And hence, it ended


Before all the others come back and compile the GK questions. I’d like to take a few minutes off.

CLAT is over. You have 12 full days to live. Live them. Watch the movies you wanted, spend time with your family, do whatever you like. Because, it’s over.

Did you mess it up? Or did you not? Doesn’t matter anymore. This paper IS NOT “everything”, life’s bigger than that, it’s time you lived it, at least for 12 days.

You’ve worked hard, as hard as it is humanly possible to. And that is where it ends. I hope you’ll do well, but I seriously hope that no matter what you do, you are content with it.


I shall die here. Every inch of me shall perish. Every inch, but one. An inch. It is small and it is fragile and it is the only thing in the world worth having. We must never lose it or give it away. We must NEVER let them take it from us. – V for Vendetta


  1. Have you received any reviews about the paper? Let me tell you, that the paper was way above the standard of the mocks, past papers etc that we have faced. A completely unexpected pattern. 4 comprehensions passages, no grammar, vocabulary etc. Legal was somewhat similar where one was required to apply different principles to questions following a given situation. Maths was by far the toughest I have ever come across. Not that the sums were not capable of being solved, but they consumed a lot of time. Hope that the results are favourable.( Dei Gratia)

    • they had mentioned in the prospectus that there will be error correction and fill in the blanks and all ….but they did not give in the paper what they told us to study….current affairs was really the worst one can imagine ….they made a joke of student…not a single question on census….and the one s from international affairs were easy……and in some sets they had underlined the answer for 4 legal questions …what is going on i am not able to understand

  2. the paper was damm too lenghty!!!!!! not tuf!!! but just that time dint permit!!!!! The one who had set the paper wudnot be able to solve it himself (in 2 hrs).the cut off is bound to fall TERRIBLY!!!!!!

  3. i m just unable to believe dis….my life is ruined…..wat the helll was dis paper? suchh a lengthy paper..even IITs n PMTs have an easier n brief paper…english n legal were sooooooooo lengthy ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ™ i was not even able to cumplete 160 questions… goooddness…
    i hope u all agree wid me? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ :/

      • Big shocker….the one who had set the english questions…i guess he/she was not informed ki there are rest 150 questions to follow ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜ก it looked more like an ENGLISH HONS entrance exam to me:( ๐Ÿ™

        • it was a shocker….but gk logical n legal will play a big role in rankings….english was indeed very lengthy…n cutoff will b much lower dan last year..

        • SAME HERE ๐Ÿ™
          (these bold letters describes my state of anger) ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚

          • you know what was the worst mistake i made? giving CLAT 2011. i laughed for like an hour after coming out of the exam hall. then i had icecream for dinner and didn’t sleep for 2 whole days. after realizing that everyone’s exam was ruined i felt a little better (will again have to thank u clatgyan people…read d comments on ur site…heehee). I AM NOT ALONE! WOOHOO!

        • whoever has set this paper has definately been pissed off srsly at that time……….
          that dude just screwed our life….

          • even i could so only 160 ques and 1 maths ques was wrong…………… the option should have been 10.5 instead of 1.05

        • I think all you people should chill. See, what has happened has happened and we cannot change that.
          Go, play some golf.

          Last year I did miserably in an exam I desperately wanted to do well in. Well . . . .ummmm. But, now here I am, and I am quite successful today.

          • what you guys SERIOUSLy need to realise is that if your paper went bad and this entire thread has people saying how bad their paper was, then that means the cut-off will fall. And its better that the general cut -off falls than the general standard of a CLAT paper.

            most importantly IT’S OVER. There is life beyond CLAT, and this I’m tellig you not bcuz i’m sitting in NALSAR today and its easier said than done for me but because I’ve seen people successful in other areas if not CLAT.

            and the most importanat thing i’ve learnt is results are different from what you expect them to be. More often than not those over pompous idiots who seem over-confident, may not even make it. You have 12 days to relax, make the best use of it(i remember being in parikrama’s live show when the results were out)


  4. “””The paper was darker then hell and in that matter even deadlier then THE UNDERTAKER “””
    This is how paper can be described !!!!

  5. It was super long.Gah.
    But ohkay-ish.
    It’s over though.And that’s the point. ^_^
    Salvation is upon us and whatnot. =)
    P.S.Loving the V for Vendetta reference.
    Whatta movie! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. guyz….jus dun panic..i’ve tlked 2 few of my mentors n dey say there’s nathin at ol 2 wry abt…da cut off wil drop xtremely. n yes…no one on earth cud cmplete sch a lenghty papr in 2 hrs. so jus relaxxxxxxxxx!

