It has recently come to CLATGyan’s notice that there have been certain very disturbing malpractices that have been associated with our name.

Evidently, many money-making coaching centres, piggybacking on CG’s popularity, have been advertising their own centres as working in collaboration with CLATGyan. This is to clarify that CLATGyan, on principle, is a not-for-profit venture which does not collaborate with any coaching centre. It has been a very disturbing trend that, we have, so far tended to ignore, assuming that, credit, where it was due was being provided. However, this trend is moving towards a norm.

CLATGyan clarifies that it provides no Institute, Coaching Centre, Coaching Program, etc any service. It is, in no way, associated with any of these institutes, coaching centres, coaching services, etc – and does not provide any service, consultant or otherwise, to any such institute. 

The second question has been of the Test Series. They are perhaps the cheapest product that is provided to students aspiring to make it to a Law School. They are diligently prepared and delivered (almost always) on time. The pricing of these tests is not out of competition, the fact remains that this service comes with certain costs that have to be covered, and hence, these tests are provided to you at the basic minimum.

However, it has also come to our notice that the Test Series have become a source and repository of questions that comes at a very cheap cost. Besides being a depraved set of individuals, such persons are also treading legally dangerous woods (for someone involved in coaching kids for Law School, well….) – while the use of CLATGyan material is licensed under the Creative Commons, the Copyright of all questions remain with CLATGyan. Legal notices have previously been issued when instances of such IP violations have come to our knowledge. CLATGyan will not stop from issuing them to any set of individuals, even if such instances are one-off or were done in good faith.

To underestimate CG’s reach with its students can be the biggest mistake any set of individuals can do. Such fraudulent acts will only harm their own potential businesses and will cause a loss of genuine trust in their students. Primarily, such violations of Intellectual Property – or such fraudulent activity – comes to our notice by our students’ means.

It is a very repugnant act to misuse something that is meant to be accessible for all students.

It is also our request to the CG kids to inform us of any instances of such activity (whether the fraudulent act of calling CG a “partner” in their ineffective business ventures or the misuse of our intellectual property). This is the only way you can ensure that CG continues to serve you and your friends for many years to come. Besides, we promise you, that you shall be acknowledged appropriately.

Finally, we refrain from naming and shaming such individuals or organizations publicly. However, should this disclaimer (and our notices) be ignored, we will be left with no other choice but to seek legal remedies in court. We might not even seek indemnification, and will probably only choose to file criminal suits under the Indian Penal Code (Sections 415 and 420) and any other Special Laws or provisions as they might be applicable.

Oh, and Kids, don’t worry too much about all of this. Just remember, we don’t scam people, hence we don’t associate ourselves with such people either. Please help us “curb this menace”. =D

All the best with paying the legal fees!

And to you, kids, all the best with CLAT!



  1. This is disgusting and morally ( not to mention legally ) wrong. Piggyback riding on another’s fame, not to mention success is what makes one lose faith in humanity.

  2. If I were a part of any of these coaching institutes involved in such sordid acts , I would’ve definitely got scared with this warning! They dont know who they’re messing with do they? 😀 

  3. May i just say – i recently found out that i wont be taking the CLAT. Nevertheless, ClatGyan has been immensely helpful with my preparation. You guys kept my on my toes!
    My best wishes to the clatgyan team – keep up the good (great, stupendous, plain awesome!) work 🙂 and thanks for everything.
    And all those who are taking the test this year – all zee very best.

  4. u guys are grt no doubt abt that…but ders a problem i m soo f***ing obsessed with reading ur articles that most of my time i spend just reading them…clatgyan is adictive:)

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