise for the eminent Prof. Mustafa. I have personally attended a class of his and think he is brilliant and any NLU under his leasdership is bound to achieve the pinnacle of success. All we are suggesting is to take the safer bet. The older, trusted names. In no way are we belittling NLUO. We think it has great potential but as of now an older name might be a better option.

      • It is way better in this way, which is completely opposite to the views stated earlier. But criticizing an institute sends a right message neither.
        Anyways. I am finally satisfied with the reply. Keep up the good work. Nothing personal!

  18. Would you really rate symbi higher than NLUO? From what I’ve heard they’ve got no more than 2 law-dedicated floors as the campus and other not-so-good-things about the placement etc. from my cousin who’s an undergrad. Also, isn’t nluO at an advantage being solely law-dedicated while symbi is kind of.. In the ”jack of all … ” category? Just speaking of symbi.. I find it a little hyped up. Specially now that schools like Christ are coming up too.

    What do you guys think?

    • Very difficult to rate these law schools. Symbiosis is the older, safer bet. NLU Orissa promises much more than Symbi can ever dream of but then again at present are you willing to take that risk. Symbi has a solid strong alumni base who are at partner level in law firms. Placements are nothing to write home about but they do land you in a decent job if you are in the better brackets of your class. Personally I believe NLUO will outshine Symbi in the long run. But then again, the risk, your call.

  19. dear all,

    i have a serious question which requires some serious answers…
    i just got selected in NLU-D …so do i really need to take NLU-orissa…to put it simply ..which is better NLU-D or NLU-O??

    thank u..reply asap..

  20. i want to know about NUSRL RANCHI,,,,,,, most probably it is goin to join CLAT… so wat will its expected rank be ????????

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