  7. it was DISASTROUS…….i feel like killing those who set d paper…it wasn’t a test f aptitude…it was a test f your reading speed…..symbiosis has 6 passages but they give u time atleast to read them…..change has to come slowly n steadily….u cant just change the pattern of the paper 100% in one freaking year.static to current -ONLY reasoning…and now 4 LENGTHY english passages…WHY US!.n then GK had weird SO MANY movie-songs related questions…and abut 4-5 books and authors..what a Turn-off..i feel pathetic now …anyone who has a good speed gets thru and then its all about luck…who gets how many ‘tukkas’ right……preparing for such a paper is absolutely futile…all u gotta do is put a timer and read as many novels as possible…thats the best way to practice….argghhhhhhhh


      • i guess , last year …it was 150 up for nls and nalsar…nujs was 145 + or sth , not really sure ! LST predicted a 130 + for top 3 ! Lets see…..but i feel it should drop below 130….. :-O

      • I don’t think he’d be able to solve the paper. Poor guy’s in the ICU. Pneumonia, liver damage, fluid in the lungs. And fighting liver damage or solving CLAT is not as easy as halving a bullet or dodging a million of them. So yeah, what’s impossible for Rajnikanth, is impossible for everyone else. ๐Ÿ˜ I rest my case.

  9. 4 lengthy comprehension passages , no grammar asked except for 1 nonsensical question at the of every comprehension wherein one had to choose between “are, were , to , for “…. :-O ,
    4 PASSAGES ??????????????????????? :-O and those passages were BAD, they were a torture to your brain !
    PROBABILITY IN MATHS …HUH ? and they told us to prepare only till class 10 syllabus …okay the probabilty sums were doable (others were time consuming)
    GK !!!!!—————they seemed to be in love with books and their authors……HUH ! so very few questions were similar to the ones we actually did in mocks or for that matter read from PDs and etc ! AND PEOPLE SAID CURRENT AFFAIRS WILL BE A CAKEWALK IF YOU’VE BEEN REGUALRLY UPDATED WITH NEWS THAT HAVE FEATURED IN “MAIN STREAM MEDIA” …….thinking about this the strongest of swear words come to mind ! :XXXX

    OKAY! Now, Logic …looked sane compared to the rest !

    Legal had its unique pattern , never really came across such types while writing mocks or from the past year papers ! but it was okayish in my case….but THESE TYPE OF QUESTIONS WEREN’T EXPECTED…!

    I couldn’t attempt more than 155-160 , I guess… I had to mark around 45 randomly ! :-O

    While writing CLAT 2011, I was actually questioning my decision of writing the exam in the first place…I felt like running away and cry my heart out ! :((((((

    I cried after the exam! Anyway Cut-offs are bound to FALL!


        • yes, they neither tested our intelligence nor our memorizing capability ….it was only LUCK that was tested yesterday apart from our patience to endure a 2 hour mental torture !
          It was most unfortunate for the people who were writing Clat for the last time .For the people who left no stone unturned while preparing for this exam, keeping everything at stake and giving all that they could to…JUST CLAT, as they knew this was their last attempt at cracking clat and making it to the college of their dreams …and most importantly to study LAW and to be a proud earner of that coveted BA LLB degree from the best law universities in India.
          It was my last try too….I don’t know what fate has in store for me because really, it’s sheer luck now, hardwork had no value yesterday and that’s truly TRAGIC.

  10. What a paper!! loved it second of it…gosh…i’m SO MAKING ITT!!! The best part was….i finished 10 minutes before…………..!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. i know i’ll sound exactly like everyone else but read this anyway.
    that was by far the hardest paper i have ever written…no mock,no previous year paper nothing compared to it. extremely high standard.maybe that’s a good thing or maybe it isn’t…i don’t know. very very lengthy. excellent standard but what can i say…it was too much to do in too little time. i marked the entire maths section randomly. yeah…we all know how this is going to go. no time…i donno maybe i could’ve managed my time better….dunno.

    P.S AYMEN that’s a rumour going around that the kolkata law school released a model question paper that had almost identical questions to the clat paper.,please please if you can find out if that’s true…i know i shouldn’t pay attention to the rumors but if this is true..well then there isn’t any point waiting for the results ,is there? sorry i’m posting it publicly but things need to be sorted out.thank you.

