‘Drop Dead’ – A 5 Point List for the 5 Point Somethings


This article comes from a CLAT aspirant and a frequent visitor of CLATGyan, who chooses to remain anonymous.

There are some students who decide to drop a year for CLAT. And then there are the others, who fiercely battle through last year of school and along with that try and achieve what every CLAT aspirant wants – a seat in one of the best legal studies institutions in the country.

If you belong to the latter category of people, you must share the same anguish and indecisiveness which I face. The burden of school work, followed by mid-terms, pre-boards and then, the much talked about boards themselves. Caught in this web of CBSE(/ICSE/IB) and CLAT, one feels like a fly. The spiders are approaching, all at the same rate, but we don’t know which to fend off first.goals

Every time I sit down to study for CLAT, I feel I am missing out on time which I could I have spent excelling at my school course work. And every time I do decide to get on with the school course, it just burns me to know that this same time could be given to stuff that actually matters, CLAT.

And it is this very conflict which hinders our progress towards achieving our desired result against any of the two spiders.

What do I suggest?

1. Divide and conquer. 

Divide your work load between CLAT and school work. Allot specific hours to your school course work and studies for the CLAT. These can be whichever proportion you find comfortable. Scientific research shows that 40 minutes at a stretch followed by three minute break, for 2 hours, which is then followed by a 20 minute break ensures maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Set the goals.

Set two types goals

a) Micro goals – Under these, set targets that you want to achieve for every block of studies you do. For example, tell yourself that in the next 2 hours, you will finish off two exercises of Logical Reasoning. And then, do it. Do the same for your school work as well.

b) Macro goals – Set weekly goals for each of the two; school and CLAT. Then, see where you stand mid-week in terms of achieving your weekly objectives and decide how you should progress with the remaining week, so as to emerge on top of your set goals.

3. Prioritize your work.

At the point in time, all the work pending may seem to be equally important. However, compare deadlines, proximity of the events in question and then arrive at the suitable order in which to do the things. Stick to this order as much as possible. But never leave any pending work till the day/a few hours before submission. That never works out well.

4. Maintain a daily timetable

Most of you will not have regular school nowadays. Utilize this additional time that you know have as efficiently as possible. Allot specific time to studies, physical exercise and other recreational activities. Preferably, keep the recreational activities and studies alternatively, rather than two big chunks of each.


This is by far the most important thing. After you have followed all of the above steps and are in the motivated mood, remember, keep to these plans of yours as much as possible. Let them govern your life for these last 3 months; after that a good CBSE percentage coupled with a great rank on the CLAT, and the sky is limit for you.

In the end, the clichéd statement rears its head again, “There is no shortcut to success.” Put in the hours, the results will follow.

May the force be with you.


  1. Ah, I almost feel nostalgic. For reasons which are entirely my own, I’m writing the CLAT this year, WHILE I’m doing my B.Tech first year. And to listen to the author moaning about schoolwork brings back hazy(ish) memories from last year.

    Trust me, if you thought 12th was bad, Engineering is hell. 

    ANyway, good read.

  2. well , being a student of class 12,  wat i wud say is tht u shud’ve posted this article a few months earlier ….. cud have been a source of help for many more ppl !!
    Nways an appreciable effort !!

  3. beautifully framed the ways of balancing the school and clat load present on our responsible shoulders.Those who are going to try it out should definitely reply how it worked.

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