The Countdown & A Little Something For Your Revision!



How’s it going? Tough? Are you biting your nails? Worried that you might bomb the ‘Greatest Test of All Time’?

I’ve been saying this for three consecutive years now: Chill.

See, it’s simple: This test is as much a test of your aptitude as it is of your luck, and sometimes both of them overlap and sometimes they don’t. It is also a great learning experience for you – I mean, it’s not everyday that you learn about Pt. Ravi Shankar’s stint with the Beatles and solve pointless pipe-water/train-man problems for the same test, no?

Also, you must chill because that is the second best option to working your arse off. Which is an option you must not chuck away.13db0u

So what do you do in the last few days? I mean, there isn’t much time for you to actually start something new; but there might be enough time for you to mitigate the damage of your miserable partying for the last one year.

I present to you, The Ten (Advisory) Commandments:

1. You mustn’t panic
2. Fear the Lord and be not complacent in your ways
3. You must strengthen your weaknesses; augment what you see is lacking in each of your subject
4. But should you start something new – start it by taking the Lord’s name – for he is the only one who will aid you
5. You must revise in what you’ve been blessed; nature has drained many brains of the most obvious knowledge sometimes (one genius forgot Obama’s surname :p)
6. Admonish yourself if ye think ye need to indulge in leisure (unless leisure is reading the newspaper)
7. If group study helps, join the faithful – but if it doesn’t – stop thinking about your social obligations. Study on your own and study hard
8. List out things you will do each morning. At the end of the day, the list should have everything struck out; and if it isn’t, the day isn’t over
9. Though, do not exhaust yourself – that’s a law school thing – working with fatigue.
10. Enjoy what you are doing, if something gets too monotonous, do something else but go back to it, it won’t strike out itself (this is fun!)

Also, download this compilation for the important national and international events in 2012. A few points before you start going through:

* This is only an abridged version of The Hindu’s Diary of Events.
* This is SOLELY for your revision and nothing else
* Footnotes have been added keeping in mind that some issues might need some extra explanation or some other issues might require some context
* Some very obvious points have been kept out of the document for the simple reason that I assumed you’d know about it (The Syria issue was recurrent, but it is obviously something you’d have to follow only superficially…)
* Also, some stories stretched throughout the year – in such an instance – the point will only make an appearance in it’s ultimate month. In other instances, only the initial report’s mentioned, and a footnote’s added for you to cover the whole issue (The Coalgate scam’s footnote more or less covers everything, for example.)
* This is not an exhaustive list of 2012 either, I haven’t added Obituaries (which are fortunately few) and Sports (of which I am absolutely clueless). You can click on the respective links and follow it up.

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See you in Justice City!



  1. Thanks for the compendium! The best thing one can read on current affairs a week before the actual exams. Really appreciate this

  2. heyy!!plzz tell me how to improve my speed n d serial in wich i must attempt d paper plz plz !! i m really bad at it

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