  12. Guys,,,, Don’t worry… I’m planning to work for CLATGyan. I’ll put a tent near NALSAR with a laptop and WiFi.. And I’m good to go…

  13. the most disgusting paper of my life. THANK GOD there’s no negative marking!! each and every section was so lenghthy!! i think they tried 2 prove to us HOW smart they(nujs) are.. yes sandipan de.. thank u for all ur help..and clatgyan was my only saving grace..gk was good ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. tis screwd us all…xcpt for the gk part everyting els proved to be a pain in our….ok atleat in my a**..:p

    I’d really like to see how they expect anyone to have been able to finish that paper.
    4 long passages and a really exhausting LA section (4 principles and two cases with references like can rule A be applied in case 2?) great.
    A logical reasoning full of CR and.. math?? THERE WAS NOTHING ELEMENTARY ABOUT IT!!
    GK was the only saving grace I’d say

  16. Wow. Just wow. What was the paper about? Feeding NUJS’s egoes? Was it now?

    Legal was good. English, wow.. I really am cursing the person who set the paper.

    But no use bitching now, is it?
    It’s all done.

    I hope they have the right senses to bring down the cut-off.

    Asad… If I get NALSAR… I’ll be the happiest person, ever.


  17. Well, I hear some people are calling for a ‘re-examination’.

    People. S-T-O-P. And get a life maybe.

    Paper was screwed, but guess what, it was screwed for everyone.

    • Seriously. Make peace with the situation. And it was awful, but you gotta face that it was like that for everyone! But I hear rumors that some people are going to file a PIL. Because apparently paper should have been for 5 hours not 2. There’s another one about how they’ll stage a hunger strike. No wait it gets better. They’ll make their parents do it instead. :/

      And people are talking about how the paper was unfair to the average people. *ahem* Excuse me. The paper IS meant to chose some 150 or so people from the 23,000 something who attempt the paper. It’s unfair but so is life. The faster you cotton on to that the better. I guess I haven’t made it to THE THREE. But I guess I’ll just have to salvage what’s left of the situation.

      Like the Fastrack ad,

      Move on, move on, move on!

      And no, I didn’t mean to offend anyone in particular. If I did I’m sorry.

      • @ D lol good one.out side the NLS campus ,Bangalore..there were people yelling “down down venkat rao!!” “bake beku reservation beku” that roughly translates to “we want,we want,reservation we want” what fucktards. get in there cause you deserve it not cause you were born in a particular state ,effing eejits ๐Ÿ˜

        • Lol. I was there. I thought I was hearing voices inside my head. : P

          And at Iyla – As for me it’s only the top 3 that counts. It’s approx 175. But yeah, Jodhpur’s okay I guess. And so is Delhi. But it’s NALSAR I want. ๐Ÿ™

          Beggars can’t be choosers now can they? ๐Ÿ™

        • @akhila: hello girl!!! b practical….wen all other law schools except NLSIU hav domicile reservation, y cant NLSIU hav…..????? just think!!!! dont b egoistic….

          • has nothing to do with ego. no other state should have the whole domicile crap either. how exactly is that even related to law in the first place? like i said,you go to a law school cause you earned it and you worked your ass off for it the entire year. how on earth does any one justify some one who got more marks NOT being given a seat and it being given to some one who unfortunately didn’t score as much.?

          • @adarsh- wow superb logic dude ..u’ll definitely bcme great lawyer. ………reservation is one of the things that distinguishes NLSIU from others….

        • I actually don’t mind that we had only Legal Reasoning – never been a fan of people who just mug everything and/or question papers that expect you to do so. If they had shortened the Math section to 10 questions (2 marks each) and had one passage less in English, it would have been ok.

          Anyway, can someone please tell me more about this cut-off business?If, say, the cut-off is 110 and I get it, would that mean I’d have a chance of getting into a decent uni?

  18. Good paper easy but lengthy………… nice thing done by clat it tested our aptitude test should be like this which tests our intelligence and not memory

  19. Chill guys. Hey, it was an easy paper, but a lengthy one. Logic, legal and GK were decent, Maths and English were totally not.

    But nobody knows of the result. So Why sell your happiness to CLAT?

    Take it easy.

  20. I had to randomly guess (that means without even looking at the question!) around 40 questions. So pissed off at myself; should have worked faster.

  21. Anyway no point whinging about it guys, what’s done is done. Let’s hope they bring the cut-off’s down, and if they don’t, hey, it’s not the end of the world.

