70 posts. 500 comments. 3 Quizzes. Hundreds of queries (through the Ask Us page, our Facebook inboxes, phones, personal contacts). All this in the short period of 2 months. Be proud.


  1. u know der is a reason behind it !!its being ur friendly user approach which make u people stand out !!!rest of the material ,info ,news available on net is often dull,boring and many of tym uncomprehending!!!asking u people is lyk askng 1 of many friends!!

  2. Thnaks a lot Sanchit.
    That is our basic aim, to enable us to be made available to you such that we can help you in that manner rather than just telling you to learn the stuff we put up.
    An interactive website is basically for the purpose you stated above and we are glad it has turned out as we wanted it to.
    Hope to keep helping you!

  3. the main reason i feel comfortable coming here is that with such a friendly approach i find my doubts solved better.i have just joined the website and greatly appreciate your efforts.further doubts are cleared quickly,not in weeks. congratulations!!

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