  22. Hunger strike at Jantar Mantar is all I can think of. May the paper setters rot in hell ! I hope for the sake of their own survival they have they bloody sense to bring down the cutoffs :\ Or else, gone.

  23. thanx clat gyan team for helping….gk became easier than ever juz bcoz ur compendiums…
    god bless us…everyone of us…lets hope 4 d best…

    Only thing that makes me feel better is that we’re all in the same ..situation. Long and Disastrous. Let’s enjoy our next 12 days ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. ok…so the paper was lengthy…heres a secret no one has told you yet….it was lengthy for everyone…so cut off will prolly be low….chill guys….we’re with you…and CLAT is not the end of the world. it is not something that has the capacity to ruin your life…trust me. i know what ruining your life is …and there are loads of people in nalsar who get in the second or even the third time around….infact these people are the real studs in nalsar…half of our batch is filled with droppers…so this is not the end of the world…and i think you’all ought to stop acting like drama queens and relax…leave the worrying to the law schools ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. i am very much pleased with the paper well done bengal atleast students will not take clat 4 granted..ab asli aukad pata chalegi law ki.

  27. The way nujs pretended in their media interactions,everyone felt it’s going to b the best of clat papers so far… But it’s disgusting n awkward to say least. There should b some common minimum guidelines to b adhered to wen setting up the paper….irresponsible n senseless setting this paper she b hanged without trial

  28. listen guys !
    shit happens okay … i know nothign can console you ..but see this as a hurdle .. u might or might not cross ! but tuff times come man ..we all have seen it !
    u make it or u dont, u still will have ur parents and ur friends by ur side ! just be positive about it …and whatever happens happens for good !

  29. HA. its over ๐Ÿ˜€
    easy shmeasy, got a little more than half of GK, left most of maths. i dont see what all the ^ ^ ruckus is about.
    change in the pattern didn’t really render it impossible.

    and the clatgyanners (clatgyen, clatgyii, whatever) thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    *bows out*
    *fade to dark*

  30. what you guys SERIOUSLy need to realise is that if your paper went bad and this entire thread has people saying how bad their paper was, then that means the cut-off will fall. And its better that the general cut -off falls than the general standard of a CLAT paper.
    most importantly ITโ€™S OVER. There is life beyond CLAT, and this Iโ€™m tellig you not bcuz iโ€™m sitting in NALSAR today and its easier said than done for me but because Iโ€™ve seen people successful in other areas if not CLAT.
    and the most importanat thing iโ€™ve learnt is results are different from what you expect them to be. More often than not those over pompous idiots who seem over-confident, may not even make it. You have 12 days to relax, make the best use of it(i remember being in parikramaโ€™s live show when the results were out)

    • The gk part was full Of DHOBI GHAT questions…seems like MRS.KIRAN RAO has sum connection wid WBNUJS ppl…..heyyyy…wait a second…she is a bong herself…aaahhh… toh rishtaa naata wbnujs se uska banta hai BOSS ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚ :O ๐Ÿ˜€

  31. Maha khatarnaak paper,garmi mein jaan leli baccho ki ๐Ÿ™

    seriously paper was very disgusting,I heard a boy talkin on cell saying dat h’ll get nlsiu,i was really tempered at that moment.paper sucks!!!!!

  32. My center was Bandra, Bombay, and people came out of the paper shell shocked, bitched about it for five minutes, shook their heads in dismay…..and then headed to McD. That’s what I suggest we all do ๐Ÿ™‚ *figuratively :p*

  33. phew what a paper i think this is not common admission test but common luck test jiske tuke sahe vo andar but people chill dis the not the end of the world itz just if u dont make it god has some other plans we hahve worked really hard for dis and i no u wud make it hardwork always pays and even if u dont take a chill pill life has other plans for u njoy itz ok

  34. WBNUJS also diverted our attention by printing underlined options in every series……………….In logic one of the questions in the analytical reasoning part had two same options……..and after we informed them, they said that there was no error!!!

  35. current affairs sucked ….it was the easiest ….. maths too was really easy ..
    but there was no grammar :O ……i didnt practice comprehension and that caused me to loose my 30 marks in english….. legal also …i never thought that they could ask question in this manner….nor my coaching nor students were able to do thier best…..also logical was like anything…no question on blood relation….nor puzzle… venn diagram were easy though…..i think cut off would be probably 110
    i want to know what do you think…and i believe the paper required 2 and half hour for even a genius

  36. I actually donโ€™t mind that we had only Legal Reasoning โ€“ never been a fan of people who just mug everything and/or question papers that expect you to do so. If they had shortened the Math section to 10 questions (2 marks each) and had one passage less in English, it would have been ok.

    Anyway, can someone please tell me more about this cut-off business?If, say, the cut-off is 110 and I get it, would that mean Iโ€™d have a chance of getting into a decent uni?

  37. It was totol hell!
    cant believe !
    nothing ccame!!!!!!!!!!
    wat we leart went useless!
    maths god!!!!!!! shocking!!!!!!!!!

  38. Some guy up there is pointing at all the coaching centres and laughing his arse off.

    It was a fun paper to take. I’m not saying anything else. Jo ho gaya so ho gaya, or something like that :-/

    More importantly, can we start contributing to the Window now? ^__^

  39. The toughest paper i have seen till now ( all LST Mocks+past year papers). English section had 4 long passages with no grammar and vocab. Maths was nothing near to ‘elementary level’. 20 questions of a mark each. Legal was tricky, with on average every question having 3-4 principles. Logical was tricky too, basically time consuming. Gk was the only saviour, which might help my score a bit. Totally based on current affairs. But it was TOO MUCH to DO in TOO LESS TIME.


  41. It was an average paper.I worked really hard for this paper and I am sure that I will get NLSIU.
    Happy for not joining any coaching institute.May GOD BLESS the paper setters.
    Now ppl will realise what CLAT is all about.

  42. i am happy that i am not the only one whos screwed ๐Ÿ˜› i wish anna hazare could go on a hunger strike forus against the NUJS ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. the guy sitting next to me finished his paper in 90 DAMN MINUTES!!!!!!
    i concluded..he’s from outer space! ๐Ÿ˜€

  44. ha ha oh my god the paper was a joke ๐Ÿ˜› it was so bad that i find it funny and set B (atleast my paper) had around 5-6 questions already marked correctly though i am not complaining its not fair to others and also i wasted around 10 mins on a completely retarded maths question (home and railway station) ultimately ticked 1.05 though it should have been 10.5 also there was a question in logic and reasoning which had 2 IDENTICAL options now what is one supposed to do with that man? crazy

  45. paper ws tooooooooooo lenthy and d shoking part ws FOUR COMPREHENSIONS in english..!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    maths ws DISASTROUS!! really i dnt think any normal person wud b able 2 complete it on time.!!!!!!!

  46. @ CLATGyan Team : <3 <3 <3
    You people have been AWESOME. CLAT Prep has been lots of fun! Thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€

    And now on the fucked up paper.
    I mean.
    WHAT the hell was the sadistic dude who set the thing thinking? Aap ke college se paas out ho kar entrance de rahe they hum bhaisahab? O.o It was torture. Plain, simple, heartless torture.

    But anyway, now I get back to LIFE ๐Ÿ˜€

    P.S: Timer for the RESULT? Why? ๐Ÿ˜

    • will the cut off be much lower this time? The paper was bloody lengthy. Four comprehensions? Math looked like it was for forty marks. Current affairs was crap. They dint ask anything about the current things. Legal was good. The only good thing in the paper perhaps

      • seeing that most people had to guess atleast a few questions…yes the cut off is expected to be lower.but dont count on anything except your performance.

  47. weelllllllll the paper was toooooooo lenthy bt nw its over…..i was somehow confident abt my preprations bt alllllll wasted……hey guysssss just stop thinking and w8 for the results…..

  48. even if i get into NUJS , i dont wnt to study ther.these assholes think that puttin 4 RC make the paper a cut above the rest.

  49. That was the most screwed up CLAT paper EVER.Even the LST mocks were soo much better.I just completely ran out of time and had to do random marking for some 30 questions!!English sucked-MAJORLY.Logic also they gave all long long paras to read!Legal needed a lot of time.Overall CLAT 2011–HOPELESS.We all do know that WBNUJS ppl like to give “challenging” papers but calling this challenging would be an understatement.The one sad thing is that we cant even complain about the paper cuz there is no authority like for AIEEE and JEE.

  50. RELAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX guys… It’s relative ranking… Who knows a person who scored 30 also may be the topper (hypothetical.. obviously) … So… Neither get depressed nor over-confi… It all depends on luck.. Your future hangs on hopes…

  51. Clat 2010: randomness personified-gk and lgk was crap. people guessed a lot there. Luck counted.
    Clat 2011. People left out on an average of 35-40 questions. Marked randomly. Luck counted here too.

    What difference?

  52. 10 mins before the exam: super relaxed.
    first page: Ma’am said read the passage 3 times.Ok read it.
    page turn: One more passage? Alright, will read only 2 times.
    Page turn:Shit.

  53. The hot and sultry weather of Kolkata must have had its toll on the NUJS guys, they made a mockery of the entrance test and screwed us big time!

  54. Well, all I have to say is that all the hard work that we did didn’t really make much difference, except in GK. And I left most of that section for lack of thime! ๐Ÿ™ But all in all, it’s OVER, and it was tough for everybody, so don’t give up hope guys!!

    CG- We shall make you proud!

  55. Clat over!
    Very Thankful.
    Thankful to God.
    Coz atleast the nujs guys didn’t think of composing the paper in Bengali !

  56. Screwed it up badly. Attempted it front to back and could only complete 184 and random’d the rest. Also, I’ll only get something like 20 in GK and 12-13 in math.

    What are people expecting minimum cut off for all 11 to be?

  57. so many of d questions in d legal part had d underlined options….wat cud dat possibly indicate????? few wer answers…….!!!

    • heyyyyyyyyyyyyy guys can any one of you alll can telll me how many of uuuuuuuuu alllllllll appplied tuuuuukkkaaaassssss in the last fewwww minutes…….yaaarrr i did it a lot….

    • exactly!! evn i ws first i thought my b dey r confusing us or sumhtin lyk wen u read d ques , those underlined ones wr d most probable answers..!!!!!!

  58. can any1 pls tell me wats the last year cut off of ipu…i mean wat 1 shud scr to get into the uni…….m nt thnking abt clat nymr………..dat was sad and equally bad…… pls help ………..

  59. this thread is making me laugh..
    it reads my brain. i am seeing what i am feeling. ANGER.

    Hardwork wasted! or i pray NOT.

  60. Set A had around 5-6 correct answers underlined in LA…had few more underlined options in the rest of the paper which i believe were not correct

  61. all my prepations got wasted.. hell with nujs. what do they think of themselves? they all are sick people. go to hell you nujs, you screwed us all.

  62. there is a silver lining though; clat would henceforth be counted among the tough exams and would have a lot more respectibility than at present.

  63. cut off is going to be 130 for tier 1 colleges guys!!!!!! (bangalore, hyderabad, kolkata)
    uhhhh the paper was so unexpected but GK was actually a bit easy i thought…..

  64. PEOPLE !!! RElaxx.. ย its just one exam … And i guess the reason for all the frustrations is just to get to the 1st three colleges isnt it ??ย 
    Well i am a Third Year student at GNLU.. when we had come new the frustrations werr the same .. though you ppl claim your paper to be tough. . .everybody were running here and there for upgradation ..everybody cribbed for leaving GNLU and today 2 years down the line .. everybody is in love with it …2day we have 16 placements this time in Amarchand a lottof other placement … ย ppl in our clg are going for an Llm to oxoford, NUS and olmost any university u name round the Globe .. what m trying to say here is not advertise GNLU ,.. i am tryign to make a point that … At the end of the day all NLUs are the same (except 2 we oll know which :P) .. nd its just of what you make out of it .. it is disturbing to see ppl . here say my life is finished nd stuff like that .. PEOPLE SERIOUSLY GET A LYF !!! GOING OR NOT GOING TO NLS AND NALSARR DOES NOT FINISH OR UNFINISH your lyf .. its just a HIpe that has been created … and if the ย frustration of all you pl is general as of not getting through any of the NLUs then it is justified . i havent seen the paper so cant comment upon that .. but as oyour frend sum1 who has seen 2 years in a law school .. i can advise not to feel disheartened or saad for just not makking it ย to the (so called) top 3 (over hipped) colleges.. neverthles well and GOOD if u nmake it .. !! best of LUCK!! ย guys CHEERSSS ! !ย 

  65. We all saw how skilfully they murdered the chance that they had, of setting forth a decent national level entrance test. And now their disastrous management skills are showing up yet again. I really hope the anxiety for thousands out there just ends soon.ย 

  66. What can I say. After reading the ugly ‘my law school is better than yours’ wars on other websites, the woes and vagaries of the still-aspirants offers a fresh perspective. We should be thankful for where we are. ๐Ÿ™‚

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